How would a virus make people remember Allah?


Question: How would a virus make people remember Allah?


For the believers, everything will make them to remember Allah. Good times and bad times. Because for those who believe, everything that is happening in this world they know it is because of Allah and everything is a ni’mat, everything is a grant. This is for very high level faith people.

As our GrandSheykh is saying, ‘whether it is good or bad, the fact that it happened is a blessing,’ just because it happened, it is a blessing. This is for people of high level spiritual intelligence. For some people, only when good things happen to them they remember Allah and they say thank you. When bad things happen to them, they remember Allah but not in such a good way. They say, ‘why are You letting this to happen to me?’ Some people, bad times they remember Allah, ‘help me, help me, help me, help me,’ good times happen they don’t even say thank you. There are different kinds of people.

When it comes to a heavy punishment that is afflicting big number of people, especially something that they call, ‘nature,’ because these days so many things may happen you think it’s natural but it’s not natural. When it is afflicting big amount of people, entire nation, then it is a punishment and Allah is the One that is ultimately responsible for that. Whether mankind is the one who is causing those things to happen, of course it is, even if mankind is not the one who is causing, for example, world hunger because Allah SWT has created rizq, sustenance to this world 70 000 years before He has created this world, there’s enough food for everyone, but there is world hunger for example, there’s all this disaster that is happening, it’s because of mankind negligence, greed, ego, sheytanic situation, even if mankind is behind it still, for example, things that are happening to the Bani Israel, things that are happening to different other nations, the punishment that is sent because the nations are pulling Allah’s anger to them, the believers and the Prophet, Prophets first and then the believers, saying that ‘you have passed your limits, wake up, something is going to happen because you have passed your limits. Your Lord has not created you to punish you,’ and as the Khutba is saying, Allah wants to forgive us. He is calling us back. But mankind becomes arrogant and stubborn and says, ‘no! no!’ this has always been in the nature. Punishment is coming, ‘no it’s not coming.’ Punishment is reaching, ‘no, I’m going to find higher ground.’ As the people of Nuh (as), his own son is saying, ‘no, this is not punishment. Water is going to reach me here, I’m just going to go up to the mountain.’ So how is this going to make people to remember Allah?

The believers, those who believe, they will remember Allah. They will say, ‘we have passed our limits.’ Allah is saying, ‘I will not punish a nation until I’ve sent them warning after warning after warning after warning and still they become stubborn,’ and this is the result of our own actions. Not because Allah is just saying, ‘I want to punish this one. I want to punish this one.’ No. So the believers, everyday they are expecting worse because we have passed our limits in so many different ways. The believers are saying, ‘it is still a mercy and a miracle that this world is still standing again, one more day. One more week. One more year.’ Because mankind has passed his limits from individual to groups, nations to government. Because they no longer fear Allah. And they themselves are saying, ‘I am Allah. I am creating,’ they even use the word ‘create’. In Islam you cannot even use that word. Only Allah creates from nothing into something. But today somebody set up a website and they say, ‘I’m creating a website.’ Allah, Allah. ‘I am a creator. I am a Creator.’ They make some dress and say, ‘I am a creator,’ they made some dance and saya, ‘I am a creator.’ We have to look at these things. It’s small but it’s not so small.

It used to be the word ‘idol’ for ahle kitab it’s a bad word. Now every country has an idol, starting with American idol. Everybody wants to become an idol. Now they have Kazakh idols too, for some years. Malaysia, China…So now we are starting to use the word which for a long time it is wrong association, association with what? Those who are disobeying Allah, not only disobeying but declaring themselves Lordship and saying, ‘I am now an enemy to You. I’m an open enemy to You,’ just like Namrud. You understand? Namrud was not a believer. Namrud was living in a time of Ibrahim (AS). Namrud is the one who is challenging Allah. Namrud is the one who is saying, Ibrahim (AS) who warned him to turn back and he says, ‘your Lord is the Lord of the sky, I am Lord of the earth. Don’t interfere into my work. Tell your Lord not to interfere.’ As it is with the majority of the people now, ‘okay you have a lord, don’t let him to interfere in my life. This is my life. That One stay in the sky. I’m ruling here in this world.’ After a while,, Namrud is saying, ‘why He has to rule there? I am going to kill Him too and rule the skies.’ That’s what he did, in his mind he thought that he was going to do it. He made a contraption, he went all the way up there to shoot Allah, and Allah is Latif also, He didn’t want to break Namrud’s heart. So He made it appears as if he has killed Allah. As TIMES magazine declared, let me see, twenty, fifty years ago maybe seventy years ago, TIMES magazine declared: God is dead, openly and people are saying, ‘yes, it’s normal.’ Earlier nations they are punished to even think like that. So now, we have become like namrud and we are ready to burn any Ibrahim. We are ready to burn any truth. In fact, our choice weapon of destruction is just to burn. Correct or no? Burning.

Firaun was a tyrant. He was not loved by Allah but firaun had some faith. Because at the end of his life he knew that he was going to be punished and he says, okay, okay, okay You are my Lord. Now I am going to declare shahadat. But before he could declare shahadat, Jibril (AS) fell down so quickly from the sky to the earth to stop his mouth from saying the shahadat. Firaun is the one, Allah prefers him to namrud because in the Quran e-Kerim, Allah does not even mention Namrud by name but Allah is mentioning ‘Firaun. Firaun. Firaun,’ calling him directly. Because he was taking care of his people. To his people, he was taking care of. To the Bani Israel, he wasn’t liking too much. But he was a tyrant and he was saying, ‘I am your highest Lord.’ One day, him and Musa (AS), they said, ‘let’s say who is right and who is wrong. Tomorrow, let’s all assemble in front of the river Nile and you will command the river to go backward and I will command the river to go backward and see who the river obeys.’ Musa (AS) smiled and said, ‘yeah, why not?’ He went back, Musa (AS), he prayed and he rested, knowing full well that he is Kalimullah, the one who spoke directly with Allah, chosen one, the one who is representing Allah for that time, that the Kalimah is La ilaha ilallah Musa Rasulullah.

Firaun went back, he went inside his room, to a small chamber, he dismissed everyone, he closed the door to his private little room. He took his beard, he tied his beard to the ceiling, to hold it up all night long, praying to Allah and he was saying, ‘forgive me. I am a disobedient servant. You are my Lord. I know that. But make me to win over Musa tomorrow, please. Because I am the leader of this nation and he wants to make me to look bad. Please, I’m begging You.’ Whole night long he was not sleeping. He was worshipping to Allah. The next day they came in front of the river, the whole country was there, Musa (AS) with his followers. Musa (AS) is saying to the river nile, ‘with the permission of Allah, flow backward.’ River didn’t listen. He said it again, river didn’t listen. He said it third time, river didn’t listen. Then Firaun is saying, ‘by my own majesty, flow backward!’ The river stopped and it started flowing backward. The people started to go crazy. They started to go down in sejdah and said, ‘Oh, you are Rabbul Alah. You are the highest Lord.’ And the people who were with Musa (AS), those who were shaky, started worshiping Firaun too. Musa (AS) was confused. He left. He went straight to the mountain of Tur, speaking to Allah, saying, ‘Ya Rabbi. I don’t understand. Am I not your Prophet? Am I not standing for Haqq? Is he not standing for Batil?’ And Allah SWT saying to him, ‘Ya Musa, you are right. But you are My servant and he is also My servant. And all night long he was begging Me and all night long you were resting. And I swear by My own sense of justice and compassion, I cannot refuse the prayer of a man who is sincerely asking from Me.’

You understand how delicate now the laws of Allah is. There’s so many people saying, ‘why Allah is not helping the Muslims?’ No, there’s other things that is happening there too. Don’t you know, if you are an unbeliever, if you are a thief, if you are a murderer but you are really good at it, you’ll get rewarded. If you are a good thief, you get to rob people. If you are a really good murderer, you get to get away with it. The law there is still if you are really good at something and you really ask and you are really wanting to become the best, you will be the best. Allah is not going to stop you. Even if it is something wrong. But if it’s something right, expect that there’s going to be some difficulties as all the Prophets and the Saints they went through, but that is a Haqq. And you are going to understand and appreciate and taste the satisfaction here and hereafter.

So it makes people to remember Allah, those who want to. Those who don’t want to, even if they hear a voice from the sky, they say that is not Allah. Even if they see the sky split they say there there is no Allah. Even if they see the river part, even when they see the sun rising from the west, they’ll say, ‘there is no Allah. There is a logical explanation to this.’ Breh, logic is Allah’s creations too. So this is the situation. But this is nothing also. Before people start panicking so so much, this is a big thing, but you know after world war I, after the Khilafat was removed, the whole of Europe especially went through this epidemic, pandemic called the spanish flu. Millions of people died. Millions. This is few hundred cases, thousands. Of course, let’s say, times ten, because unofficial is this, official is probably times ten at least, but Spanish flu was affecting millions. It’s killing the man. That came and that went. That was a big Divine smack there, first thing the world is witnessing. So Allah protect us from that, insyaAllah.

Question: When you were in Turkey, there was an earthquake that happened…

SLE topkapi

Yes, maybe I caused the earthquake to happen (Sheykh laughs). To wake people up a little bit. Sometimes you say, ‘wake up’ they are not waking up. ‘Wake up,’ they are not waking up. So what do you do? You shake them a little bit. ‘Wake Up!’ then, ah, they wake up. Those who want to wake up, they wake up. Those who don’t want to wake up, they just turn over and they go back to sleep.

But this is the thing, you understand? we’ve become so proud. This whole thing about everyone being privileged, entitled, this is not just today, it’s not just this generation, mankind has always felt like that, just because we live in this world, we are entitled to.

Mankind is weak, especially in the last hundred years, we think that we have become something else, Lords. We don’t understand that we are weak. We don’t understand that with one shout, this whole system can come down. With one invisible virus, it can kill billions. We’ve grown to believe that we are so strong, especially here in America, especially in Europe.

The rest of the world, they still believe that they are weak, someway, somehow. They are being played by big power here and there, by governments, by this, by that, there’s no trust, they say, ‘then we believe in Allah because everyone else is fake.’ But here, because we are so privilege, we start to think that, ‘oh ya, we just ask, we are going to get. We just work hard enough we are going to get.’ Who is saying if you work hard, you are going to get? Who is saying that? There are billions of people who work so hard, they get next to nothing. And there are so many people who don’t work at all, and they get everything.

So mankind thinking, this is the biggest thing, you know, even amongst the Greek, when there are some righteous people there of course, righteous Kings, their biggest sin is what? Hubris, proudness, when man becomes proud, when he’s not understanding his own weakness. Man has become proud. Allah SWT has warned us 1400 years ago, reminding us, reminding us, reminding us, you are weak, you are not in a good place. Physically, look at yourself. Don’t look to this physical world, physical self, your own self for strength so much, to rely on it so much. Because you come from a much stronger place and you’ve been created for a much stronger one. Look to that one and he will give you everything. As Allah is saying, ‘we’ve created you from a drop of dirty water and yet man is openly declaring himself an enemy to Allah.’ This is the ego. This is the ego. And only mankind has this. No animal declares itself Lord. Man may make a certain animal to become a Lord and worship him for crazy reasons but no animals ever say, ‘I am Lord. Worship me.’ You see any cows saying this? You’ve seen this before? one cow saying, ‘Anna Rabbul Ala,’ and then everybody comes? No. Any rats saying that? No. Any monkeys saying that? No. Mankind is putting there.

You know the reasons why mankind is making their own Lord? So that they can become a bigger Lord to that Lord, to control it. That’s all. Not to think that they really believe in the idol. But he’s saying that, ‘I am the Idol maker.’ There’s one murids of Mevlana is saying, he is a god maker, very good story, I will tell you one day, insyaAllah. But ego has it. Man’s ego. Nothing else in creation will declare itself, not even sheytan. That means man’s ego, if it has that understanding of itself as a Lord wrongly, imagine if he starts to think right, it can understand his Lord as a Lord. Because no other creature in this world also that Allah has created, can understand Allah as Lord, can worship and to know Allah. To know. May Allah forgive us, insyaAllah. SelamAleykum warahmatullah. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, Passaic

6 Jamada al-Ahir 1441
January 31, 2020
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