What is the lesson for muslims in Tarikat from current events?


Question: What is the lesson for muslims in Tarikat from current events?


It teaches us, in this month of Allah, put your head down to sejdah and say, ‘estaghfirullah.’ This is a slap.  To say, ‘estaghfirullah,’ as believers. That estaghfirullah, meaning your safety, is not going to come with more toilet paper. That’s not your safety. Your safety is not supplement. Your safety is not hand sanitizer. Your safety is not doctor. Your safety is in the One who brought that, who created that virus, and the cure is going to come from Him. Of course, staying out from people who are sick, not to go into a town that’s infected, da, da, da, is common sense. But they are checking our faith with everything. They are checking our faith. Where are we running to?

People are not running to Masjids. They are emptying Masjids, they are running to supermarkets. Why don’t they close down the supermarkets? They should close down all the supermarkets. No, they are not. Why not? It’s the most dirty place. Especially in America, the trolley, when you are pushing, all sorts of dirty things are in there. In fact, they give hand sanitizer for you to use because they find traces of even bathroom, toilet in there.

What are we going to fear? O believers, what are we going to fear? If we are going to say we fear this, estaghfirullah, where is your fear of Allah? Of course it’s common sense not to put yourself into that. Yes, but check yourself, what are you fearing? And what is this teaching you? If the whole world is going one direction, believer should not go in the way of the dunya. You go on the opposite way. Maybe it’s good, they are emptying it out. Maybe they are going to go to the tomb of the Saints and the Sahabis, to ask from them. They are not. Ah, something is wrong. Everyone, everyday is making fatwa about this hadiths, that hadiths and this and that and this practise. Why don’t stop all of that and just make some bida’at hasana and say, the whole world on this date should go to sejdah at this time to ask Allah to bring a cure. None. None are thinking like that, not the Imams, not the Sheykhs. Everyone is just, ‘ehh…stop this, stop that…stop this, stop that…’ but what are you going to do, especially in this month of Allah? This is the month of forgiveness. How many people are saying, ‘forgive me Ya Rabbi’? How many are saying, this is a punishment to us. So if you are getting punished, what is the answer to a punishment? To say, estaghfirullah. How many? How many Imams or Sheykhs are saying, ‘this is a punishment, we must increase our istighfar.’ I don’t see too much, all these scholars, so many of them. I don’t see them.

Increase your istighfar. Increase your saying of ‘estaghfirullah,’ and have more fear from your Lord. This one, at least there is some sort of a warning. Other plagues that happened in the past, overnight, overnight nobody knew how it came and it just finished. The plague that happened to the Egyptians, in one night, everything finished. All the firstborn is dead, correct or no? Now at that time, they believed. So, as I’ve said, we have become like Namrud, there’s no more belief. Firaun had some belief. Namrud, he wanted to kill Allah. He wanted to kill his Prophet. Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel. How do you translate that directly, Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel – there is no help but coming from Allah, let’s put it very simple, you can find translation, google if you want. To say, ‘send us, help us. But don’t let this fear to over take my fear, my love for You.’ If Allah wants to, He will protect you in the middle, in the whole plague. If Allah wants, the plague will find you even if you bury yourself thousand feet under the earth. It will find you. You go up to the sky, it’s ten thousand feet, it will find you.

So believers must believe there is a Lord of that virus. He is the one who is controlling it, not us. Mankind says, ‘no, no, no, if I knew I will find a vaccine…If only I find this…if only I find that.’ No. Because there’s no opening. They don’t allow you. You cannot. And the believer looks at every sign to bring himself closer to his understanding and to his love and to his favor of Allah. Not to bring him further away. That’s how we brought science into this world, because everything now is a sign of Allah. Science is a sign of Allah. It’s not the sign of the absence of Allah. It’s a sign of that perfect Creator who has created perfection. Because only He can do this.

You should go, people in Istanbul, they should go busy themselves in the maqams. They should stay there and ask them for the Sahib, for protection and for us to become better, not just protection. If you are going to protect yourself, you become more idiot, then what good is that? Hmm? You understand? So, not only that, they are doing it in Ka’abah, Medina, everywhere.  Now they are discovering that no matter what you do, it’s going to reach to you. Who knows, maybe all of us have been infected already. It’s not like there’s a test and everyone is tested. Even if there’s a test and everyone is tested negative, who is going to say the next day we are not going to get? Who is going to say that? So you see how weak, how vulnerable we are. But mankind is running away from death. Death is finding a way to modern ahir zaman mankind to find, because for too long they are saying, ‘we are going to live forever. We have a good life, we are going to live forever. Don’t you see, everything is great? Make everything great again. Everything is great!’ Who is your Lord now? But don’t also think that Allah is the Creator of this, but Allah is not even punishing us yet. If we are getting punished because of the wrong things we have done, not a single thing is going to be left standing in existence. We did this to ourselves. We did this to ourselves. And don’t be idiot to think that all these diseases is sheytan. So it’s demon, so you go to someone who is going to push your head and then you fall down, demon comes out. No, it’s not like that too. Tauba estaghfirullah. But people they’ve lost their faith. All this is supposed to bring you to your faith. One type they say, ‘go to church,’ one man hold you, ‘oh demon,’ he’s claiming that he can cure you like that. Another area in some Muslim country, they lost their mind, they are saying, you drink liquor, alcohol, it’s going to kill the virus. So they started drinking. They couldn’t find liquor, they drink ethanol and spirits and everything, they poisoned themselves and the die. Muslim country.

So, don’t get drunk. Don’t be in a panic. You have to have your faith to say, ‘wait. Wait. Allah is the One who sent this. What did we do? What have we done? What can we do?’ Run back towards Him. Then you will find, you will find that peace. You will find that acceptance. Like I’ve said, we are not telling people to run to areas of disease. Washing hand, what? whole word has to learn, after two thousand years, you have to wash your freaking hands? Estaghfirullah. They don’t wash their hands, you think they wash their (private parts)? Definitely they don’t wash. They didn’t discover that yet. They need another two thousand years to discover you have to wash your (private parts), you know? Two thousand years, Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel, you have to wash your hands ten to twenty seconds to thirty seconds. You make a wudhu, minutest that you spent. The more proper you make your wudhu, especially your hands, it’s touching your hands it’s the one touching everything. Forget about thirty seconds, five times a day you are supposed to do it.


For us, people in Tarikat, for believers, you don’t break your wudhu anyway. You break your wudhu, you are supposed to take a new wudhu. Not just to take like wahabbis, take wudhu only to pray. You don’t have wudhu, the angel of death comes to you, you are in big trouble. That’s the most basic thing, to clean yourself, to wash your hands, to wash your feet, to wash your (private parts). So they don’t know istinja’, estaghfirullah. They don’t know ghusl. They like to be in jannabat, you know, two thousand years they love to be in jannabat. Hasbinallah. In fact, all of these diseases it comes from what? Dirtiness. Because you are not clean. And the first thing that they teach in Islam, in any spirituality, in any religion, no not in every religion, only in Islam, first thing they teach is taharat.

The first bab, the first chapter, the first gate is Taharat. Meaning what? Purity, cleanliness. First you have to clean. Clean this, clean this, clean this. Learn how to take proper shower, learn everything, and then you are going to learn how to pray, how to do this. First. If you don’t even have wudhu, you cannot pray. It’s not accepted. So cleanliness. So you cannot separate now, basic physical cleanliness, according to Allah and his Prophet, not basic according to 21st century or according to science or according to culture. Some culture says that basic cleanliness is, ‘I bath once a year.’ They did that for hundreds of years. They said that, ‘oh, it’s very cold.’ What? there are no muslims living in central Asia where it’s biting cold over there? Only whether you want or you don’t want. Because sheytan and the ego loves dirtiness, and you can get drunk in that dirtiness. They are so dirty, they say, they must eat in toilet, it’s a big fashion and a style. We must pour the drink inside a woman’s shoe and drink it. A big style. That is that time.

Now they say, we must eat everything. Everything that we see, we must eat. Now you know what, oh everyone has shariat now. What happened? You have shariat huh? You have law, you have law, oh you cannot touch. Oh, you have law, you have law that you have to cover your face. What happens to all those laws saying, ‘oh you cannot wear niqab, you cannot see, for identification, for this, for that.’ Everyone is wearing niqab. Men and women wearing niqab now. What happened? Oh, you know how to change it when it suits you. What happened? You don’t like muslims, you put muslim ban. Now you put Christian ban. Whole Europe cannot enter America now for thirty days. See how it is, Allah make to put a Christian ban. All countries from Europe, not just six countries. Everyone going crazy.

Believer must look between the lines and say, ‘Allah, Allah. How we are making fools of ourselves. Islam is not just saying that you have to clean yourself, you have to take a shower, especially for Holy days and nights. Once a week especially, especially you have to shower yourself. Everyday you have to do it anyway but for Jumma for instance, you have to clean yourself, you have to wash yourself and not only enough, you have to trim, you have to cut your fingernails, very important, because so much disease is there too. This is part of our religion, that when you wash your hands, you are not only washing your hands, of course it takes them another two hundred years to know now you have to wash your mouth.

What is this? This is stubbornness. And for this you don’t need high technology, hand sanitizer, this that, nothing, it’s just water that Allah is giving. It cleans. But sheytan likes dirtiness, and when a man becomes sheytanic like that they only want dirtiness. That one who, so many Muslim countries also looking up to him but he conquered Egypt, Napoleon, he said, ‘I’ll be back in,’ how much time? He wrote to his wife, Josephine, he said, ‘I’ll be back in three weeks,’ he says, ‘don’t wash.’ because he likes that. You see? Breh, I’m not just talking about people in the west, people in the east are very dirty also, they become more, when they leave it becomes even more, they leave the Islam it becomes even more.

So, the cleanliness it is important. It is the first thing, when you have that then you have some protection. You have some protection. You have to wash with water everything, understand? So that’s how you should be looking at as believers. Why do you think we wear socks here, huh, we don’t just walk around with our bare feet. It’s for cleanliness. If this was India or Pakistan or Malaysia, everyone barefoot, correct? And they’re sitting down, they sit down they cannot stop their hands from touching their toes and their feet, massaging and then listening, massaging and listening, touching and then touching everywhere. This is us, I’m not looking at any French or Spanish, it’s us. Meaning that there is always ways to become a little bit more clean without getting crazy clean, you understand?

This is why we put the Ottomans in front, the Osmanlis in front. Their sense of cleanliness is not too crazy, and it makes a lot of sense and everyone can carry it, and everyone feels good from it also. The old ways also, when you are going out you wear clothes before you go out, you put something on, women for example you want to go, you have to do something important, not to go to this supermarket and that mall, and everything, but something that is important and you have to go. In the old days they do that too, they put on something, an overcoat, over their clothes, they put another piece over their hijab. Because now the nazar that people put it will not effect them it will effect these clothes that they put on, there is a protection there. Then when they get home they take that, they remove all of that. Now physically we describe it everyone can understand, especially with this, now everyone understands. Even the clothes that you wear, who’s going to say it’s not going to be there? They say on any open surface, twelve hours right? And now, I hear there’s a toilet paper shortage in the United Kingdom. I think it’s good to invest in toilet paper stocks and shares now. I read somewhere, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it can be, it’s funny anyway, they say now the virus can be passed from toilet paper to toilet paper. Where are you going to run now? Where are you going to run?


Run to Allah. And then listen to what He is going to tell you, listen to what He has already told His Prophets and His Friends, listen to them. Understand? Astaghfirullah hal adzim wa atubu laih. How about animals passing it, other than bats? How about animals? They didn’t say anything yet?

Murid: They just did a study saying that dogs cannot pass it.

Dogs cannot. Cats? Ah, you see? So many other animals right? Maybe birds. Maybe butterflies. Maybe ants can pass, who knows? Astaghfirullah hal adzim wa atubu laih. Allah is Lord. This is just a warning still, this is not the biggest punishment, this is just a warning. Last, last warnings. To believers, it’s not really to unbelievers. People who don’t believe, none of this they can connect the dots to Allah. They don’t. They wont, they don’t. They will not believe. This is warning for believers, because if we don’t connect the dots back to Allah, then we are going to be in trouble. See how many believers are connecting the dots there.

May Allah forgive me insyaAllah, may Allah not test us. May Allah help the sincere ones insyaAllah, amin. Salam aleykum wa Rahmatullah, this much is enough.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

18 Rajab 1441
March 13, 2020
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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