Tarikat is the Foundation of Religion


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Everything there has to be a control. Somebody has to control it. It cannot just be like that. If there is no control, then everyone, according to their ego and their desires is just going to use it and waste it and use if for the wrong reasons. There has to be control. The control is the Shariat.

A knife, there has to be shariat about the knife. There are laws about a knife. You can use the knife and cut in your house, but the shariat is in the kitchen. You bring the knife to the bedroom it means something else, doesn’t it? You take that knife, kitchen knife, you bring it to your bedroom, there’s something. Different meaning there. If you take that knife and you just walk in the streets, it’s a different meaning there, it’s a different shariat. So there always have to be the control so that people just don’t do anything that they want to do. The shariat comes with intelligence. If you understand what is that intelligence, you know that the law is, ‘I cannot even, although this knife I can cut an onion, I cannot walk on the street with this knife, and I definitely should not and I cannot walk through security, especially in an airport with this knife, even if my intention is not to harm anyone, only to cut onions.’ This is intelligence.

How does 21st century Muslims, they finished with their intelligence, how did they stop thinking? Intelligence comes with a head. You cut off the head, there’s no intelligence. They removed the heads and they put different heads there that now they are only using that religion also for their own ideology. So people stop using it. Then now everyone who has a mouth, everyone who has two fingers, they are going to say something online, ‘look, look, it’s printed there. I look so important.’ So there has to be manners for that. The manners, it means protocol. Wise man will not use that knife, even when he was going to cut an onion, he’s not going to cut an onion in the street. Definitely he’s not going to take that knife and cut an onion through security check. But when people don’t know manners, they are going to say, ‘so what? I can do as I like.’ That is showing stupidity. When people who are stupid, there is a law also that say, ‘don’t talk to stupid people.’ don’t talk to them. There is a fatwa also, especially during the Seljuk times, they are saying, ‘it is forbidden for you to even look at a stupid person. Otherwise the stupidity is going to come to you.’ Now look around people with so much technology, people with so much education and knowledge and they can google everything, they become even more stupid. Because this is not something to think, Tafakkur.

Tafakkur is also the foundation of tarikat. Tafakkur, foundation of tarikat. The foundation of religion is Tarikat, and tafakkur, to think, it is a foundation of Tarikat. It is not just to do something blindly, you have to know, the whole purpose of us fighting against to our ego, understanding our ego, is to think, ‘why am I doing this? What am I doing today? Why am I doing this?’ always to think and to question. They cut off tarikat and they throw it out so people will just do things without knowing why. And they say, ‘you must do. Why we are doing it, don’t say. If you say, you are going to go to hell. Another big problem. So now, instead of religion, deen being nasihat, wisdom, advice that is filled with wisdom, deen becomes fear. Deen becomes, ‘if I don’t do, I’m going to go to hell.’ This is what deen becomes. It is blindness. And deen becomes, ‘if you don’t do, I’m going to kill you and you are going to go to hell.’ You understand, the deen, religion Islam becomes like that. It became like that. Put into it that you don’t have the shariat ruling, no muslim government is there properly putting it because they take out Tassawuf and they are just using it for ideology and not for Haqq, put into it liberalism, put into it capitalism, put into it whatever that is around to only take your desires, not to awaken your spirituality, then you have the very dangerous let’s say what? Mix, filled with poison. You give that to people to drink, they become like that. They can pray five times a day but they sit and they start judging the Prophet and the Saints. They can even go to Mecca, Medina or they brag about it, they can even make zikr but now they are going to bad mouth the Khalifahs. Meaning, they put arrogance, they teach only arrogance and they teach, what we say, self esteem and everything. Of course you have to have the ability to know what is right and what is wrong but when you put arrogance there, teaching them from young, how to become selfish, how to become arrogant, how to only think for yourself, and if you have religion on top of that, you become the worst person. The worst. Because now you think you are speaking for Allah’s sake.

So, what can we do? We sit and we watch and we say, pull ourselves back. These ones, forty Prophets coming to speak to them, they are not going to listen. Just like first Jahilliyah. The Holy Prophet (AS) came, majority they didn’t listen. Later they started listening because of this, because of this, because of that, this is also Allah’s mercy reaching to them.

So everyone has a mouth, they are going to speak. That’s why we said, ‘either say something that is going to benefit you and others or else keep silent. Because people, they hang themselves by their tongues. In the old days, even if they see something wrong, they say, ‘Allah knows. I don’t know.’ Did you see that? ‘I don’t know.’ They don’t want to get involve, right? They don’t even want to see a wrong thing. ‘Did you see wrong?’ ‘I don’t know.’ Because that’s also another branch. There is also some ruling that they say, even don’t look at wrong things. Not only don’t do it, don’t look at wrong things. So people who have very high spirituality, even if they see wrong things, they say, ‘I didn’t  notice anything.’ Today people wants to look at people’s wrong things. They want to dig it up, they want to show. Forget about other people, there are wrong things, they want to let the whole world to know. Muslims behaviour. So there is no intelligence anymore amongst the Muslim. No intelligence. One hand, you have people who are studying, studying, studying, studying, studying the religion. They are not going anywhere with it, of course. They didn’t even come to one step what all the earlier Imams and scholars they have done, because they are so proud also, they think they are better than them also. Never reach no where. On the one hand they have that, studying, studying, studying, not reaching no where. On the other hand, you have group of people that they think they are so high level, that they are flying, and they say, ‘we don’t need anything from no one. We ourselves, we are such high level, we get straight from Allah.’ We read the book and we know by ourselves. This is ahir zaman. Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘the ummat in the last days, they are going to be like the jews and the Christians. So we are seeing that.

So people had manners. Manners is the essence of wisdom, essence of religion. If you have everything else and you don’t have manners, then, you lost, dunya and ahiret. If you have the essence but you don’t have that, outside so much, the external so much, but you have the essence, you have your manners, you have everything, you definitely will be blessed, you definitely will be safe. In the old days, people they don’t like to assume. They are not saying, ‘I know,’ just because they read couple of ayats, couple of hadiths and they start making fatwa. Now those things they are teaching, nations are teaching their nations, leaders are teaching the whole nations, whole countries. They are watching on television, ‘oh, this one is doing that, encouraging people to do that.’ So they start doing that. So, the advice given, Keep your religion simple, especially in the ahir zaman. Don’t study too much also. It’s only going to confuse you. What is needed? Do you need to study that much for your faith? No, you don’t. ‘Oh, I need to study, otherwise my faith is going down. Otherwise I have very weak faith.’ Faith, is not because you study. Your strength of your faith is not because you study. Your faith goes down not because you don’t study. Don’t you get it, Prophet (AS), he came not to teach people the knowledge. He came to say, ‘stop from doing these things.’ He didn’t come to say, ‘read this and read this and read this and you are going to become a good person.’ He’s saying, ‘read yourself, to know you are doing these things that stop you from being a good person. Stop you from being a human.’ The first teaching that he said was what? Same teaching that the earlier Prophets they came. Did he tell them, you must learn the language, you must learn the law, you must learn this and you must read this? No, he says, ‘don’t lie. Don’t kill. Don’t steal. Be kind to the yatims, to the orphans.’ Same teachings.

It’s ahir zaman we are reaching to. Keep our religion simple, insyaAllah. No one is higher than Hujatul Islam, Imam a-Ghazali, and it wasn’t because of him learning and learning and learning that his faith became so great that he became the proof of Islam. In fact, it was the opposite for him. He learned and he learned and he learned and there’s nothing that he doesn’t know, and he said, ‘I don’t feel my faith. I feel that I’ve lost it.’ Until he sat with the people who had certainty, he had faith. And the one who doesn’t have certainty, all these knowledge that he has, it becomes a poison to him. It becomes a poison to the people around. The one who doesn’t have too much knowledge but he has certainty, he becomes like a rose garden. Everybody wants to sit by him and smell something and they take from that and they go back. But Allah is saying, ‘Iqra,’ -Read. Of course nowadays they say, ‘read, that means read everything.’ Who are you to speak on behalf of Quran? Number one. ‘I have a right.’ In the ahir zaman, you have a right, not during the Khilafat. In the Khilafat time, nobody can just speak and then tell other people this is what it means. Just as today, nobody can open that constitution and tell everyone, ‘this is what it means.’ No one can do that. Nobody can even open the town law, every town has a law book. You open it up and say, ‘this is what it means to me,’ that is completely going to go against whatever establish meaning there is.’ You cannot. These days, everyone say.

May Allah save us from that confusion,  insyaAllah. What can we do? People looks like they are rushing to go to hell. You have no modesty, you have no intelligence. Why are you rushing to go to hell. You know how to say, ‘oh, this one, my friend, he does something wrong but don’t judge him so much. Don’t push him to hell. He is still my friend. He did couple of good things to me.’ Your own mother your own father, nobody can say they are perfect. Are you so happy to send them to hell because they do wrong things? No. By human qualities, you know you shouldn’t be doing that. They are doing it to Khalifahs. MashaAllah. Because it is kibr. Kibir, the arrogance that they put in the heart. And they say, ‘no, you can’t’ and you can get away with it. Like what I said last few weeks, because people can get away with it, because there is no control, because there is no consequences, no result from it, everybody does it.

Look, smoking is bad. Smoking is bad, it harms you. It kills you. But if it doesn’t kill you, everyone will be doing it. If there is no consequence, everyone will be doing it. And for a long time, because it is not so open, they were saying, ‘smoke this brand.’ I don’t know what brand, I forget. Horse? Cow? Cow brand, they said, ‘Ah, doctor smoke this, best choice.’ They are even saying that. You think they don’t know. Of course they know. But there was no consequence for that because the law didn’t catch up to what they know. So they can get away with it. This is human nature. People will start doing things, when they can get away with it, they will do it. But that is the level of animals. The level of humanity is, it doesn’t matter whether I can get away with it or not get away with it. That’s when you become a human a little bit. ‘It is a wrong thing. I should not do. This is the right thing. I should do. Because, Allah is watching.’ WaminAllahu Taufiq, Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

24 Rabi al-Ahir 1441H
December 20, 2019
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