How are we to be united if within ourselves we can’t be united?


Question: You know how the youth rely on social media, a lot of the information on the shows that are out these days is driving people away from Islam, even our own people, imams in their own communities we fight, how are we to be united if within ourselves we can’t be united?


I don’t want to unite. I want to separate. Mehdi (AS) is coming to separate, you understand? I don’t want to unite with weak people, I don’t want to unite with hypocrites. I don’t want to unite with people who curse at the Sahabi-e-Kiram, I don’t want to unite with Ahle Dunya, I don’t want to unite with Ahle Nafs, they can go to any hell they want. I want to separate from them and I want to unite with the Ahlil Haqq.

This is when you need to draw a line and know where you are standing, don’t stand in the middle, understand? From Adam (AS) until now, that is the law. Only now people are talking about unity. Khalifas never talked about unity. They never. You ever heard Sahabi-e-Kiram, Abu Bakr Siddiq talking about unity?
He said, ‘you separate from us and you’re going to leave Islam and you’re going to corrupt the religion, we go after you and we separate you, your head from your body.’ Yavuz Sultan Selim did the same, he says, ‘you are not behaving yourselves, oh those ones who are saying that you love the Ahlil Bayt but you hate the Prophet and his beloved ones and you are being friends with the enemies, then we separate you too.’ You understand?

Ha, now you have to say, ‘where I’m going to stand?’ You cannot have everything, certain things you have to give up. You love it, you like it, they love you, you have to give it up otherwise it’s going to kill you. You have to make a choice, understand? InsyaAllah. And there are believers everywhere, go to them. There are believers even amongst the groups that I’m talking about, maybe your job is to find them, that they are sincere. They are just stuck, but their heart is looking. Now this is the time you need to look at their hearts. Maybe the man doesn’t pray, but his heart is searching for Allah and he’s not happy with the tyranny of this world. He’s more of a believer than that one who prays so much that he’s looking down on everyone, it’s very easy for him to put everyone to hell, he says, ‘this is haram, this is bida’at, this is khufr, this is shirk.’ You understand?

EvliyaAllah they come, they are the mujaddids, they revive the hearts. Because people’s hearts they are becoming dead, they do whatever it takes to jumpstart the heart. When it’s necessary, they’re going to put electricity to shock, electricity will kill you, but it revives you. What do the scholars know? In a land where the enemies are everywhere and they are ruled by a different kind of Muslim that wants to finish them, when Islam was strong and people were worshiping, but because the hearts were dead, Hz Mawlana gave the people there an electric shock that they never imagined, and that shock is until Judgment Day. He was going and he was making sohbet with the Christians in their churches. It’s easy for us to say that now we’re doing that now, what? You’re not Mawlana. You’re not Mawlana. You think every imam, every Sheykh that goes there to make interfaith they are Mawlana? They lose their faith even before they meet that one. They stand next to that one like a servant. But people are just saying, oh, Mawlana when he was buried the Christians and the Jews loved him so much, because he what? He was teaching them their religion. And they were claiming him. You think Mawlana is going to leave them alone on the Day of Judgment? He took their hearts, he stole their hearts. When he was being buried the Jews came with their books, the Christians came with their crosses. And the Muslims got very confused, they say, ‘get out,’ we start fighting. But you think that is only Mawlana? Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan was the same. At his funeral the Jews and the Christians came and they prayed for him. What is the legacy that we are having in our hands? Do we understand? Hay Allah. So don’t get drunk so much, hold on to me a little bit more.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

8 Jamada al-Awwal 1441
January 3, 2020
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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