What are the characteristics of a Saliheen?


Question: What are the characteristics of a Saliheen?


The characteristics of a Saliheen, this is an order from Allah SWT, Allah is saying ‘Be with the Saliheen.’ Our Sheykh, Sheykh Abdul Kerim Hz, he likes this ayat very much and he’s always explaining it to us. And he is saying ‘Your Lord is not expecting you to be Saliheen. He’s not putting the pressure on you to be a Salih person, to be a righteous person, to be that one that his Nafs is Nafsu Mutmain, he is pleased with Allah and Allah is pleased  with him. He just says be with the Saliheen.’ Like they say in Turkish, if you put two flowers, different colors, close together, they start taking each other’s color. Like they say in Arabic, you just have to sit with the one who sells perfume to smell like perfume. You don’t have to be. Like what Hz. Ali KW is saying, the man’s religion is the religion of his friends.

So whoever that you associate with, you will become like that. Those ones, 1400 years ago, they were living in the most jahiliyyah time, and they were burying their children and they were worshiping idols, and they were doing so many wrong things that was ignorant. But when they were in the Sohbet of Peygambar Effendi (AS), from that Sohbet they became Sahabi. So Allah SWT, He’s, Alhamdulillah, He’s not saying be with the Prophets, especially the Quran e-Kerim was given to the Prophet of the End of Times. He was only in this world for 63 years, out of which 23 years he was a Prophet. Of course he is Sayyidina Awwalin wal Ahirin, it’s different. But his Prophethood was 23 years. And Allah is saying ‘Be with the Saliheen.’ So right away we know, the righteous ones, Salih. What are they like? We can only look to those ones who have taught us this. Never claim that you are, not you, not me. Like they are saying, only the hypocrite is going to say he’s sincere and only the sincere one is going to say that he is a hypocrite. Because like what we said earlier, you don’t know which action Allah SWT is pleased with. We know there’s so many things, He’s saying ‘Do this, I’ll be pleased with you, do this,’ but we’re talking about the one action that we say Allah is saying ‘I’m pleased with you and you have pleased Me,’ and from everything it is accepted.

Imam Al-Ghazali, who wrote Ihya Ulumuddin, he is stating that out of all the worship that he has done, out of all the knowledge that he has acquired, out of all the sohbet that he has surrounded himself with, with the Ahli Suffa, Ahli Tasawwuf, he said what opened me, when I wrote the revival of the sciences, Ihya Ulumuddin, the Revival of the Knowledge of the Deen, he says what opened it was when I dipped my pen and I was about to write, and the fly came to my pen. And that fly was drinking the ink, and I did not move until the fly has taking its fill. I did not take the fly’s rights. When it’s finished drinking, it went away, then, BismillahirRahmanirRahim, he wrote and he wrote everything.

As a believer, what are we running after? A believer is not running after Jennat. Believer is not running away from Jahannam. Believer is running to Allah, the Beloved One. When you love someone, are you satisfied with whatever that you are doing? You are never satisfied. You want to do and you want to do and you want to do and you want to do new things, so you want to do other things, and you’re always looking at that beloved, not looking at yourself to see ‘Oh, look, look. I did this, I did this, I did this.’ Shame. Shame. If you’re in love and you say ‘I did this and that,’ it is a shame. You’re going to look at that beloved, are you happy with this? Do you like this? Oh, you don’t like this. I’m going to do something else. This one you prefer, I’m going to run. And even if the beloved is saying I like this, you’re going to find another thing and another thing because Allah’s pleasure is our pleasure. When we grow up a little bit, and we start pleasing Allah instead of pleasing ourselves, then that time, when we say Allahu Akbar it has a little bit more meaning. That time, when we look in the smallest things and the biggest galaxies, that time we may feel a little bit more, something, for our Lord, that our Lord Allah SWT in all His Greatness has created us and calling us to His return. He’s not calling the Sun, or the moon, or the galaxies, or the planets or anything greater than us to His return. He’s calling us.

We are the weakest of the weak and we are sent into this Asfala Safileen, yet He is calling us Hz. Insan. The believer, of course I’m not saying don’t do things for Jannat’s sake, don’t do things that is, I’m not telling people to do things that’s going to bring you Jahannam. That’s not my meaning. But you see, this is one thing. If we have to sit here and we have to qualify for everything  that we’re saying, you’re not going to learn nothing. So now our pleasure is in Allah, is with Allah SWT. What is Allah SWT, what is His protocol? To let us know what His pleasure is. He had sent us a hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets. No man can say I’m ignorant, I don’t know what my Lord wants. He had sent us a hundred and four books, a hundred suhuf and four kitab. He had sent us the Greatest Messenger, that his message is as fresh as it was 1400 years ago, as it is today, until Judgment Day. And he had sent us his companions, who are Salih people, the Tabi’ins, those who followed them, who are Salih people, Tabi Tabi’ins, who are Salih, and the Tabi Tabi Tabi’ins, those ones who follow.  So they are following, they are like a chain. Everyone is following the righteous one, and the head, the Imam is Imamul Mursalin (AS).

Allah is saying be with the Saliheen. He’s not putting the pressure on us to say ‘Be Salih.’ Allah knows what He has created also, and He has also made it easy, as He has made it easy for us in the three Holy months that are going to enter. Now is the time for your spirit to feel more at ease, because these are special, Mubarak months that you can take more energy for your spirit, and sheytan and this dunya will have less pull on you, for the one who believes and for the one who runs after. In the old days, they are not running for Ramazan. They’re running for Rajab, Shaban, and then Ramazan. Ramazan is the time for harvesting. People today, we’re too busy. At least don’t be busy in your heart. You can make an intention. But when you are running just for Ramazan, that is a month for harvesting. How will it look to you, in the month of harvesting, you’re planting. What are you going to gain? Not too much. So Allah in His Mercy, He has given us special days and nights and months that He says ‘Whatever that you have been doing before, if it is lacking for you, you may catch up. And if you hold on to these special nights and days properly, the doors of My Paradise will be open, the doors of this world will be open, My Door will be open for you.’

As the Holy Prophet (AS) is saying, the one who fasts one day in the month of Rajab, he gets the reward that he has fasted one year. If he fasts three days, Allah SWT will name the gates of Paradise, and these gates of Paradise are named after the month of Rajab, and these gates of Paradise will call you and will pray for you, for you to enter through those doors. Your sins will be forgiven, so many good things are happening. That’s why the old days, these are the months that people are entering into seclusion for. We’re very busy, we cannot do seclusion, make intention. The intention that we’re making for the zikr in the Naksibendi way, Grandsheykh Abdullah Daghestani, may Allah raise his station, Qaddasallahu Sirrahu Aziz, he’s giving this amal for us that we are reciting before we make the Khatam Khwajagan, ‘Nawaitul arbain nawaitul uzla nawaitul khalwa nawaitul riada nawaitul suluk.’ We make the intention of the Arbain, forty days, you make the intention of suluk. You make the intention and you sit, this place becomes a Masjid for the sake of Allah SWT, you make that intention.

Allah will reward you according to that intention. Make that intention, even if you’re sitting down for five minutes. Make that intention, even if you are just worshiping two Rakaats. Make that, especially in these last days, in these Holy Months. So we should run a little bit. The inheritors of the Prophets, the Evliyaullah, those that they have achieved the station of safety, they’re at peace there’s nothing that they want from this world, and their face and their heart is turning to Allah SWT. Those are the Saliheen. And they don’t ask you for any fee. Follow them. May Allah make us to be in their sohbet, may Allah not separate us from them insyaAllah. May Allah wake up our hearts, may Allah not make us to be lazy in this way insyaAllah ar-Rahman. Wa minallahu Taufiq, bi hurmatil habib, bi hurmatil Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

28 Jamada al-Ahir 1441
February 21, 2020
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