The Pleasure of Allah is hidden



We are very blessed to have reached to the end of this month and to enter into the three holy months and Rajab Shahrullah, insyaAllah ar Rahman, if Allah (SWT) is giving us the life, we will see next week this time the blessed night of Raghaib, Leylatul Raghaib. It’s important, so many Muslims are not knowing, it’s a lost tradition.

In Islam of course every night is holy, but some nights are more holy than others. In Islam Allah (SWT) has created Hazreti Insan, ‘wa laqad karamna Hazreti Insan, sadaqallahulazim.’ ‘And We have honored the Children of Adam,’ but there are some Children of Adam that are more honored than others. In Islam there’s only a handful of nights that are holy, four of them out of five, four of them are in these three months, Raghaib, Miraj, Beraat, and Qadir. There’s a reason why Allah (SWT) is putting them together and we are happy and excited to welcome that month of Shahrullah, alhamdulillah. May Allah open the way for us to be able to get the benefits of that month. Everything the believer does has to bring him closer to Allah, because Allah (SWT) is our destination and His pleasure is our Maqsud. Anything that you are doing that is not going to be pleasing Allah (SWT), it is pulling away from His return, and Allah is saying, ‘you don’t like to see Me, I don’t like to see you.’

May our Lord be pleased with us insyaAllah, this is very important. The man can be doing so many things but our Lord is not pleased, it’s no good. The man can be doing so many wrong things but he does one thing that Allah (SWT) is pleased with, that He accepts, that is very good. As the Khutba today was talking about, Sheykh Effendi was concentrating, Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al Kibrisi al Rabbani is stating that the pleasure of Allah it is hidden. The pleasure of Allah it is hidden. You don’t know whichever actions that you are doing that Allah’s pleasure is there, so for a believer he will always run to please Allah (SWT) more and more. It doesn’t mean you stay up all night long and you’re worshiping Allah is going to be pleased with you, who is going to say, guarantee, Allah is going to be pleased with you? The man who is saying, guaranteeing, in reality he’s committing, lets not become so heavy, we are Ahli Tasawwuf, we don’t like to say words like ‘sin’, or words like ‘shirk’. But when you’re saying, ‘guarantee, You must accept,’ it’s challenging Allah too.

If Allah wants, He can put everyone into Jahannam, can anyone stand up and say, ‘it is forbidden for You to do that,’? If He wants He can put everyone straight into sajda and put everyone into Jannat, can anyone say, ‘You cannot do this,’? Somebody did, once, a long time ago. He’s saying, ‘how You can do this? You’re making us to give sajda to this one? He’s just created, I’ve been serving You and I’ve been worshiping You for thousands of years. You just created him and You want all the angels and me to make sajda to him?’ Allah is saying, ‘you are claiming that you make sajda only to Me. If you make sajda to Me you must make sajda to my words and my law. If I’m saying you make sajda to a stone, you must make sajda to a stone.’ Don’t we all make sajda to a stone? Physically we are, but that stone is a qibla that is a direction to Allah, it is not the stone that we are making sajda to. But outside people, non-Muslims, they see us bowing down to something they say, ‘oh, this must be their Lord.’ You cannot blame them too because their idea of Allah is, their idea of Allah, who has an idea of Allah (SWT)? La illaha illallah, who has an idea of Allah (SWT)? Yes, yahudis they are saying, ‘there is only one Allah,’ they don’t make shirk that the nasranis are making. But they’re saying, ‘Allah we can wrestle Him, we can argue with Him, we can lie, we can cheat Him.’ Yes, the Christians they are saying, ‘Allah (SWT) we love Him, we love Him so much we think He made a big sacrifice by sending His son.’ So although in terms of tauhid we are sharing more in common with the Jews, but even their idea of Allah it is very different. Although in terms of spirituality we are closer to the Christians, but their idea of Allah is completely different. And we’re saying, ‘ya Rabbi, ihdina sirat al mustaqim, but, sirat al azina anamta alayhim. Guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom You are pleased with and they are pleased with You,’ not any other path, this is important.

So people, twenty-first century Muslims, everyone is trying to make their own path. Those who are saying, ‘we are Muslims,’ those who are saying, ‘we are Sunnis,’ those who are saying, ‘we are Ahli Tasawwuf,’ everyone is making their own path. Because the Shadow of Allah on earth is no longer there. You cannot have Islam, you cannot have Islam, what did Holy Prophet (AS) say? ‘If there is no Khalifa, three days, there is no Islam.’ Three days if there is no Khalifa. The most important thing when the Holy Prophet (AS) had passed was the selection and the election of the Khalifa. Most important thing. And when Hazreti Abu Bakr Siddiq was given the Khilafat, he was selected and he was elected, he took it as the most heavy thing, it was not a privilege. And when he nominated Hz Omar and the others also, they are selecting him to be, Hz Omar did not select the next one, he says, ‘no, you are going to choose. You are going to choose.’ And he said, ‘All twelve of them, that they are on the same level, everyone could be the Khalifa,’ they are supposed to choose, ‘if they don’t choose within three days, put them in a house, if they don’t select one, burn the house. With all of them, burn the house. Because then there’s going to be a great big fitna.’

The confusion is everywhere, may Allah save us from that confusion insyaAllah ar Rahman, we are running to these holy days and nights to protect ourselves from that confusion and the confusion of dajjal. May Allah accept it from us, may Allah forgive us, may Allah make us to be with the sincere ones, may Allah forgive us insyaAllah. Amin.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

27 Jamada al-Ahir 1441
February 21, 2020
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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