Why have we lost honor and how do we redeem it?



What is honor? What is honor? Yes, to hold yourself to a standard. A high standard. You may be poor, but you hold yourself to a high standard, you may be stupid but you hold yourself to a high standard, you may be not religious, you may be not too great, but you hold yourself to greatness, right? That is what honor is. I’m a little bit hesitating also because these days you use the word Muslim and you use the word honor, oh, what do you get? Honor killings. Finish. End of discussion, nobody wants to hear nothing.

So it raises your station. To what? Who decides where this station is? Lets say easy way, society, correct? Okay, fine, lets say society. They are the ones who set it, so if society lowers the bar then that’s it, okay?

We’re Muslims. You can say Muslim society but there is still Allah and His Prophet (AS), not only they are, there is still that standard there. Who carries out the command of Allah and His Prophet? There has to be a Khalifa and a whole system of Khilafat. Then there has to be Wilayat, the spiritual part of it that they have to be supporting the Khilafat. When they believe in the Khilafat and the Wilayat and they obey according to that when the system is still in place, there is a standard there, nobody could really argue so much. ‘Oh, according to this nationality it’s this, according to this history it’s this, according to this country it’s this, according to this ethnicity it’s this, according to this-’ no one can argue so much. Allah and His Prophet they have set it, you understand? Because there was a Khilafat. Khilafat is not according to ethnicity or race, no. You take away that system now, we’re divided, it’s no longer Khilafat. Everybody rules according to their nationalistic tendencies, so they will interpret Allah and His Prophet according to their nationalistic tendencies, according to their racial tendencies, according to their tribal tendencies, according to their political tendencies, according to their ideological tendencies. So they set their own bar. You understand? They set their own bar. When they start playing with it, then people are also going to say, ‘if you can do that, why cant we do? Hey you religious people, you’re setting the bar according to what these politicians are telling you to do, you’re fake too. Why do we have to listen to you? Why do we have to believe in your sense of what is honor, because you’re just a tool for them.’ Correct or no? ‘So now I’m going to set my own standard of honor.’ It’s chaos. Because it’s not just there is a vacuum, everything is rushing to fill it in. Now you have everything else that is available to say, ‘this is honor, this makes you great,’ and the dunya, what it says to make you great, go on the internet, go online, go on FaceBook.

So if there are pockets of people that believe in that tradition, then it’s different, the rest of the world would call them crazy, ‘out of your mind, you’re following a cult. Look at us, we’re free, we can do anything we want and still have our Islam and still say it is honorable.’ And we say, ‘where in fourteen hundred years..’ ‘Doesn’t matter, fourteen hundred years. What matters is me right now. Doesn’t matter fourteen hundred years, it matters in 1947, or 1965, or 19 this or 19 that,’ when Muslim countries they say, ‘we gained independence.’

If you want to gain that honor, run to the people who hold that honor. That time they are not going according to race or nationality also. Then slowly, they will say, ‘your honor is not in the color of your skin, your honor is not in your tribe or your ethnicity or your race or your language, your honor is not according to how much power you have or how much money you have, how much influence you have, how beautiful you are, how big your house is or your car or your boats or your jets. Your honor is how much you fear Allah.’ And you will find pockets of people who live according to that, and they say, ‘all these things that the world they give us or they take it from us, we don’t fear it so much, we don’t fear it. Because we’re holding on to the firmest handhold, you understand? When we don’t have anything we’re like that, when everything is given we’re like that, when there is nobody we’re like that, when everybody’s coming we’re like that.’ What’s going to happen if you tell people now in order to get that honor you have to have the old ways back? Oh, so many Muslim countries they are going to trip over each other to arrest you.

What is it that we want? Nothing from no one. We sit here quietly to live our lives and to worship. Try to clean ourselves up before we die. InsyaAllah, if Allah accepts. Wa Minallahu taufiq al Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

27 Jamada al-Ahir 1441
February 20, 2020
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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