Ahsen TV interview with Sheykh Lokman Effendi about Hz Barnabas


SLE interview with ahsen tv

Question: Who is Hz Barnabas?

Hz Barnabas is the closest companions to Hz Isa (AS). Hz Abu Bakar as-Siddiq is the closest one to Peygamber Effendi (AS), St Barnabas is the same to Hz Isa. He is the one that even in the Bible is saying, ‘wherever he goes, you must receive him,’ and he is the one, only one, that his gospel, the recordings of Isa (AS) is still intact and it is confirming what Holy Prophet (AS) and Islam is saying about Isa (AS). He wrote with his own hand whatever that he had witnessed from Isa (AS), from the truth of Isa (AS), beginning when he was born up till the time when he was lifted from this world. And everything is confirming what the Prophet came later on. And in it, in that Gospel, Isa (AS) is saying, ‘wait for Ahmet to come,’ which is very interesting because he did not say, ‘Muhammad (AS),’ he says, ‘Ahmet’ because Ahmet is the name of the Prophet in Paradise, not in this world and Hz Isa was pulled at the age of 33 years old to be in Paradise. Ahir zaman he is going to return and he is going to bring Haqq back into this world, he will pull out the sword and he will kill dajjal and he will make all those believing Christians to come back into the true faith of Islam. So St Barnabas is very important not only to Hz Isa but to the events that are going to happen in the last days.

He is originally from Cyprus and he went back to Cyprus and he wrote the Injil with his own hands and he was buried with the Injil on his chest. Hundreds of years later, maybe a thousand years later, the ruler, the King of Cyprus had a dream. In his dream, St Barnabas is saying, ‘find me and take that Gospel from me.’ They found his grave, they opened, his body was still intact as if he’s sleeping and on his chest was the Gospel of Barnabas. It is very important because that King then gave the Gospel to the Emperor that was ruling Byzantine at that time. The Emperor quickly took off his own jubbah, his own cloak and put it on that King’s shoulders, meaning that now we are the same because we have been protected by a very great Saint.

The Hawariyyun they are the true inheritors of Isa (AS). Paul of Tarsus, he was not a Hawariyyun, he never met Isa (AS). He’s the one who took the teachings of Isa (AS) which is the Prophet of the Bani Israel, as Isa (AS) was taking and practising the Taurat of Musa (AS) and he was also giving the spirituality of Tassawuf of the teachings of Musa (AS), but the people hated it and they ran to kill him and he was lifted at the age of 33, and one man who used to hate and kill the followers of Isa (AS), suddenly is declaring himself to be the real inheritor of Isa (AS). So he took the teachings of Isa (AS), he completely took out all the shariat and he just took the tarikat and then he twist it to pull the mushriks at that time. As time by time we see people using Tarikat, spiritual teachings also and they bend it just to please certain people but you see it is coming out from Islam. So Paul did this and he’s declaring he is the real inheritor and the whole Christianity is resting on this. So we may say that St Barnabas is the only one who is keeping the true teachings and he is very important now to pull the believing Christians into the way of Haqq, into the way of Islam insyaAllah.

Prophet (AS) is saying, the teaching of Musa (AS), let’s say Judaism, although it wasn’t known as that, is divided into 71 groups, the Christians will be divided into 72 groups, and the Muslims will be divided into 73 groups. He is saying out of that 71 groups of the Jews, one of them is following the correct path, 70 are wrong. The Christians, the same. One is following the right way, the rest they are in the wrong way. And the Muslims is also the same, 73 groups will be divided, one of them is correct, the rest they are bounding to Hellfire. And the Sahaba e-Kiram ask, ‘which group is that Ya Rasulullah?’ Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘those who follow my Sunnat and the sunnat of my Sahabi,’ meaning the ahle sunnat. InsyaAllah may we be in that group, may we live in that group and die from that group.

Question: When we go to a Church or a synagogue usually you feel heaviness, when we entered here we feel relieved. There is a scent of spirituality here.

Because he is not ahle Shirk. You go to a church, they are saying, ‘Allah has a son.’ Allah Himself curses at people who say that. There are good people amongst them but the place itself is pulling people to shirk. So how can you be comfortable? Where there is shirk, there is sheytan. Not to be tricked by everything that is made to be so beautiful. There is a lot of sheytan that are there. If you are not careful they may enter into you and it may stay.

Question: Where is Barnabas Gospel now?

There’s a lot of controversy about this now. There is the original. The world got to know about it in the 1960s. It was from an Italian translation, that means the Italian is a translation from the Latin and the Latin is probably translation from the Greek and the Greek is translation from the Aramaic because that was the language that Isa (AS) and his Hawwariyun they were talking. So it is somewhere. What we have is a translation. And whenever you have translation, certain things are off. So what  you find today, you may not find the original, original, although it is somewhere and it will come out in the ahir zaman too. But even the translation it is true to what Islam is saying, to a very big extend. I will say go according to your heart. If your heart and your faith is not strong enough to look beyond the form, then don’t go in. The secret also is not open to majority of the Muslims. It was open only during this time to Sultanul Evliya Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim adil al-Hakkani and he’s advising his murids to do that.

We must make it clear that he is not Christian Saint. As there are, I’m hearing some muslims they are going even to Christian Saints. He is the companion of Hz Isa. There was no Christianity at that time. He is not the one who is saying that Isa (AS) is Allah or the son or the father or the ghost. He is the one who is saying, ‘La ilaha illallah, Isa Rasulullah.’ And he has the secret that is saying, say ‘La ilaha illallah, Isa Rasulullah and wait for Muhammadur Rasulullah.’

This is still a monastery.  And it is the Ottoman tradition not to touch churches and monasteries and synagogue and there were certain people who knew and they come from that time too but this wasn’t a secret, hundreds of years ago during the Ottoman times, to be opened that time, it’s to be open now. He is blessings not only the Muslims who are coming here but especially the christians who are coming. May they have shahadat, insyaAllah

Question: Some oppose to visiting tombs, they say why do you go? What are you expecting?

Number one, we should not say we like or we don’t like by ourselves, we have to see what the Prophet is saying, what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Prophet (AS) used to visit the grave of his uncle, Hz Hamza, he used to visit the grave of his father and his mother. He used to sit and talk to them and cry and laugh. This should be enough for a person who has intelligence. There is a world and a reality beyond our world and reality, and they belong to that world and the Prophet came and he was able to communicate with them and they are able to communicate to him. Allah SWT is saying, ‘don’t say those who die in the way of Allah as being dead. They are fresh and alive in their grave.’ It is the sunnat of the Prophet, of the Sahabi e-Kiram, of the Tabi’in, it’s continuing until this century.

What is it that we want from them? The same thing as we want from any Holy person walking on the earth or under the earth, we are asking for their dua. We are not committing any shirk. They are not Allah. They have no power except for what Allah has given to them. People asking dua from each other yet you are not going to ask dua from the Holy ones who have passed from this world? Let’s put aside those people who do some crazy things in graves, there are crazy people everywhere. That one who is saying, ‘well we shouldn’t even allow anything to be crazy because we shouldn’t allow people to visit graves, they would over exaggerate,’ it’s the same thing as saying, nobody should be using knife because you may use the knife to kill.

We should go now, the Chritians are waiting. InsyaAllah they won’t get shocked when we come out. We smile at them.

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