How can a person become zalim to himself?



The ego wants to glorify itself, not to tyrannize. Ahir Zaman, we see so many people with their egos up through to Sidratul Muntaha and they are glorifying themselves, Allah is allowing that to happen for a split second, correct? You see them glorifying themselves. Ego is thinking, believing itself to be Lord. How it can tyrannize itself? Who has the characteristic that its tyrannizing itself?

To be a zalim means to be cruel, okay, you can be cruel to other people, but to be cruel to your own self it is very unusual, it is very strange, a very useless thing to do. Correct? If you want to give pain, give pain to others, why do you have to give pain to yourself? So many people they’re giving pain to others, they don’t give pain to themselves, so many. Of course the pain will come to them through the effect, but it is not the cause. The cause, the ego, it’s to glorify itself, pulling here, pulling there to glorify itself, the pain comes from that. But pulling here, pulling there it is not to give pain, it is to glorify. So what is it that causes the man, we take the man out, what kind of a creature is only going to give cruelty to it’s own self? Which one? Not the nafs. Dunya? Hawa? Sheytan. Sheytan sabotaged his own self. Sheytan is knowing he cannot be praised, but he wants that, but he cannot. And deep down he believes he cannot, but he’s trying, he’s pushing, correct? Ego has no problem saying that, in front of Allah its saying that, ‘You are Lord and I am Lord,’ but sheytan is pushing, knowing it’s not but fighting against the decree of Allah.

So the characteristic of sheytan and the cruelty that he is doing it’s only to himself. Azazil he was created in a very high station, and he achieved a high station, and his aim was to achieve the highest station that he can achieve, according to him, that Allah has created for him, but he is looking at other people’s station. That as our Sheykh said, ‘if he had bowed down to Adam (AS) and accepted Adam (AS) as his qibla, as his guide, as his Prophet,’ meaning he accepted the Holy Prophet (AS), ‘he would have achieved the highest station that is for him.’ So he sabotaged his own self, he became cruel to his own self, knowingly. He knows this not for him, he’s trying, he knows that his Lord is not happy, but still, that stubbornness, that rebelliousness, that sheytanic nature that just wants to destroy itself. Ego doesn’t really want to destroy itself, it doesn’t, it wants to glorify itself, but sheytan wants to destroy itself. Sheytan he has despair in his Lord. He is, how you say, angry with his Lord. Because of mankind. And he knows that his Lord, his Lord’s mercy reaches everywhere, there is nowhere that his Lord’s mercy is not reaching. He knows that, but he’s rejecting his Lord. He’s rejecting. He’s kicking away Allah’s mercy, knowingly. Knowing that he is pulling the fire and punishing his own self, Allah is not punishing him, Allah is still sending the mercy, if now sheytan were to ask Allah for forgiveness, Allah would forgive.

During the time of Musa (AS), Musa (AS) he would go up to the mountain and speak to his Lord. One day sheytan was there waiting for him. Musa (AS) looked at him very angry, jalal, saying, ‘you melun, what do you want? Get out of my sight.’ And he says, ‘your Lord,’ he’s not saying ‘our Lord’, he says, ‘Musa, your Lord is not just.’ Hasha. Like the behavior of teenagers, you know? Like that. Like the behavior when you are, people say hormone, mormone, this, that. You know. When something, a switch happens to you and you just refuse to see anything and you become very nasty. When the anger reaches you and if the gun is in your hand you will kill. It is a drunken station, and man is not born drunk, he has to make himself to be drunk. And physically you cannot be drunk continuously, you cannot. You have to keep on drinking to get drunk continuously, and it even gets less and less. You have to push it, everything is telling you relax, ‘No!’ that voice has to become louder and louder and louder. You have to fight, fighting against to Allah’s mercy. Still showing, still rejecting, still showing, more rejecting.

So he’s saying to Musa, ‘your Lord is not just. Because I made a mistake, Adam made a mistake, but your Lord forgave him, your Lord did not forgive me.’ And Musa (AS), still going with shariat, still going with the law, and he’s saying, ‘it’s true, it makes sense. Why Allah is not forgiving him?’ Adam (AS) he did the mistake, he took and he ate from the forbidden fruit, don’t think it is an apple, it’s not an apple, okay? I don’t understand these Christians, if it’s an apple, if that’s forbidden, why are we still eating it? Why do you make apple cider vinegar? It was forbidden to Adam (AS) at that time in jannat, it’s completely different, it’s not here in this world. They say Adam was put here somewhere, they’re still looking for Eden, thinking it’s in Iraq, it’s here, it’s there. It’s not, it’s in paradise. And that fruit is completely different, it is not because that fruit itself there’s anything wrong with it, but they are forbidden to take from that fruit for that time. So even when there is a law, the law must suit to the place and the time and the people, it is not one law and it fits every time, every people, it’s not like that. The pleasures of paradise it is infinite, it is unknown, and Allah is giving them only one thing that He’s saying, ‘don’t.’ Everything else is halal, you cannot even imagine, it cannot fit into your mind what it is that Allah (SWT) has created there for the pleasure of mankind and Allah (SWT) is saying to Adam (AS), ‘one. Don’t. Don’t even come near to that.’ They didn’t. Adam (AS) certainly didn’t. But sheytan tricked Hawa Ana to want that, and she persuaded Adam (AS). And going deeper into that, it’s not because of that also so much, but it’s because of the disobedient nature that is in us who were in Adam (AS) at that time, who wanted that.

So he did that, and Allah forgave him. Understand Allah didn’t just forgive him just like that too. The heavenly, majestic clothes that they were wearing in paradise where they were like an emperor and an empress, everywhere that they are going there are thousands of angels all around them, greeting them, praising them, all the heavenly dresses began to fall off and they appear naked. And all the angels ran away from that, this is another thing, angels will run away when you are not covered properly. That everything else ran away from Adam (AS) and Hawa Ana, everything else in paradise because they say, you have done something that is in disobedience to Allah (SWT). Sheytan tricked them. Sheytan didn’t trick them with something that is bad, sheytan tricked them with something that is good, sheytan was saying to Hawa Ana, saying, ‘you will die, you are going to be separated, unless you eat from that fruit.’ So their intention also was not to disobey Allah, the action was, the intention was not. They were separated, they were sent into this world and they were separated. And Adam (AS) he spent three hundred years standing on one foot asking Allah for forgiveness, crying for three hundred years, asking Allah to forgive him, continuously, that he was making the angels to stop their work because they were crying with him, so Allah made him become shorter and shorter. Because when he was sent into this world, our heavenly bodies physically it was enough to touch the first paradises.

Allah forgave him. How did Allah forgive him, that is another wisdom that is there. Why did Allah forgive him? Allah (SWT) didn’t just wait and say, ‘one day I’m going to forgive you.’ With every door that is closed, with every lock, there is a key. You cannot just open the door, there is a key. And when Adam (AS) asked Allah (SWT) finally for forgiveness through the Holy Prophets name, by interceding through the Prophets name, just the name, he had no knowledge of the Prophet (AS), but just remembering that when he woke up, when Allah blew that spirit and he saw under the Arsh of Allah, ‘La illaha illallah, Muhammadan Rasulullah’, that the name Allah and Muhammad (AS) it was together, and he says, ‘that is a special one, for the sake of that name,’ because Allah (SWT) taught him the names of everything, that that name he asked and Allah forgave him. Adam (AS) was crying because he was separated from Allah, Hawa Ana was crying because she was separated from her husband.

When sheytan refused to make prostration to Adam (AS), his intention was more, his intention was not good. And he was not asking to come back to Allah. First, he questioned, he challenged Allah’s decision. Allah (SWT) says, ‘make prostration to Adam (AS),’ he challenged it. Yeah, he said very nice words, ‘oh, I only make prostration to You,’ very nice words, like so many people today, nice words they’re saying. So Allah (SWT) kicked him out from Divine Presence. He didn’t come crying to Allah, he didn’t beg, he didn’t ask. He didn’t ask, he didn’t do anything, he said, ‘okay, You kicked me out from Your Divine Presence, then I’m going to make sure that I can collect as many people from that one, my number one enemy, that one, his grandchildren, I’m going to collect as many of his grandchildren to be with me to go to jahannam.’ And Allah is giving him the power, Allah is giving him the power to even bring so much pain to His Prophets. To His Prophet Ayub (AS), so much pain. Even to His Prophet Yahya (AS), who was it who told those soldiers looking for Yahya (AS) that he’s inside that tree? It was sheytan.

So he’s saying, ‘I made a mistake,’ to Musa (AS), ‘but He didn’t forgive me.’ So Musa (AS), thinking, ‘Adam (AS) made a mistake, Allah forgive, this one made a mistake, Allah didn’t forgive, there is a point there. This is sheytan, this is melun, but why? I’m not understanding this,’ he got locked. He went, and Allah is saying, ‘ya Musa, say what is troubling you.’ He says, ‘it is known to You, Ya Rabbi. Astaghfirullah, he’s saying this, I cannot find an answer.’ And Allah is saying, ‘is that all, ya Musa? Go back down and say to him, your Lord is most just. Say to sheytan, you want your Lords forgiveness? Say to him, you know where Adam (AS) is buried, go to his grave, that prostration that you owe him, go there and make one prostration to his grave, and I will forgive him right away.’ Musa (AS) he came down and he said that to sheytan, sheytan started laughing. And he says, ‘I didn’t make prostration to him when he was alive, now He wants me to make prostration to his dead bones?’ and he became more sheytan. That one, is Allah not offering a way out? Is Allah not continuously sending mercy? From that time until Musa (AS)’s time who knows how many millions or billions of people that he has taken to be with him to go to jahannam? The sheytan is the sheikh of the ego. But he’s rejecting Allah’s mercy.

So how can you be a zalim to yourself? When you are rejecting Allah’s mercy, when you are rejecting the humanity that Allah has put on you, the forgiveness, the way out. You become more angry, you become more stubborn, you become more arrogant, and you become more envious, more jealous. You see these characteristics in people. Their whole aim of their life, their whole intention, what motivates them, what boosts them, what makes them to get up in the morning and go to sleep, it is this anger, it is this stubbornness, it is this arrogance, it is this envy that is there no? We see it recently. Nothing but this. You cannot say that one looks happy, you cannot say that one has satisfaction, you cannot say that one, he can go anywhere that he wants, to any tomb, to any Prophet, never you’re going to see any peace, there’s always anger and stubbornness and jealousy and envy and arrogance. You understand?

Everywhere, you must see your Sheykh. For some they lift something up and they see something dirty. For others, when they lift something they only see their Sheykh there. They are not judging by the dirt, they are not judging by the stones, definitely they are not judging by the cement. This is your limit because you have become like that. You only see the dirty and the weakness of the physical nature of Adam (AS), you are not understanding his spirit, Sheytan, that you are saying, ‘this is mud.’ This is where you’re at. You can only see that but you don’t see the spirit. Why are you playing games?

So, you understand people now, where they are. You found peace, away? No you didn’t find peace. You will never find peace. This is nothing. This is nothing yet. Wait to see what is going to come. Don’t blame me. You cannot blame me. You cannot blame anyone. That one cannot even blame Allah. You are doing it to yourself. Don’t later say, if something happens, ‘Oh, it’s because of this, because of this…’ you did it to yourself. You didn’t do it, no one is going to touch, but there’s protection that is lifted away from you now. Wait to see. Come back, turn your head around.

Sheykh Effendi always says what? If you want to wrestle come to the medan. Come to the center and wrestle. Don’t wrestle in the corners, social media here, backbiting here, idioms here, proverbs here, saying here, hadiths here, no need. You want to wrestle, come to the center and wrestle like a man. If you want to talk behind, you become a woman, worse than a woman. The challenge is if you are a man, come to the center. You have never taken that challenge because you are worse than a woman. This is showing your own weakness and you are going to make mistakes upon mistakes. Don’t take our patience for weakness. We have patience because we fear Allah, we fear His Prophet and we fear our Sheykh. We have patience. We could have struck, we say don’t. But you are pushing it and you are going to do it to yourself.


First I fear for me. That’s why people who fear they are going to move carefully. But if you don’t fear, oh, you are going to be worse than wahhabbi. What’s the difference now? Same thing, you are destroying. Same thing, you are saying there’s nothing there. Be very careful. Time is running out. Do you understand? So don’t be a zalim to yourself.  “La ilaha illa anta, Subhanaka, inni kuntu minaz zhalimin” that ayat is saying that I am being a zalim to myself. Don’t think you are not a zalim to yourself. “- and I am one who does cruelty to my own self,’ a prophet is saying that. Which means that we are giving ourselves that chance to be cruel to our own self. We must stop. We must check, what are the actions that we are doing that is rejecting the mercy of Allah, that is rejecting the intelligence, the faith, that is rejecting the help? Ungratefulness. Sheytan becomes more and more sheytan because he forgot about everything, everything he forgot about Allah SWT. Like that one, forgot too. Were you not in need and we helped you? Were you not wanting assistance and we held out our hands and we helped you? Did we remind you once? Did we not give from our hearts and from everywhere? When you were in trouble, did we not take you out from that trouble? But man is ungrateful. Hz Ali (KW) is saying, ‘if a man taught me one thing I’m his servant for forty years.’ What happened? No honor. Just like sheytan. Forget about everything. Whole thing is just to attack. Attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack. What are you attacking? That anger, breh, there are other enemies of tarikat in Islam and Haqq, why are you not being busy with them? Be careful.

Astaghfirullahaladzim wa atubu ilaih. So man is drunk. He becomes drunk. And if he doesn’t wake up, the end is going to be very bad. It’s coming. May Allah forgive me. We are standing up not for our own Haqq. Somebody is saying to me, I’m a donkey, people are saying. People say to me I’m a munafik. People say. People can even say I’m a kafir, I’m a sheytan, people say. Not too important. I’m not going to get too upset with that. People say about you, I should do something. I am. But now, we are touching into areas where it is forbidden for them to touch. Once, when the mushriks they were at war with the Holy Prophet (AS) and the Prophet (AS) was already in Medina and they were thinking, ‘how are we going to hurt him? How are we going to hurt him? How are we going to demoralize him?’ and one of the mushriks saying to Abu Sufyan, at that time he wasn’t yet a Sahabi, he is saying, ‘Ya Abu Sufyan, we can take this Muhammad (AS), we can take his parent’s graves and we can destroy so that it will sadden him, it will hurt him.’ And Abu Sufyan got so upset. He stood up and he says, ‘you,’ in today’s language let’s say, ‘you gypsy, you dishonorable person, you ungrateful person, we have never done that before. It is the most dishonorable thing that you can do. We may believe in different things but we will never touch each other’s graves of our ancestors!’ Cursing at that man and threw the man out. To a mushrik. MashaAllah.

Everyone is going to show their true colors. Breh, you are showing your true colors already. You are lifting it up and you are seeing that. When we lift that up, we see our Sheykh. He’s beyond that. You can put gold there, you think Sheykh Effendi would prefer that? You think he cares about that? What are you going to say now to the chair that he gave to Sheykh Maulana when Sheykh Maulana came to visit in the early 2000s? He took a chair and he gave it to Sheykh Maulana and Sheykh Maulana is sitting and he says ‘Maulana, this chair we picked from garbage.’ Sheykh Maulana started laughing. But he says ‘but we will die for you.’ And Sheykh Maulana says ‘ah, the man who says he will die for us, imagine what he’s going to do for his Lord.’ The troublemakers, the fitnah people around him that has anger to Sheykh Effendi, jealousy to Sheykh Effendi, they twisted it and they say ‘you see? He wants to disrespect Sheykh Maulana and he got him a chair from the garbage.’ This is what they are saying. ‘This is what Abdul Kerim was saying, that you are like a garbage person, we give you chair from garbage.’ Yeah, look what happened to you now. You understand?

So you think Sheykh Effendi is going to get upset? And you know by yourself, why are you playing games, that that whole place became a gypsy camp. And you are upset because we cleared your gypsy camp. (To a murid) You were present there weren’t you? So many of you, you were there with me. We cleaned up not only Sheykh Effendi’s grave, but the whole cemetery. That responsibility was given to you and you failed. Allah is the One who gives power and Allah can take the power. That Ayat that we recite every Fajr time.

So power was taken. Power was given to someone else. And you know this is temporary, anyway. But this is temporary, that we are not going to make a show from it, we are going to do something that so many people are seeing, even people who don’t like us so much they say ‘oh, this one, this job you did pretty good.’ You cannot find anything else, and you have to do that? And you know this is just temporary, and you have seen the design that we have? Allah Allah. Everyone has their turn, everyone has their time. Allah is Just. Maybe today is your day. Tomorrow, who knows? Have fear from Allah, have fear from your Sheykh. Instead of taking something, why don’t you put something? If you had taken that away and said ‘look, look, they did a terrible job,’ but you take the rose from your turban and you put it on Sheykh Effendi’s grave, I will say ‘that’s a very good move he did.’ I might go and kiss your hand. But you don’t have enough intelligence for that too, because the person who is angry has no intelligence. Cannot think properly.

Allah protect us from that. No need to fight, of course now there’s going to be things on Instagram, Facebook, da, da, da, fitnah. This is the field, this is the medan, come. But you want to (whine) like a woman, worse than that, you may continue also. Let the whole world to see that. Because that’s all that you can do. That’s all that you can do. You know things are closing in. You know that. But you are being stubborn and arrogant. May Allah protect us from that, may Allah put more fear of Him and His Prophet and our Sheykh in our hearts. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa rahmatullah. This much is enough insyaAllah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

11 Rajab 1441
March 5, 2020
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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