What a Martyr is Living For



How can you even be fighting if you are still shackled, you are still chained by the world or your desires. How you can? It’s impossible. You are even going to think, you are going to be like that group of people, as Sheykh Effendi is saying that in the Battle of Badr, Auzubillah Minashaitan Nirajeem, BismillahirRahmanirRahim, he is saying, in the Battle of Badr, thousands said they were going to fight also, they were going to fight. They pledged to themselves, they said, ‘no, no, we are going to fight. We are going to fight.’ Then when the fight came, they all left. And then they made excuse after the fight, after they war, saying, ‘oh, I didn’t know you were serious,’ or ‘oh, I didn’t know it was today. Oh I didn’t know that.’ All of that behavior is Allah is warning us in the Quran e-Kerim, the behavior of the earlier nations, because we have those characteristics.

So where are we going to be? This is the important point. Not to already say that, ‘oh, I’m definitely going to die a syahid…I’m going to be like this…I am going to be a fighter…I am going to be a martyr….’ How you live is how you are going to die. If you live for Allah’s sake and you are fighting against your nafs everyday, then that time, you’ll die for Allah’s sake. You’ll die fighting. Yes, that time you’ll be the highest martyr. And don’t think these are just words. It comes with conditions. It comes with conditions and it comes with, what you say, proof, dalil. It’s not just like that, which we are not really seeing too much these days. Majority are going to be, ‘okay, you fight your war with your Lord, and then let us know what’s happening.’

So, you ask me that question, to really try to think about what they were living for. They were protecting Islam. How many Muslims really believe that Islam is under attack? We have two billion Muslims, how many Muslims believe that Islam is under attack, is being attacked for the past hundred years, that they are bringing down the values of Islam, the institutions of Islam, the system, every single day. How many Muslims? If you believe that, you are going to fight. Not with a sword in your hand or a gun, because that is forbidden now. But you still have the passion to know there is injustice. Not because of the rituals of Islam, but because of the spirit of Islam. You are going to find there is something very bad and very wrong in this world, in this life, and they are going to live to try to correct that. How many, I’m talking about especially in this country, how many coming to this country from Muslim background, that they are coming to this country to say, ‘we are going to bring the light of Islam here.’ Tell me. None really. They are coming here for dunya. Not even the original Americans they come to America for dunya, they didn’t. In fact it was jahannam. They knew that they still come to worship. Huh, now where are you going to find the situation where you know it’s not going to be so easy and so nice but still you say, ‘this I have to leave everything and come because it makes my worshiping easier, to have a community to worship easier, that if I have to fight then I fight against my ego, that I have the jama’at that will support me in my worship, my devotions, my attitude, my lifestyle and everything.’ Where are you going to find that except maybe handful of cases maybe. If you ask me, I say we already have that here. You understand? Don’t you know everyday, it’s a struggle, like this or like that, but still Allah is so generous, He is still providing everything for us. What is it that you are asking for that is not given?

So to understand now this is given to us, we are here. What are we living for now that we are here? What are we living for? What is making us to be happy? What is making us to be upset? What is making us to be sad? If it is not Islam, if it is not Allah and His Prophet, then we lost. This is some of the lessons that we have to take because those ones, 253 000, they achieved the highest level of jannat that the Saints and the poets, the alims, they were saying, ‘they are not Sahabis but they reached to the levels of the Sahabis.’ They are not Sahabis because they didn’t meet the Prophet (AS) but they may reached to that rank because they gave everything just for Islam, to protect Islam, protecting the Khalifah is to protect Islam. Don’t you see, since there is no Khilafat, they took down everything that is connected to Islam, it’s finished. Islam is what? Islam is the Prophet (AS). They took down every Sunnah. Don’t you know, they declared war on Zikr.

Canakkale 13

So those ones, they were not fighting for their gain or their countries, they are fighting for Khalifah, for Islam. No muslim country now, no muslim country is establish and is fighting for Islam. We lost that. We may have exceptions here and there, good people here and there, maybe even some sincere leaders maybe here and there but the whole spirit of the nations is lost. It is turned to hubud dunya, love of the dunya, ghaflat of the dunya. This generosity is gone because in order to become a syahid you have to be first generous. First. First you have to be generous with your dunya. Those people they were generous with the lives of their children. They are generous with their sons, with their husbands, with their father. They were generous. They were giving, knowing that they are going to go there to die. How are you going to get? That means that even, yes they love their family and everything, but they were not holding on. They said, ‘no, you must go for the sake of Allah.’ That is the kind of spirit that is lost now. There is no real believe of that. So everyone believes dunya, we are gaining a lot from the dunya but there is no generosity from the dunya too. There isn’t. How can there be? There’s still Muslims suffering not only from poverty and oppression and tyranny, but from everything else. Do you think Muslims cannot take care of each other? If they can make toilets of gold, those tyrants, they make toilets of gold, if they can do that, do you think they cannot help the ummat?

They don’t want to help the ummat. They don’t believe in that. Meaning they believe in Allah and His Prophet (AS) is also a big question mark. They make gold and they put diamonds in the car, it’s like they don’t know what else to do with it. That means there is no barakat anymore. And people are going to criticise the Ottomans? Because they built one, two palaces like this, like this, like this. Are you crazy? Are you completely crazy? You think, any money that they took at that time, it was haram? You want to criticize the Ottomans? Because they built beautiful Jamis to give their people pride until Judgement Day to say that, yes we have. What do you think these Muslims are doing these days? They make Jamis according to the aesthetics, according to the look and according to the technology of this time. Everybody says it’s nice. What do you think they were doing then? They were doing it at that time as well so that people will know that there is a bridge between Islam and world civilization too. So don’t you dare say anything about them.

Today, uff, the whole system is corrupt. There is no rahmat, there is no barakat. They were dying and they were giving up their lives and they were sacrificing for that Khalifah, for that Islam, for that system. They were not doing it for their for their watan. So we lost today. And Allah is still, it is still a mercy, whatever that is happening today. Allah is still making people to wake up. And we are waiting to see who is going to wake up. East is going to wake up or west is going to wake up. East is going to wake up with faith, or west is going to wake up with faith. Who is the bigger tyrant now? The East or the West? You need me to tell you who is the bigger tyrant?

We fear Allah. Don’t put any other fear in your heart. Fear Allah. If Allah wants, He will send it to us. If Allah doesn’t want, He will not. But don’t say, ‘eh, if He wants, He’s going to send, If He doesn’t want, He’s going to send.’ No that’s not how a believer, how a muslim believe. We fear Allah. And we are saying, Please Ya Rabbi don’t’ send. We fear You and we fear Your azab. Make us to become believers and real ones, to give us this life in order to fight for truth, not this life to enjoy this life.

Estaghfirullahal adzim wa atubu ilaih. We are asking support from all those ones who have lost their lives, they didn’t lose their lives, they gain the eternal life, they gain the life that Allah is praising them for, we are asking for their himmet and we are asking for their support and we are asking for their prayers, to be able to live like them and to pass like them. And we are asking that Allah protect us, we are asking that Allah SWT bless the Holy Prophet (AS) and all the Enbiya and all the Evliya and to forgive us for all our shortcomings, for all our weaknesses and all our dirtiness, and for the sake of those Holy ones, to make us to be useful believers in this way, insyaAllah. May Allah for forgive me and bless you. May Allah raise the station of our Sheykh. May his himmet always be with us, insyaAllah. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

24 Rajab 1441
March 18, 2020
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