How do we get past being tricked though we see right from wrong?


Question: How do we get past being tricked though we see right from wrong?


Why are you putting yourself in that situation? But young people they like to do that, put themselves in that situation, especially they are teaching young people in this country, because they say the more you feel that’s more alive you are. Feel for what? You think in Tassawuf, when you talk about Ashq, they talk about passion, it’s for anything? No. In the west when they talk about Ashq, they talk about ego, letting the ego to be free. That is Ashq. In Islam, in Tassawuf, when we talk about Ashq, we are talking about burning the ego. Burn the ego. When you burn the ego, you feel you’re on fire. You don’t feel nice. When you let the ego free, you feel very nice, for a short while, and then you burn and then you say, ‘no, no, no. It’s good,’ so you do it again. Again you fall down. You say, ‘no, no, no. It shouldn’t be. It’s good.’ You keep on doing that, just like an addiction.

Nothing that is harmful, that Allah is forbidding in this world, can ever make you feel good. Nothing. Because we still have our spirit and it is going to tell us that it is still wrong. At the very least we are going to feel some sort of a pain. It is still a mercy to people that they are drinking all night long, morning time they wake up with a hangover. They said, ‘why did I do it?’ there’s always a regret that is there. You never see someone drinking all night long and then they wake up and then they feel very nice. Never. Like what Sheykh Effendi used to say, people they’re drinking, you never see anyone drinking liquor, they drink and they say, ‘ahhh… (nice).’ They always drink and they say, ‘errr..,’ it’s burning them. Burning. Forcing themselves. Because when you do the forbidden action, your spirit is going to suffer. You feel the initial pain and then you cover it. That is why we do something bad don’t think it’s so easy. With everything it takes a lot of practise. You do it so often, and then it becomes easy.

So you with your desire, you with your freewill, you have to decide, ‘what is it that I want.’ That is why Allah is giving us that freewill. That freewill. What is it that you want? What is it that you want? Allah gives us that freewill, not just a freewill, He gives us the intelligence, to know right and wrong. To know. Everything is in us. The right and the wrong it is in us. The Holy Books it is in us. The knowledge of Allah it is in us. Everything is in us. Because Allah has put that secret in mankind. Holy Prophets they came not to teach something that we don’t know. Especially the Holy Prophet (AS). Anywhere that he’s saying, ‘I’m bringing you something new that you’ve never heard before,’? Or did he always say, as the Quran is saying, he is only bringing something that is confirming that which has been sent before. Confirming. So you know. And the Prophets and the Evliyaullah, they come to just remove that veil, the covering, the blockage. To remove it so that the spirit can be free, the spirit can take over.

They are telling us fasting remove, understand what is that senses, those five senses that you have. That to have control over it, because those five senses they were not there in the spirit world. The senses that we have, it’s not there. It’s going to disappear when you reach to the grave. For 21st century mankind by the time they reach forty, fifty years old, it’s disappearing already. That’s why they have to do this, they have to do that just to feel themselves to be alive. It’s disappearing, so teaching, fasting for instance, this five senses that you have, if you are able to control it, to be under your control, your spirit is going to become a little bit more free. And you will understand that time a little bit more of the reality that this world is, the reality that we came from and the reality that we are going to. So man is always given a choice. Allah has given us intelligence. Allah has put everything in us that not even the angels they know, they have. Angels they carry the throne of Allah. Yes or no? We have the throne of Allah in us.

What is it in this world of Asfala Safileen, this world of the lowest of the low, that is making our spirit to become more weak? What is it that is making our spirit to become more strong? This is what Prophet they come and the Evliyaullah they are reminding people. You want to be busy with your desires, it will make you to become more weak. Your destiny is to be strong. Your destiny is to return to Allah. Everyone’s destiny is to return to Allah. And Allah is saying, ‘come to My return in the best way. Don’t come to my return in the hardest way. But you will return to Me. You cannot deny Me.’ And Allah is giving us a little bit of a leash in this world. That everywhere is a clear sign from Allah, declaring not only His Lordship but declaring His Oneness, declaring everything. Everywhere is a sign. So man must make himself to be completely blind, must kill his spirit in the way that he is covering it and suffocating it, must run towards the sheytan, must run towards his ego and his desires, running and disappearing in them,  to drown out that voice, that light, drown out your spirit.

This is what man is doing, especially in 21st century, everywhere you turn nothing is calling to your spirit. It used to be, at least in muslim countries they have that. Now in muslim country, more they are putting, pumping in to say, ‘we cannot have this.’ Dajjal is saying, ‘we cannot. We must put everywhere there that is going to remind you of the dunya, of your desires. Not of ahiret.’ Use to be,  you are in a non muslim country the first thing that you see when you enter into a town is what? Cemetery. First you see a cemetery. Next to that cemetery then you see a church. Cemetery, you see a jami. And in muslim country, everywhere you see cemeteries. Everywhere, not just cemeteries, but the graves of the Evliya. Everything is reminding you not as the west is teaching you, ‘oh death is so disgusting, it’s so gloomy, it’s so dark.’ but no. To say this death is a release from this asfala safileen. Those ones who have passed and they are in their grave, that’s spots of paradise and you feel now little bit of what that reality, of what that Paradise is in this world. So you are given a choice, where do you want to be.

Walk around here, majority of the places in the world you cannot find, in the muslim countries it’s even worse, now you go to Holy places, first thing that you are going to see especially in the middle east, pulling you towards the dunya. Because in the old days, they are very specific. They say this kind of design is going to remind you of dunya. This kind of design is going to remind you of ahiret. They don’t mix the two. Especially during the time of the Ottoman. They don’t mix it too. You write in the script, in the Arabic script, the Ottomans were writing that, in the Arabic script but in the Arabic script there are different kinds of Calligraphy. For the newspaper they write a different calligraphy. For officials firman, they write a different calligraphy. For Quran, they write a different calligraphy. You cannot write calligraphy for the Quran for the newspaper. So people don’t get confused. Now there’s confusion everywhere. You don’t even know it’s black or it’s white, young or old, male of female, up or down, left or right, you don’t know. They say, ‘no, no, you don’t need all of this.’ This is definitely what dajjal came to bring. No Haqq, no batil. Nothing. Allah has given us that. If you are going to surround yourself with the remembrances of Allah, the zikr of Allah, then you are going to find out. You are weak, you find strength. You are weak, ‘ah, this one give me some strength, this one is going to give me some strength. This one, this one, this one. But if you are going to be around things that is not going to give you spiritual strength, you’re feeling weak, you go here you become weaker, you go there you become weaker. Nothing is there to remind you. If anything, not only they are reminding you of desires in this times, they are convincing you that you are going to live forever. They are convincing you that you are Lord. ‘You are Lord, you can be anything that you want, anything you imagine, anything that you desire, you can be,’ they say.

Lordship, huh, you think it’s going to be such a, let’s say, impossibility? That people are going to worship dajjal as Lord? No, people are already worshipping themselves as Lord. They are already worshipping themselves as Lord. Why they are not going to worship dajjal who is to going to give them whatever that they desire? Servanthood, what do you want to be? Servanthood. Lordship is for the Lord. Servanthood is for the servant. But in these days, everything is mix up. But for the people who are following Haqq, it should not be. It is not. For those ones who are following Haqq even if the whole world is saying, ‘this is white,’ you will know this is black. Against your father and your mother, you say, ‘no, it’s black.’ Against your tribe or against those ones who are authority, you say, ‘no,’ you understand. You are going to see, whole world is going to see dajjal as a figure of truth. But you are going to see only unbelief in whatever that they are doing. It looks as if they are looking to fix the religion, fix the ummat, fixing, but you are going to see nothing but unbelief that is open in that they are doing. For that, you have to clean this eyes a little bit.

How do you clean this eyes? This is why we are following the Sheykh. You don’t use your eyes. The Sheykh will clean your eyes first, to let you to understand, ‘look, the way that you are looking is wrong.’ That is the first step. You are stubborn, you cannot go the next step. It is wrong. You are looking at it wrong. If you say, ‘yes, this is wrong,’ you are trying, you are fixing, then that time they say, ‘now look at it like this. Look over here, you didn’t see it you are seeing it like this. Look over here.’ then slowly you start seeing it, and slowly that one is going to say, ‘now, you be my eyes. Now you be my mouth. Now you be my ears. That time when that responsibilities is actually given to you, you want to run away. You feel, I cannot do this, I will fail. But you don’t have a choice too. Does a servant have a choice?

People now entering into Tarikat thinking that they are Lord, young and old, male and female. There is no submission, no following a Sheykh, no servanthood. We must run away from wrong thinking like that. We must run away from wrong circles who are like that. We must run away from wrong people who are going to poison us like this or like that. You are sick you go to the hospital and they say you have to stay in this hospital, you cannot go out. There’s a specific time for people to come and visit you. Not all the time too and if it is intensive care, they will not even allow you to enter unless the one who is coming they have to be cleaned properly. We are in the intensive care of our deen, of our religion. That’s why we are in Tassawuf. Yet we are ripping open our heart and letting the sewers to come in. Do we know these are sewers? If you don’t know, you must know and if you know, why are we doing it? If we know, we must be able to clean then we must say, ‘this one, I love this one but it’s poisoning me. I shouldn’t open this so much. This one, I’m very familiar with this one, very friendly, helping me a lot, but it is going to be very poisonous.’ So there is a limit. This one is like this, this one is like this…so you are going to place boundaries everywhere. There has to be. If you open everything for everyone then later you complain and say, ‘nothing is working for me,’ we say, why not? Of course something is not going to work for you, nothing is going to work for you because you are opening your doors, you are letting the cat to come in, you are letting the rat to come in, you are letting the snakes to come in, later you are going to complain.


We must be more careful, being in Tarikat. This is just understanding. So man must think, ‘I’m spending time with this one.’ Why? ‘I’m speaking.’ Why? ‘I want to.’ Why? That ‘why,’ that question, it is forbidden in Tarikat to ask but you must always ask yourself twenty-four hours, ‘why am I doing this? I must be awake. I must be aware.’ That Taffakur is coming to say, ‘today, what did I live for? What did I do today that is pleasing to Allah? I spend time doing this. Why did I do that? I spend time talking to this person. Why did I speak? I spend time working. Why did I work?’ this is the beginning step of a person in Tarikat so that he becomes aware and awake and very conscious and his tomorrow must be better than today. ‘Today I was just on robotic auto mode. I wasn’t even thinking. Estaghfirullah,’ you are going to say.

‘Forgive me ya Rabbi. Give me the strength tomorrow to remember You, and in that craziness of whatever that I’m doing, I’m still breathing. Let my remembrance of You be as easy as my breathing. I don’t have to control my breathing.’ People breathe. ‘Let my remembrance of you be as easy as that.’ because we are still in His kingdom. Even if you are saying you are in deep dunya, you are still in Allah’s Kingdom. Allah is still the King. Allah is still the Sultan. Everything there is still reminding you of Allah. It’s just for a man to see and to be awake or to just be sleeping. If you are a little bit awake, you see the secrets and the knowledge coming from every angle. You are trying to figure something out, it comes, it shows. You must.

InsyaAllah, may Allah always keep us with the good ones and keep us away from the wrong ones. May Allah always make us to increase our Faith. May Allah keep away from the bad eyes of people and of the wrong ones, insyaAllah. May Allah raise the station of our Sheykh. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

24 Rabi al-Ahir 1441H
December 20, 2019
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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