The Story Of The Bread



Everybody’s belly is full now. Once their belly is full then they lose their compass. They start being busy with other things, then they become busy with unnecessary things which either drags them to death or they lose their religion and faith and they get lost. 

One day our Holy Prophet (AS) went to the house of our mother Hz Fatima and he said “Ya Fatima, is there anything to eat?” She said, “yes, O father.” She put a piece of dried bread in front of him. They were eating it together. Our Holy Prophet said, “O my daughter, there will come a time to my ummat when they put the bread in their mouth the bread will melt in their mouth. There will be no need to chew it. The bread will melt in their mouth.” Is there such a thing? Yes, of course. Everywhere is full of them. “They will put the bread in their mouth and it will melt in their mouth. Rabbil Alamin will give them endless food but they will not be among the servants who thank their Lord.” Our mother Hz Fatima said, “O father, inshAllah may their teeth be..” And the Holy Prophet (AS) covered her mouth and said “stop and don’t say it.” Hz Fatima was about to say may their teeth decay and fall out, but our Holy Prophet (AS) did not allow her to say it. But because she had that intention in her heart the people of this century have cavity in their teeth, even the kids who were just born get cavities. All of us get cavities. The teeth of the people from 200 years ago don’t decay, go open the grave and see. All their teeth are on there. This is a punishment to the people of this time. Therefore, we are thanking our Lord endlessly for our riziq. A storm will come now and the people are going to eat each other for a piece of that bread. That time has approached. We have entered to that time. People are going to eat each other. Therefore, we should thank Allah for our situation.

A servant. The highest station is to be a servant. May I be a servant to my Lord. There is nothing beyond that – to be a real servant. InsyaAllah may we be a real servant insyaAllahu Rahman. What did we do that Allah is sending so much riziq? This is one loaf of bread, are you thinking how it is prepared and it comes here? It comes in front of you. One grain of wheat goes through so much suffering to become a bread and to come here. The farmer prepares the soil, plants the grain of wheat and that seed gets lost in the soil. The seed gives one root upwards and one downwards. That one single seed of wheat sacrifices itself, it gets lost. It grows and gives 7 branches and in every branch it has 100 grains of wheat. One seed of grain sacrifices itself and Allah makes it to become 700. Morons, stupids, the men without religion, iman, and faith. They became Wahabi now. People become Wahabi under the name of Ahli Sunnat. Majority of them are like that. That one grain of wheat is going through so much suffering under the ground. It goes up, is the suffering over? No. It has to stay there, the sun will shine on it and it will dry it up. Then it will be harvested, they will put the hay on one side and the wheat on the other side. Is the suffering over? No. That wheat is going into that mill, it will turn into the flour. Is it over? The suffering just started. The flour will be kneaded with water to make a dough. They will add yeast into it and you have to knead it well. It will start to rise. You will take the knife and cut a piece of it. That wheat is now cut, in its own orbit. It will start to rise. If you rise within your orbit then that’s good. Otherwise, if you hit right and left then it is danger. That bread will rise there in the pan. Is the suffering over? Not finished. It’s just starting now. The baker will put the bread into the oven, the bread completes its suffering. Later, it comes in front of you. Allah Allah, how much suffering that bread went through to come here. If you eat without thinking like that..

‘This bread is too dry, I don’t want it.’
‘O wife, what happened don’t we have fresh bread?’
‘We don’t have.’
‘What is this? I don’t want it.’
Tovbe Ya Rabbim, Tovbe Estagfirullah. So, if it burns too much it’s no good, it’s Haram, you cannot eat. If it doesn’t bake properly then it will be heavy on your stomach and it will make you sick. You have to eat it at the right consistency, your body will be strong. Why are we eating this? So that we can be strong so that we can stand in the Presence of our Lord. If you do it with this intention then that’s okay. If you eat for the intention of pleasure then it will hit you. A sickness will come to you and you cannot escape. Therefore, the people of this century is always sick. They have all kinds of sicknesses. There is no thanks to this blessing (nimet). Rabbil Alamin is saying “eat, drink and give thanks.” Shukur. Don’t waste. Allah does not love the ones who waste. Whom does He not like? The ones who waste. What will happen to the one Allah does not love? He becomes a kafir. 

Therefore, to be a Muslim is very easy but they either become secular Muslim or moderate Muslim. Moderate Islam – MashAllah. Moderate Islam. No mannered men! Moderate Islam. Immoral men. Who are you? What are you to make Moderate Islam? Are you a Prophet? Didn’t the Holy Prophet (AS) present us the Islam 1400 years ago? He came,completed it in 23 years and he left. That’s what it is. There is no excess or deficiency. This is how you have to keep it. If you leave it, then you will go extreme and you will lose. You will be like the Jews and the Christians. Muslims are reciting Fatiha 40 times a day, the one who is praying 5 daily prayers. Fourty rakats and he recites Fatiha 40 times. In Fatiha, he says “Gayrul Maghdubi Alayhim Walad Dalleen.” It says, “Don’t make us to be like the Jews and the Christians. Keep us on the Straight Path (Siratul Mustakim).” This is what we say 40 times a day. When we leave the prayer then we are following the Jews and the Christians. This is the new fashion now, Moderate Islam. Moderate Islam means you are trying to finish Islam. He is going to make it a gross religion. He is going to keep what he likes and take out what he doesn’t like. This is the game of the zionist Jews. Therefore, leave that Moderate Islam. They don’t have to worry, the day has come. It will be moderate. Ahli Sunnat, Ahli Sunnat means to hold on tightly to the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (AS). You cannot compensate on it, one compensation will bring another and another. This is the situation we are in today. May Allah protect, this is an important issue.

We came to the end of these. Those who are busy working, we say okay, you cannot carry the Sunnat much, but at least don’t stand up against the Sunnat. Don’t say you are going to make Moderate Islam. Your intelligence is not enough for that. You are not a Prophet. I’m talking to those heads over there, those who are running after Moderate Islam. Majority of them running after it but they don’t know, if you knew you wouldn’t be able to run after it. Because this is the game of zionist, Jews and CIA – the Moderate Islam. They want to control all the Muslims under the name of Moderate Islam. They will put their men as the heads in certain positions and they will move as they like. This is what they are trying to do. These Muslims are connected to that one and this Khalifa is connected to us – that’s it, finished.

If you like don’t be connected to that Khalifah, that time all of them will go to hell. They will go to hell. He cannot take the trusts of the Holy Prophet, they will not allow him to touch there, his hand will break. If they touch the trusts and do such a thing then we are all in trouble. They say, why, we want to see the Khalifa. Other ones want to see the Mehdi. Let us see the Imam. They lost their mind. Hasha Estaghfirullah. Tovbe Estagfirullah. Hasbin Allah Wa Nimal Wakil.

May Allah bless the farmers who plant the seeds, the ones who bring them to the bazaars, the ones who bought them, the ones who prepared them, the ones who served them, the ones who ate them, the ones who have family who already left to Ahiret. May it be a blessing (rahmet), light (nur). May it be a blessing, health and appetite to their own bodies. May we not get out from the orders of our Sheyh, Sultanil Evliya. Ya Rabbi remind us that we are weak, we are weak servants. Ya Rabbi, may we stay in Your orders, for the sake of Your Habib. El-Fatiha.

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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of Sultan Evliya Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim al Hakkani (qs)

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