We Are Being Punished with the Punishment of Namrud



They start fighting, 100 years later they’re still fighting and they are not knowing why. This is jahil, saying ‘this is honor.’ What, it’s an egg, it’s a word, it’s this, it’s that. So people are fighting not for the sake of Allah, they will fight for the sake of their ego. They are not going to have any benefit from that, and you become very jahil. We should not be jahil. Holy Prophet (AS) came to destroy ignorance. We cannot fall back into that. Ignorance, jahiliyyah, is just round the corner, it’s just behind us, it’s in front of us, it’s everywhere. It’s our enemy. And if you are not reminded where your enemy is, you will believe that the enemy it is your friend, because the enemy comes to you as a friend. Sheytan never comes to you as sheytan. Sheytan comes to you as your buddy. Your ego never asks you to disobey with bad things, it asks you to disobey with good, nice, pleasurable things.

So we have to be careful, in this month especially, in the month of Allah. So yes, we have to increase our tauba in this month, we have to increase saying ‘Astaghfirullahal azim wa atubu ilaih.’ We have to find a time every day to sit, just for a few minutes, to block everything out and to say ‘I am making intention to enter into a seclusion.’ In our tradition they say between Asr and Maghrib, to sit. You cannot sit one and a half hours, people today they are very busy. But what’s going to happen if you know that you’re going to die on that day? Oh, you cancel all your appointments. You cannot even eat, you are just going to sit there and say ‘Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah.’ Remembrance of death. Maybe we should remember it a little bit more and say ‘if I’m going to die today and this is my last prayer, my last zikr, how am I going to be?’ To just remember it, there’s going to be blessing. That way, the dunya’s pull on you, your ego’s pull on you, your ignorance’s pull on you, it’s not going to be so strong, because every time you are checking, you are controlling it. Every time you are checking.

But we see in this month, the Azab of Allah coming. This is the month of forgiveness, but it looks as if it’s not coming. Isn’t that a big sign? The month of forgiveness that even the mushriks they say ‘we’re not going to fight, everyone is going to be at peace, peaceful.’ Happy, meaning. At the time when they were not worshiping Allah, by themselves they stop. Peace came to them. Two billion Muslims, MashaAllah, this whole world now, the month of Allah, instead of the month of peace, when there is no war, there is no suffering, inside and outside, you see the curse of Allah coming. Oof, if this is coming in the month of Rajab, what’s going to happen in Shaban? What’s going to happen in Ramazan? What’s going to happen to the Safar that is going to come later?

Believers, as I said months ago, what did I say? It wasn’t too long ago. I said ‘we don’t have any fear from Allah anymore.’ Didn’t I say that? I made several sohbets like that. There’s no fear from Allah anymore. People don’t fear Allah. Believers don’t fear Allah, unbelievers definitely they don’t fear Allah, there is no fear of Allah anymore, like ‘Allah is in charge, anything can happen to us,’ no. We take it for granted. Now the whole world is in fear. Fear from something that they cannot even see. You know what this mean? Do you know what this means? We are being punished with the punishment of Namrud. We are not even being punished like Firaun. Firaun, punishment, really, that came to him, how it finished him, it was crossing the sea and the water coming, no? He drowned. Of course, you’re talking about the water, it’s a different water, it’s different, but he drowned. But he drowned, before he died, he wanted to say Shahadat. He’s always known that, but he’s stubborn. Like sheytan. But last minute he thinks that he can just say Shahadat. And Hz Jibril (as), he was so upset. Allah gave him permission, he said ‘no, you are not going to get away so easily. If once you say Shahadat, then everything is going to be forgiven for you. No, you caused so much pain to the beloveds of Allah.’ He came all the way from the Paradises in a split second and closed Firaun’s mouth with the earth to stop him from saying the Shahadat.

Yes, sometimes Allah gives permission to other ones to punish, do you understand? Allah doesn’t have to, but sometimes He gives permission to His beloved ones to punish. We have to be careful. You can say ‘no, you are not Allah.’ But Allah may give you the power. ‘No, you cannot do anything to me.’ But if that one is a beloved to Allah, what he says from his mouth is reaching to Allah directly. Not you, not us. So in the old days, people they fear. In the old days, even the unbelievers they fear. If they say ‘oh, this is a holy man, we don’t belong to the same religion, we don’t believe in what he believes in, but this is a holy man, and he is powerful. I do not say anything, better be nice to him.’ You do that in normal life, right, with your work. You don’t like this person but this person is powerful, he is useful, you don’t want to make any enemies, correct? You become professional. People had more intelligence back then. They are more professional. They say ‘this one we don’t believe, but this one, he is powerful. If you are nice to him, he is nice to you, good things happen to you. If you are nasty to him, oh, something bad happens to you. Better not do that.’ That’s why you see so many unbelievers going to Maqams of the Evliya also. Especially in a land where there are many unbelievers, like in China or in the Balkans or in India. You see they are Kafir, but they are going and they are asking prayers at the tombs of the Sahabis, the tombs of the Evliya. It’s showing that they have intelligence, you know? You cannot be having intelligence and being stubborn. The two doesn’t go together. In order to be intelligent, you cannot be stubborn. In order to be intelligent, to learn something, you have to say ‘okay, I don’t know anything. You teach me, I’m not going to say this or that.’ So these people, they were being intelligent. They were not being stubborn.

So Firaun, he drowned. And it wasn’t until thousands of years later that Sheykh Mevlana, Sultanul Evliya showed his miracle, and he showed it with our Sheykh, to our Sheykh. They were visiting a museum, and there was this body. And everyone was coming around and everyone was going. They are not watching their Sheykh, they are not trying to understand. They are just being robots or being, whatever. They are going. Sheykh Mevlana is saying to Sheykh Effendi, he said ‘stay.’ Just the two of them, a couple of people, he went up to the dead, shrunken mummy, and he’s saying ‘say Ashaduan La ilaha ilallah.’ And that mummy started to move, the mouth, repeating the Shahadat. There is still the body. Today’s people, they don’t even have bodies anymore. How now, the saints, even if they have the power, how are they going to intercede? There is no body to say ‘say the Shahadat.’ They burnt all their bodies. You understand? Before they got burnt in the grave and in Ahiret, they are already burnt in this life. Finished. Punishment upon punishment, but man is still ignorant and still not waking up. So we get now the punishment of Nimrud, not of Firaun. That Nimrud, his whole army was destroyed by mosquitoes. That the whole body just burnt, just like that. And those mosquitoes came from jahannam. Just like those birds of ababil who came carrying the stones from jahannam, and it dropped onto the people who were trying to destroy the Ka’aba.


So now, no one is fearing. Allah put a fear, instantaneous, like that. Not something, not a big tsunami, nothing. Not a big monster coming, not one big fire. And all these, it’s sending, but mankind doesn’t care, correct? All the earthquakes, what more are we going to see? Everything is happening, everything is saying ‘wake up, face your Lord. Turn your heart to your Lord.’ Not ‘okay, now you can become so stubborn that we are going to send something that is invisible, but everyone is going to be scared.’ How many you think are now turning to Allah? Quite a few. It’s still a blessing. Maybe. So now we have come to that station, we are like Nimrud that Allah SWT, if it’s between Firaun and Nimrud, Allah SWT is preferring Firaun than Nimrud. Nimrud is very cruel and Nimrud is very stubborn and Nimrud is very arrogant. At least Firaun was taking care of his own people. Look, Allah is not even mentioning Nimrud in the Quran. But Allah is saying ‘Firaun, Firaun, Firaun.’ For Nimrud, He’s just saying ‘that one.’ Not even caring to give that one a name. He says ‘that one.’ Today’s people, they are living and they are dying without a name. That one. Just like that. Is Allah punishing us? We are doing it to ourselves. It’s not Allah’s punishment yet. Wait to see when Allah’s punishment is going to come. As believers, yes, fill up these days and nights, have a little bit more fear to Allah.

So we became Nimruds and Allah sent the punishment of Nimrud, that Nimrud’s end came with one mosquito that entered through his nose and make him to go crazy. This is nothing yet. This disease is not making people to go crazy like that. But it will come, and people are going to go crazy with the disease, they are going to kill themselves. Run to your sejdah. Run to your prayers, run to your wudu. Run to your Sheykh, run to Allah and His Prophet (AS). Don’t run to this dunya. If you have no business with this dunya, don’t go running around. Stay, be quiet, be easy. Do you understand? Even if this whole world will be in the flood of fire, maybe because we have good thoughts about the Evliyaullah and we are trying to keep simple, we will be like that old woman who survived the Flood of Nuh by herself, and all she saw from the flood was some mud on her cow’s body. Yes, it happens too. May Allah forgive us, InsyaAllah, may Allah protect us, may we become better ones insyaAllah ar Rahman. Wa minallahu taufiq, al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

11 Rajab 1441
March 6, 2020
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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  1. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Alhamdulillah, thank you.

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