Run to Allah in Rajab


Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin wasalatu wa salamu ala rasulina muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain nahmadulllahu ta’ala wa nastaghfiruhu wa nashadu an-lailaha ilallahu wahdahu la sharika lah wa nashadu anna sayyidina muhammadin abduhu wa habibuhu wa rasuluhu salallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa azwajihi wa ashabihi wa atbaihi khulafail rashidin, mahdin min ba’di wuzerail immeti alal tahkik khususan minhum alal amidi khulafai rasulillahi ala tahqeeq umara il mu’mineen hazreti abu bakr wa umar wa uthman wa ali wa ala baqiyati wa sahabai wa tabieen ridwanallahu ta’ala alayhim ajmain.

Ya ayyuhal mu’minun al hadirun ittaqullaha ta’ala wa ati’uh inna allaha ma allathina-ttaqaw wallathina hum muhsinun. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. Wa Salatu wa Salamu ala Ashrafil Ambiya’i wa Imam al-Mursaleen Sayyidina wa Sayidinna Mawlana Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain.

All praises are due to Allah, the Lord of Honor and Might. All praises are due to Allah Who says in the Holy Quran, in Surah al-Hujurat: BismillahirRahmanirRahim, “The believers are nothing except for Brothers- so make peace between your brothers and fear Allah, so that you may receive Mercy. O you who believe! Don’t let some people among you laugh at others- it might be that they are better than them. And don’t let women laugh at other women; perhaps they may be better than them. And don’t insult each other, and don’t insult each other with nicknames. Bad is the name of disobedience after one’s faith. And whoever does not make repentance (Tawba), such are the evil?doers. O you who believe! Avoid suspicion as much as possible, for suspicion is a crime. And don’t spy on each other, and don’t backbite each other. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother- no, you would hate it. But fear Allah- indeed, Allah is Accepting of repentance, the Most Merciful. O Mankind! Truly We have created you male and female, and made you nations and tribes so that you might know one another. Truly, the most honored of you in the Sight of Allah is the one with the most Righteous. Truly! Allah is the Knower, the Aware.”
(49:10-13) Sadaqallahuladzim.

May all peace and blessings be upon the Sultan of the Messengers, Sayyidina Muhammad (AS), who said: “When someone sends Salawat to me greatly according to what is due to me, Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla creates from that Salawat an angel with one wing in the east and one wing in the west, with his feet resting in the lowest part of the earth, and his neck bowed under the Arsh. Allah Azza wa Jalla says to that angel, “Bless My servant as long as he blesses My Prophet.” And the angel will continue to bless that person until the Judgment Day.” (Dalail Khayrat).

Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Alayhi wa Ala Alihi wa Sahbihi wa Sallim Tasleema. May peace and blessings also be upon his noble family and blessed companions, especially upon the Four khulafa-e?Rashideen, Hz. Abu Bakr el-Siddiq, Hz. Umar el-Faruq, Hz. Osman el-Ghani, and Hz. Ali el-Murtaza, and all those who follow them until the Last Day. May peace and blessings be upon our Grandsheykhs of the Most Distinguished Naksibendi Way. May peace and blessings be upon the Khulafa, especially upon the Padishahs of the House of Osman, the Protectors of the Shariat, the Defenders of the Sunnah, and all those who honor them and walk in their footsteps until the Last Day.


Ya Ayyuhal Mu’minoon! O Believers! For those who are awake and aware and who have Taqwa of their Lord, congratulation, Mubarak. For those who are living according to the Sunnah of their Rasul, Mubarak. For those who are keeping their Promise and guarding their Beyat to the Evliya, Mubarak. Mubarak because we are at the threshold of the Three Mubarak Months of Rajab, Shaban, and Ramazan. The Month of Allah, the Month of the Prophet, and the Month of the Ummat. The Months that contain the Holy Nights of Raghaib, of Miraj, of Beraat, and of Qadr. The Months that Allah (SWT) has set in His Divine Calendar for an opportunity for Bani Adam and especially for the ummati Muhammad (AS) to run back to the Pleasure of their Lord.

There are very few places left in the world that are giving you excitement for the three Holy Months. These teachings they have became lost, they have become strange. And the people who are not running to find them, they just left them. So if we have these teachings, if we have these traditional teachings that 1400 years of Muslims held onto with their lives, we should also guard them and we should protect them.  And Elhamdulillah that we are in this Dergah, this Osmanli Dergahi, this Dergah of Sahib el-Sayf, where our hearts start beating strongly again when the Holy Months come. It is not the physical heart, it is the spiritual heart that must thirst and must want and must be passionate.  Because this is the time when the heart gets rejuvenated.

Sahib el-Sayf is saying, talking about the importance of these days: “Once Holy Prophet (AS) was passing through a cemetery and he got very sad. He said to the Sahaba e-Kiram, “Everyone in this cemetery is under the punishment until I asked forgiveness on their behalf and Allah forgave them and He moved the punishment from them. If these people had shown (respect) to one night properly, to the night of Rajab, one night, one day fasting and one night standing and worshipping during the time of Rajab then they would not be in this punishment by this time.’ So alhamdulillah we’re approaching the three months, the month of Allah, Rajab, the Holy Prophet’s (AS)’s month Shaban, and the Nation of Muhammad’s month Ramazan Whether we’re in this world or not it’s coming and it’s going. But how is it going? Are we showing the proper respect and care to these months? Are you showing just that much importance that you’re showing to this fake calendar’s New Year? Millions of Muslims don’t know now that Rajab is coming. Not one, millions. But ask them, `When’s the New Year?’ They already prepared everything. So are we showing that much happiness that we’re receiving the month of Rajab? If you do then you’re a winner. If not, cry for yourself. If you’re not showing any care, if you’re not showing any importance, if your heart is not moving you when holy months like that is coming, then your faith is dying. That faith is very dim and it’s finishing. So during these months are the months that we may generate electricity to our faith and we may move again. We may start moving again during the month of Rajab. As a holy man said, `The month of Rajab is the month of planting the seed. The month of Shaban is the month that the seed is growing and start giving the fruit. And the month of Ramazan is when you start collecting the fruit.”

Words of Hakk coming from the Friend of Hakk, and the friends of Allah they speak the truth. These are the words of our Sheykh. O Believers! Understand how tremendous and how blessed and how important Rajab is. Hz. Anas (RA), a companion of the Prophet (AS), is narrating that Holy Prophet (AS) said: “Rajab is a tremendous month, and Allah multiplies good deeds in this month. So whoever fasts one day of Rajab, it’s like he fasted a year. Whoever fasts seven days of Rajab, the seven gates of hell are closed to him. Whoever fasts ten days of Rajab, he will not ask Allah anything except that Allah will grant it. Whoever fasts fifteen days from Rajab, an announcer will call out from the paradises, “Truly you have been forgiven from whatever is past! So renew your good actions! All your bad deeds have been transformed into good deeds!” And whoever does more, Allah gives him even more. And in Rajab, Allah (SWT) carried Nuh (AS) in the ship, and he fasted and ordered all those with him to fast. And the ship sailed with them for six months until the first ten days of Muharram.” (Bayhaqi). And Holy Prophet (AS) is also saying, “Rajab is one of the Four Sacred Months in which fighting is forbidden. Its days are written on the Gates of the Sixth Paradise. When a man fasts one of its days, and renews his fasting with Taqwa of Allah, then Allah makes that Gate to speak. And the Gate says, “O our Lord, forgive him!” And if the man does not make his fasting with the Taqwa of Allah, the Gate does not ask forgiveness, and it is said, “your own ego has betrayed you.” (Hz Abu Saeed).

Sultan el-Evliya Seyh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim Adil el-Hakkani is announcing the Majesty of this month, saying: This month is Rajab Shahrullah. It is a magnificent month. It is carrying the name of Allah (SWT) – Rajab Shahrullah (Month of Allah). And that is why – Ayyuhal Mu’minun wa Ayyuhal Muslimun wa Ayyuhal Mukhlisun Be careful, praise and glorify Allah this month.” And the words of the Sultanul Evliya speaks the truth.

O Believers! This coming Month is magnificent and it is honorable. Don’t sit and be lazy during these days that are coming. Don’t be too caught up and be drunk in the dunya. Escape. Wake up and live according to the Honor of being Hazret-i-Insan. Sit and think and be with your Lord. Hazret-i-Insan cannot be in ghaflat and he cannot be lazy. Holy Prophet (AS) was showing a dua to us saying, “Ya Allah! I seek protection in You from anxiety and sorry, from weakness, from laziness, from debt, and from being overpowered by other men.” (Bukhari). Believer must seek protection from laziness. Tarikat teaches that protection. Tarikat must teach a man to get up and to move for the Sake of Allah. That as much passion as you have to move for the sake of acquiring this dunya, you must have the same passion, if not more to acquire for ahiret, to acquire the pleasure of Allah. As our Sheykh is saying, over and over, “Where there Haraket then there is Barakat, when there is movement, activity (Haraket), then there is blessing (Barakat) in that place. Where there is love (Muhabbat), there is Mercy (Rahmet) in that place.” These two lines, they give the whole description of a Dergah.

Dergah is there to make a man move for Allah’s sake to become blessed, and to learn to Love for the Sake of Allah so he finds Mercy. Rajab is the time to do this. Even if we made mistakes, Rajab is the time that Allah (SWT) is giving us to fix things and to return to our Honor. Sahib el-Sayf is giving this teaching, saying: “In the old days during the Month of Rajab, the Sheykhs were preparing their murids, reaching to certain station, and putting them in khalwat in that month. To get the best out from them. Now today’s people making khalwat in the bed, all day long, all night long, sleeping. Tauba Ya Rabbi. Tauba Astarghfirullah. How much we have to say, ‘Tauba Ya Rabbi, Tauba astarghfirullah.’ Endlessly. Because our grandfather Adam (AS), he became disobedient to Jalla wa’ala subhana wa ta’ala only one time. Only one time he became disobedient, he was sent out from Paradise to earth, he suffered on earth, over three hundred years crying for forgiveness. He’s standing on one foot and crying asking forgiveness. But he was already forgiven. He was already forgiven, when he asked forgiveness. But Allah sending him down to earth saying, ‘you must be clean.’ Must be clean.

We must be clean. Because it’s not Adam (AS) who’s the one committing the sin. It’s you. It’s me. We are the one who commit the sin. He was carrying our seed, which forced him to do that. How many times a day, we are becoming disobedient to Allah. Count by yourself, you will know. How many times a day? You will know. If you are not living Islamic lifestyle definitely your whole life is disobedience. But the mercy is reaching again. Allah (SWT) is keeping the door open, saying, these are weak servants. And now the month of Rajab enter, if you’re showing proper respect to this month, He may clean you up. So don’t sit doing nothing during this month. Or continue talking too much or backbiting, or arguing or fighting. No. It’s never giving anybody anything. Never going to give anything. Only thing that it gives you is problem, trouble and the fire. Nothing else. And people, 21st century people, they became completely enemy to each other. Sitting next to each other, but they are enemy to each other. They are ready to bite each other. Yes. They are not afraid from someone, look what happens. Some people they are afraid of someone, and they are holding their horses. Don’t be like that one. Have fear from Allah Jalla wa’ala. Allah is watching. His Prophet is watching. His angels are watching. Your angels are watching. They are recording what you’re doing. One angel on the right side. One angel on the left side. Today, the angel on the right side doesn’t have a job to do anymore. Because today’s people they are not doing anything good anymore. But the left side angel, non-stop writing. Change that for your own self. It is not a joke. It is not something that you are going to smile about it. You are in it. Watch your book. Watch your daily life. How you are living? Does it fit to the calendar of Allah (SWT)? If it’s not fitting to that calendar, you are in trouble.” These are the words of our Sheykh. Listen. We are obligated to listen and to put it to our lives.


In Rajab, we should wake up a little bit more and start living and thinking like believers again, to start feeling and acting like believers again. How does a believer think? Seyh Efendi is telling us: “Holy Prophet (S) is saying to us in one hadith, “Allah (SWT) has hidden His liking and His pleasure in the good deeds that you are doing.” Meaning, He is hiding the good deed that will earn His pleasure among all the good deeds that you are doing. Is Allah going to be pleased because you pray five times a day or is He going to be pleased because as you are walking in the street you see a stone and you move it aside so that no one is going to fall on it? You don’t know.

You don’t know which action you are going to do that is going to please Allah and Allah is going to be happy with you. That is why Holy Prophet (AS) is saying that Allah is hiding it. So whatever comes in front of you, if it is a good action then a believer is going to run to do it. “Maybe in this action Allah is going to be pleased with me.” Never is there going to be an end to it because it is hidden and you are not going to know. So until the Angel of Death comes you are going to run, moving and doing things for the sake of Allah. And the more things you do for the sake of Allah, the more pleasure you are going to get in your heart. More satisfaction is going to come and your faith is going to grow stronger. Laziness is going to run away from you; weakness is going to run away from you; foolishness is going to run away from you. The bottom point is: shaytan is going to pull himself and his army away from you because now you are getting closer to Rahman (The Merciful). Every deed that you are doing is bringing you closer to Allah; and as you are coming closer to Allah, shaytan is running away from you. Holy Prophet (AS) is also saying, “He is hiding His anger inside the sins that you are committing.” You do not know which sin you are going to commit and you are going to get the anger of Allah. Now this is a very important point. You may say to yourself, “I committed all these wrong sins and I did not get the anger of Allah.” Just then maybe you are going to turn your head to look at something forbidden to you and you may get the anger. So now you have to control yourself. You have to turn back to your self. You have to try not to do anything then because getting the anger of Allah is not like getting the anger of your friend or your buddy. If you get your Lord angry with you then you finish yourself. So that is also hidden. An intelligent man cannot say, “Oh let me do this and I am going to say Astaghfirullah later.” You may not have the chance to say Astaghfirullah. You may not be given the chance.

These words, if a man takes them and applies them to his life, definitely he will find safety here and hereafter. The Month of Rajab is the time to start fixing our thinking, our feeling, our attitude. Rajab is the time to move for Allah’s Sake. Then, we will see the reality of the Hadith that when we walk toward Allah, we will find Him running toward us. We have so many chances. Inshallah ar-Rahman, if Allah grants us life, on Monday night Rajab will enter. Inshallah on Thursday night, it will be Ragaib. Believers, mureeds, they don’t miss the chance because what is coming for the Ragaib and for the Rajab of this year, never before Allah SWT has created and never again it will come. Inshallah, we must wake up.

Allahumma Barik la-na fi Rajab wa Shaban, wa ballighna Ramazan. Ya Allah, bless us in Rajab and Shaban, and let us reach Ramazan. Ya Rabbi, give us the energy to run for Your Sake. Ya Rabbi, let us be rid of our ghaflat and our laziness. Ya Rabbi, let us find Your Pleasure, and keep us far away from Your Anger. Ya Rabbi, let us find the Pleasure of our Rasul. Ya Rabbi, let us find the pleasure of our Sheykh. We are asking to be blessed in these Three Holy Months through the dua of Ghawth al-Azam, Sheykh Abdul Qadir el-Geylani (KS): “Ya Allah! Truly, You are our only Means and we beg of You and we turn our faces towards You with the means of Your Exalted Book and through the means of the Noble Prophet sent by You, Sayyidina Muhammad (AS), and through the means of his Honor and Majesty, and through the means of his Grandfathers, Sayyidina Ibrahim and Sayyidina Isma’il and through the means of his companions Sayyidina Abu Bakr and Sayyidina ‘Umar and the possessor of the two lights Sayyidina ‘Uthman and through his family, Sayyidatina Fatima and Sayyidina ‘Ali and their two sons Sayyidina Hasan and Sayyidina Husain, and his uncles Sayyidina Hamza and Sayyidina ‘Abbas and his blessed wives Sayyidatina Khadija and Sayyidatina ‘Aishah.” Ya Rabbi, for the sake of our Grandsheykh and our Sheykh, be pleased with us. Amin.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

27 Jamada al-Ahir 1441
February 21, 2020
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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