Peace Comes with Pleasing Your Lord


QUESTION: We often heard this ayat “Ala Bizikrillahi Tatmainnal Quloob” only in the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace” but does it really mean zikr or is it something else we have to do because we are making zikr but there is no peace coming?

A.Sheykh Lokman Hz

To remember Allah is  just to say, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah…’ that’s all, they don’t remember Allah in their good times, mostly, they remember Allah only in their bad times only to complain to Allah. Their zikr is just illusion and delusion not their Allah, and their estaghfirullah requires another estaghfirullah on top of that because it is done in heedlessness.

Man, Allah SWT has given us intelligence. Where there is intelligence there is faith. Where there is faith, there is modesty. Aql, doesn’t mean intelligence as if figuring out one plus one equals two, or this is the sun, this is the moon, this is the earth. It’s not that kind of intelligence. That kind of Aql that Allah SWT is talking about is that one plus one equals two, there is Allah there. There is the sun, there is Allah there, also the Creator of the sun. The earth, Creator of the earth. The Skies, Creator of the skies. Everything that your mind can produce, it’s saying there is Allah there. La ilaha illallah. If you figure out the whole world, from top to bottom, but you are not understanding your Lord, let alone knowing your Lord, you are not understanding, you are still the most stupid person, stupid creature, ignorant one. Because the one who is ignorant of his Lord is the worst creature. And Allah SWT has created us with that knowledge of Him in us already. It’s not something that you have to discover, new. You only have to take out what is covering it.

People are not even knowing how to keep themselves tight when knowing that something is coming. Peace? There’s no peace, because your peace only comes with eating and drinking. This is what people understand. Peace means, ‘if I get enough to eat, what I like to eat. If I get enough sleep, where I want to sleep….what I want to wear.’ Everything in the dunya perfect, that is peace. This is what it means, this is what you mean too. ‘What I want? I want this, this, this, this. If I get them I’m at peace.’ What kind of foolishness is this? Which Prophet is teaching us that? Which Prophet is practising that? Which Prophet is asking anything for themselves? Their peace is coming with what? With pleasing their Lord. That means you are not doing anything to please your Lord, you are only doing things to please yourself. That’s all. You are not doing it to know, this is like this, it pleases my Lord. ‘Oh my Lord is pleased with me, I’m pleased with my Lord.’ That time, your nafs become nafsu mutma’in, the one who is pleased with his Lord and his Lord is pleased with him. It doesn’t matter what you are suffering inside or outside. You are pleased with your  Lord and your Lord is pleased with you. That is the level of every Prophet. Every Evliya they are like that. It doesn’t matter, world defines what happiness is or what is not happiness, it doesn’t matter. They know that their Lord is pleased with them.

These days, everyone just wants to please themselves. You are not getting any peace, yes, because your peace, you are still looking at how to serve yourself, how to make yourself to feel good, to feel pleasure, to get what you want. Only then you‘ll be at peace. Who is saying this? That means you don’t have any real, mission, niat, intention. You have no real goal. If your goal is saying, ‘my goal is to please Allah today,’ then you see, ‘I did this. This is pleasing to Allah. I did this, it’s pleasing to Allah.’ Not to say you did this and you are a Saint, you did this you are a Holy person, you did this, this is pleasing to Allah. ‘Alhamdulillah that my Lord did not give me long leash today for me to do this, this, this, this, this wrong things. I eat today. I have heat today. I can go to the (estaghfirullah) bathroom today.’ Are you thinking about this? No, you’re not. Eating and drinking. That’s what you are thinking of all the time. And because you cannot get that, that’s why you don’t have peace. Eh, saying, ‘I’m making zikr all the time and I don’t have peace in my heart.’ You are not making zikr. No.

When your aim is to please your Lord and you have then a guide, a Sheykh and you have a mission, and you have a goal, ‘this is what you have to do today, this week, this month, this year,’ You have all of that because everything is aligned, you will know it is aligned with the will of your Sheykh, with your Prophet, with Allah, that time you see your Lord is happy, you are happy. You see your Sheykh is happy, you are happy. You are doing the work then. If you are disconnected, never you are going to find. So many of you, you are disconnected because you are just here for your own selfish need, that’s all. You are not looking to see what Allah is looking, what your Prophet is looking, you are not. You are disconnected. You are here but you are disconnected. Can you imagine any Sahabi e-Kiram that they are disconnected from their Prophet, they are not concern what their Prophet is doing, they are not in the Prophet’s mission, when there is something to be struggling, they are not struggling, they are just sitting back and they said, ‘eh, you and your Lord go and fight.’ No, exactly, that is not the behaviour of the ummat, it’s not the behavior of the companions, it’s not the behavior of a murid. That’s the behavior of Bani Israel, disobedient ones. These days there’s so many.

Look at yourself, are you? Do you even know what is happening in your Sheykh’s life, what he is doing, what he is aiming for? Are you in that? No, you are not. You want me to go more? So you’ll never find peace. And your peace is just, ‘if I get the best of this dunya and I get the best of the ahiret.’ And your definition of best of dunya is what the kafir are saying, unbelievers are saying. And the best of the ahiret is only what the Wahhabis they are saying.

The best of this dunya is knowing you have pleased your Lord and you are doing the work that your Lord wants you to do, to bring Haqq back into this world. Our mission is big. But you are not putting your life in the mission. You are still complaining and struggling and going back and forth and being very busy in your little problems, little lives. It should not be. That’s why you are finding, ‘ah, I’m not finding any satisfaction too.’ There is no satisfaction. The poorest Sahabi, the ahle Sufa who had nothing, they had the biggest satisfaction knowing they are in the presence of their Prophet. So many of us we are in the presence of our Sheykh, you are not happy. What does it take? For your Sheykh to go? Maybe you are going to be happy? It happened to us. Are you sitting back to think, to make tafakkur and say, ‘okay, during my Sheykh’s time, what did I do? How was I useful? Really. Okay, I love my Sheykh, I was sitting there, I was listening to him, I was happy,’ but what did you do? How useful are you in the way of Allah? If you say, ‘I was, and I did my job,’ okay I have nothing to say to you. But if you say, ‘I didn’t do too much,’ there is now another opportunity. What are you doing now? What are you doing? What have you achieved? Eh, let’s say dunya and ahiret, what have you achieved?

If your dunya and ahiret they are together, you would achieved dunya, you would achieved ahiret too. But it’s not. That means you are disconnected. That means there are certain things we are saying it’s not good for you to do, you are doing, you are being busy with. And there are things which we say, ‘be busy with doing,’ you say, ‘I’m not going to be busy with that. I’m going to do something else.’ That time you’ve already been disconnected. Not later, not five, seven, eight years later, that time you’ve disconnected. Because you’ve never make the real connection to the Sheykh. What is that connection to the Sheykh? ‘I feel good. I feel him strong. His presence is strong in me.’ What does that mean?

If a believer feels the pain of another believer, even if they are not together, isn’t that what Prophet says to be, then what about you and your connection to your Sheykh? So, we should just try to be good. That’s all. Don’t be too selfish. Don’t be too spoiled. Say your prayers. Make your zikr. Don’t make too much problems to each other, then you’ll be happy. But that time, don’t expect too much too. You’ve just done the very basic. That is not the basic of a murid, that is the basic to become a human being. To be a murid, ohh…that’s why you are not making too much. The Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘Allah, Ya Rabbi, Your pleasure is my goal, is my meaning, is my maksud, Your Pleasure, Your Happiness.’ What are we doing to make them to be happy, to make our Sheykh to be happy? What are we doing, really?

So, we should look. Then that time you will know how much that you are doing, how much hizmet you are doing, how much you are carrying, how much responsibility you are carrying, and the person’s honor, meaning more peace, more honor comes more peace, more peace comes more satisfaction, and your honor is according to your responsibility. If you say, ‘I’m only responsible to myself, eating and drinking,’ that much honor you have, that much responsibility you have, don’t expect too much. You are worse than a kid then that time. Because at least the child is maksum, the child is innocent, the child is completely angelic, in that world. It’s giving something when you are next to it. What are you? What are we? We already pass, long time ago. So this is your connection. Not just to say, ‘I feel strong, I do this…’ eh, you are not even feeling anything, what he’s feeling. You are saying, we are Uwaisy? Hz Uwais al-Qarani took out all his teeth when the Prophet lost two.


So we should wake up a little bit. You understand? This is impossible to do? No, it’s not. Everybody has fallen in love before. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Their pain is your pain, their happiness is your happiness. Her happiness is your happiness. His happiness is your happiness. The kids happiness is your happiness. Even if you are completely not together, to know something happened and it’s very sad, or something happened and immediately it’s going to affect you. Oh, that time check your connection to your Sheykh. There’s nothing there. It’s only social activity, which, not bad. But don’t expect too much then that time. Enough, I don’t want to talk about love anymore. People are not even concerned, because like I said we’ve been corrupted in the system so much, we are not concerned. You know what makes a person really to be concern? When the person has gone through pain. When he sees someone else gone through the pain, he says, ‘oh, I’ve experienced that before. You have that pain? I have the same pain. You know what? This helps me. This doesn’t help me.’

We haven’t gone through anything. We have been raised with anything that we want, anything that we desire is given to us. Because we don’t have concern, so it messes up with our mental development and it makes you to feel very uneasy. Because if everything is there, why am I not feeling this satisfaction and happiness? Because it is unnatural when I see someone hurting and it doesn’t affect me. Especially as believers, supposed to be one body. But there is no concern. Why is that? Because the emphasis is not on taking care of each other. The emphasis is not on putting others before yourself. The emphasis is ‘me, myself first. I have to take care of myself first. Individualism. Oh, Allah forbids if I have to sacrifice my comfort for other people. Allah forbid if I have to share my happiness with others.’ You only share when there is surplus. That’s not sharing. That’s not sharing. You share when you have something good and you feel bad you are the only one having it. That is not right.

You don’t have peace because you are only taking care of yourself. If you take care of other people, you will find peace, even if you are horrible, you will find peace because you see peace that you are giving to other people. You are helping other people, they’ll find a little bit of peace. You help them in their pain so much and Allah is using you one way or another to help them, to remove a little bit of their hurt, remove a little bit of their wants, you are helping others. You are concern. Then Allah will take away your pain too. You are busy with others, you are not busy with yourself. Ehh, in this society they teach us, be busy with yourself, don’t be busy with others, don’t help other people. So you can say how many billion times ‘Allah’ that time, you will not get it. Because Allah is not a word. Allah is not a word. Allah is not Alif, Lam, Lam, Ha, that’s not Allah. Allah is coming, what He wants is coming through His Prophet (AS) and His Prophet came 1400 years ago and He has taught us and our Sheykh are teaching us still what is Allah. You are not concern, you are not looking out, you are not helping, you are only busy with yourself, you can say billion times ‘Allah,’ you will never have, you heart is going to be satisfied. Because in reality, you are saying, ‘me, me, me. Ana. Not Allahu Akhbar. Anahu Akhbar.

So they take us captive in this way, in this upbringing. You don’t have time, you don’t have money, you cannot do anything, just save yourself. It’s not like that. You understand? Help others. You’ll find some peace. Because helping others is what Allah is doing. Wa minAllahu Taufik. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

20 Jamada al-Ahir 1441
February 13, 2020
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