Raghaib: Remove the Darkness in your Heart



You must watch yourself one thousand times. Not what you do, not what you say, not what you see also, it’s what is in your heart. Outside people it’s okay, I don’t expect too much. I’ve seen so many people, they’re coming up to see the beard of the Holy Prophet (AS), that same beard that Hz Khalid ibn Walid in the middle of fighting, when he put it in his helmet and it fell, he just stopped fighting, he didn’t care whether he’s going to get killed or not. He’s a commander, he’s a general, and he went to retrieve that, to kiss it and to put it back in his head. He showed respect in battle. And they were doing so many things and everything that they were doing in this life, it is showing respect to Allah and His Prophet, yes, even with battle. Now there is no tie between anything that we are doing in this life to Allah and His Prophet. It’s as if life is different and religion is different. It has come to that among the Muslims.

Yes, they used to go to battle carrying the Sakal e-Serif. They used to go to battle carrying the Sancak e-Serif. So many times when other things is not really working, the Sultan, the Padishah, the Khalifah himself would write a letter pleading to the Prophet, addressing to the Prophet (AS), to be sent to an emissary who is going to go to the Prophet’s tomb, to present it to him and to put it there. When the wahhabis they plundered the tomb of the Prophet, they found those letters and that’s when they say, ‘this is why we must kill all of you, because don’t you see, your own Khalifah is making shirk, asking Prophet, not asking Allah.’  So it has a very intense private and also public display of their faith. They are not like snakes, which believers these days have to be like that, hiddenly coming out, hidingly coming back. So he had manners and the manners that we have to display, especially in this Dergah, if you cannot carry it, I don’t care who you are, then you are going to hear it from me.

You have to watch. Now if you cannot watch yourself, you must sit down and say, ‘why did I fall into that heedlessness, that split second that I forget that he is there?’ How can you? It doesn’t mean that you become robotic. It means that now you know that there is a presence. The hadra that we are making, it is also coming from there, the presence, the Holy Presence. Once in a while we are making, but we didn’t make hadra yet since so many of you, you are not putting yourself there. Why you don’t have passion? We are not doing it for six hours or three hours or one hour. You move your body for the sake of your nafs, with so much passion, why you are not making hadra with some passion at least? You cannot make zikr with passion too. You are not saying ‘Allah’ as if your heart is going to stop, as if your life depends on it. This takes some training, that we are doing that every week.

They are saying, if you don’t put passion in the way of Allah, we are going to cause you to have, shall we say, use that word, anxiety, yes, anxiety for this dunya. Small things will shake your heart. Because your heart is not shaking for Allah’s sake. That is especially a sickness of first world country, not third world countries, their hearts are shaking. They don’t know whether they are going to live or die, they don’t know whether they are going to eat or to drink, they don’t know whether they are safe or not, they don’t know whether they are going to be able to pay their bills or not, yet they have that faith, their hearts are shaking, and with that they are always turning to Allah. They’re saying, “everything failed, the system, the economy, the government, everything, ya Rabbi, except for You.” Their faith is very strong because of that.

Our faith is very weak, because we have everything. What are we going to pray to Allah for? No real sense of community, helping each other, also. So you’re going to cry only for yourself. Somebody has asked me this question before, ‘what do we do if we have so many problems?’ I said, ‘have you ever tried, when you have so many problems, to just put it aside and to help someone else who has more problems than you?’ Try that. Try helping. Try helping someone who has more problems than you, worse condition, and lose yourself in his problem. Feel that. I guarantee you, your own problems it will start to, you know sometimes you have pain, inflammation? All you need is for the inflammation to go a little bit then you can deal with the problem, otherwise it’s all stuck there, correct? Small thing it gets inflamed. So in a situation where there’s a lot of problems everywhere and you’re trying to help, this, this, this, this, this, your own problems in comparison will become different, more manageable. Mercy is reaching. If not, like what Sheykh Effendi is saying, you are going to fight with your own clothes.

So, this night of Raghaib, night of desires, the night of wishes, the night of forgiveness, the night where we have to take out our darkness, you take away that darkness that you have, ask Allah for forgiveness. Like what we were saying before, in the dua of Hz Abbas, wali Abbas, that is recommended for the murids of our order to recite daily at least three times a week: BismillahirRahmanirRahim, “Ya Rabbi, I’m asking forgiveness for everything that I’ve made tauba for and then I returned back to it.” You are asking Allah for your own insincerity and hypocrisy. Don’t just recite these words. Understand what is the meaning of these words, fit it to your own experience and ask, what is it that you have asked Allah to forgive you and you returned? Oh, so many. What? This, this, this. So you are, let’s say, wasting that mercy that is given to you and you are understanding it and you are asking forgiveness for that. “And I ask forgiveness for the things that that I did that displeased You and everything about me that You are displeased with. And I ask forgiveness of You for the favors which I’ve used for increasing my disobedience towards You. And I ask forgiveness of You for the sins which no one knows except for You and no one sees except for You and nothing encompasses except Your Mercy and nothing delivers from except Your forgiveness and Your clemency. There is no Ilah except for You. You are the most high and I am one of the Zalimi,” I am one of the oppressors. Are you understanding that?

This is the night of forgiveness where the angels will gather to ask Allah forgiveness for us. If we are not asking sincerely, we are not going to benefit and we will return to those wrong things that we are doing and we are going to be responsible for it. We are not children anymore. We are not. We are adults. The children, whatever they do you cannot punish them. The adults, whatever you do, you cannot get away with it. So this is concerning Allah. You are knowing that. Whatever concerns Allah, concerns the Prophet (AS). So look to his examples and his sunnat that you are seeing, ‘I’m just collecting the blessings to become more disobedient, more idiot, more stubborn. Why am I like that?’ So now, the second part is concerning people: “Oh Allah, I ask forgiveness of You for the oppression I committed against to Your servants. Whichever of Your male or female servants whom I have hurt physically or in their honor or in their property, give them from Your treasure which lacks nothing.” So you are asking Allah to forgive you. And asking Allah not only to forgive you but to bless those ones that you have taken the rights from. “And I ask You to honor me with Your mercy which covers all  things. Do not humble me with Your punishment but give me what I’ve asked of You for I am in great need of Your mercy, O Most Merciful of the most merciful.” This stage, the servant must be in deep fear of Allah. Don’t humble me with Your punishment. You are not going to get that level of faith, because today they said, ‘don’t teach that word, ‘fear,’ don’t teach shame, don’t teach any of this.’ But everybody knows how to fear from the IRS. Everybody knows how to fear from the police. So you still have fear. Everybody knows how to still have shame if it hurts them in their public profile. People know that. Allah. We must know, we must feel a little bit. And we must ask Allah, ‘don’t punish us,’ because in these days, punishment is coming 24 hours, going everywhere.

We are in it. We are part of it. Everytime it strikes you, especially those ones who have problems of that, you keep imagining things, or you think this is going to happen or this is going to happen to you, your love ones or children, whatever. Ask Allah. Turn it to Him. Don’t just worry empty with sheytan like that. Sheytan will say, ‘Oh, this is going to happen. This is going to happen…’ turn it to a dua to Allah, saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, I’m weak. This can happen anytime. Please don’t test me. I cannot carry this. Please.’ Turn it back to Him. Don’t just sit and worry, ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen… oh, anything can happen.’ No, ask Allah. He is the One who causes things to happen. Then you are going to remember your Lord in so many different situations. This is the thing. So many times you forget Him. And that time, when you are making zikr, you are going to forget Him too. In hadra you are going to forget Him. Imagine, in hadra, in the Presence, you are going to forget.

So this is the night to remember, this is the night to ask, this is the night for us to review ourselves, because we are having Mi’raj and we have Bera’at. And the Mi’raj it is a grant to the Holy Prophet (AS) and it is a grant to His ummat and to whomever that was there with Him, spiritually that He’s taking. But the Bera’at, where it’s for the entire nation, that it is a day where every action, every intention is recorded and sealed and you are given the Bera’at, the diploma, the grade, let’s say, for that year and for the coming year. Start now, in this night of Raghaib. This is what we have to aim for, to be clean so that we can make the mi’raj, to be clean so that when we return, we can submit our records and our records will only show good things and the opening for the next year, only good things promised to us. Doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be any difficulty. Don’t think like unbelievers. Don’t think that the way that Allah is going to bless you is if you have no problems, you have no money in the world, you have no sickness, don’t think like unbelievers. Think like the believers. That Allah SWT may cause difficulties to happen to them for us to understand Himself and understand ourselves and understand this world, for our hearts to get bigger.

Every Prophet had so much difficulties that none of their ummat can carry. But they have their Prophet. Evliyaullah, they go through difficulties that normal people they cannot. We are in that way, we cannot look at difficulties in the same way, that if there’s difficulties, ‘oh, this is something that is a curse for us.’ No. Find Allah through that. InsyaAllah, in that way we are not going to let this night to pass, we will understand something and we will use this night to return to Allah. May Allah accept it, insyaAllah, for us. May Allah forgive me and bless you. You understand, the feeling of this night is different. The sounds it is different. The air it is different. Every year, it is. But that much that you are connected, you’ll be able to see more. If you are not, same, every other night. If you are not connected, everything is the same to you. But Allah is unique and everything He creates is unique. And if you can see that uniqueness, we have a little bit of faith.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. May Allah raise the station of our Sheykh, insyaAllah. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

4 Rajab 1441
February 27, 2020
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