How do we know we are getting the right answer?


Question: How do we know we are getting the right answer? 


If you are in a classroom, you are in school, there’s a math teacher and the math teacher is teaching you this and this and this, how can you not know what the right answer is. Even if the answer is wrong, there’s always the teacher there. There’s always the book there, there’s your classmate, how can you be confused?

Person becomes confused when he wants to become confuse. ‘Oh, I don’t know. Everyone gives me conflicting answers.’ The teacher is still there. Do you understand me? Maybe it takes you sometime to understand. Of course. That is different. You know it but it takes sometime for you to remember it. You know it, then you have to remind, ‘Oh, it’s because of that. Okay. Why am I doing this again? Why I keep doing this? Okay, okay. I try to give so many other reasons, to say, ‘no, because of this or somebody is asking.’ No, no, no. Come to the bottom line. ‘Oh, because I’m stubborn. Oh okay.’ The whole thing is not to give yourself any excuses. Look, judgement day is judgement day, it’s not debating day. It’s not a trial day. It’s not a trial. It’s judgement. They say, ‘you did this, you are going to get this.’ That’s it, you don’t get to discuss.

Now is the time that Allah is giving us, those ones who have some intelligence, then they have to think. That time everything is going to be revealed. No thinking. You can’t. Every way it’s covered, it’s cut off. You say it’s because of this, everything will speak against you. Everything will be witness against you. If you understand this, that you cannot make excuses on the day of Judgement, you will not make excuses on this life. You will not. You say, ‘oh, it’s because I was angry. Because I was an idiot. Because I was jealous.’ You go straight. There are hundreds and thousands coming up but it comes out to main roots of it. Main roots. Otherwise, people talk so much. The more you talk, the more language you are going to use, the more words you are going to use, the more words you are going to use, the more you are going to layer, layer, layer, hide, hide, hide, hide. You know. You are going to. You can hide, especially using words. You cannot hide so much when you use the body. You’ll be able to tell. Because the man or the woman can train the body also to hide it. But there are certain things even physically you cannot hide. You can use words, you say, ‘oh you look scared.’ ‘I’m not scared. I’m okay.’ You just hear the words, you believe it but it’s a lie. You look at the body language for instance, it’s showing it’s scared although the words is saying that. You know, something else. You can fix the body and to show that, no, you are not scared. Something else is there. Even just through science you can know, correct? Animals they know more. They can smell you. You are happy, there are certain smell that comes from you. You are sad, certain smell that comes from you. They can see. You are angry there’s a certain light that comes from you. You are sad, there’s a certain light that comes from you. I don’t want to use all this weird words. But there is a light.

Why are we so stupid, why is man being so dumb? We can see seven colors. The little shrimp, I forget what it’s called, peacock shrimp I think, it can see thousands of colors. Thousands. And it’s a little shrimp. You understand? That Allah is also showing us, ‘don’t be proud, O mankind.’ You think you are so strong, the ant can carry over twenty times its weight. You think you are strong, you think you can run fast? The donkey can run like this. So everything now, everything physically that Allah has given to this world also, man has a way to take that knowledge. Whether it is through physically you humble yourself or now you take your spirit out of the prison of your senses and you will know certain things. Allah is the one who creates and He can give you and Allah has said He makes the ruling of this world and other worlds into the hands of man. How can the ruler not know? How can he not know? Don’t you know Prophets are giving signs how they can bend nature, they make the miracles. Prophet (AS) he split the moon. Forget about the nature of this world, I haven’t heard of any other Prophet who is able to make a miracle outside of this world. Have you? No. He split the moon and he stop the sun. He stop the sun from sinking. What does it mean now, now that we have so much science? What does it mean? He stopped the earth from rotating. All because of what? Because Hz Ali was going to miss Asr. It went back. It went back.

So if we keep playing with ourselves and hiding and being foxy and not being sincere, and we don’t put our ego under our feet, we cannot put the earth under our feet, then the earth will swallow us and finish us. If you put the ego under our feet, that time one foot is here, the other foot is in the other universes. That time, even when you are veiled from this world, this earth cannot touch you. It is another level of physics, it is another level of law, it is not because it is so so special. It’s another level. But who is patience enough for this? It takes years, you know. Now everybody wants to whirl. Whirling, whirling. Do you know how long it took in the real Mevlavi tarikat, how many years a dervish has to be trained before he can even start whirling? How much seclusion, how much fast, how much zikr, so many other things he has to go through before he even starts whirling. Today people, ‘ahhh…’ that time you whirl with your ego.

Estaghfirullah, what do we know? May Allah forgive us and just accept our good intentions, insyaAllah, to be with those sincere ones and not punish us for our own weakness and our own stupidity, insyaAllah. Make us to become a bit more stronger and intelligent in this way, to keep our faith strong and clean in this ahir zaman and we ask Allah to bring Hz Mehdi (AS) soon, insyaAllah. Al-Fatiha. Amin.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

24 Rabi al-Ahir 1441H
December 20, 2019
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