What is a broken heart?


QUESTION: It is said that its better to break Ka’aba a thousand times than to break someones heart. Everyone has a different interpretation of what a broken heart is, what is a broken heart?


It is that heart that is broken when the one who is the authority is going to say the heart is broken or not. It’s not everyone to say, ‘Oh, you say this words, ah you break my heart…You say this words, you break my heart…You make fun of me, you break my heart.’ No. Because as murids you have to know nothing that we have belongs to us. Not even our hearts. Everything belongs to Allah, yes. But to know, to jump from that to Allah saying everything is Allah, like some idiots, they are so scared of everything, they said, ‘I don’t know what is going to happen. I don’t know what’s going to happen, everything is so da..da..da…so many things.’ I said, fear Allah. ‘Oh yes, I fear Allah too.’ But you know, whether you fear or you love, depending on what you are obsessing about. What you spent most time. What you are busy with, that is your ilah. If you are busy with moaning about the dunya, then you fear the dunya. If you are busy about complaining about how you are a bad servant to Allah, everything else you don’t care so much, they go up or down, dunya but you are complaining to yourself, ‘I don’t know whether I’m going to finish this. I’m trying…’ then that time you are busy with your Allah. But very few people we find them busy like that.

So it’s easy to say, ‘oh yeah, yeah. I fear Allah too. But I fear this, but I fear Allah.’ You don’t know, that’s why Allah sent Prophets to say, ‘obey this one. Love this one and fear this one. The love and the fear of this one will make you to understand that love and the fear of Me.’ And the Evliyaullah and the Sheykh, especially the Sheykhs, they are the ones that is going to teach you this because the era of Prophethood is finished. So if you don’t know how to love and fear your Sheykh, then it’s finished, it’s done. Then like what we’ve said before, your religion is according to your imagination, Tassawuf is according to your imagination too. So, to know that nothing belongs to us. Everything belongs to Allah, everything belongs to the Holy Prophet (AS). Allah has created everything for Him. So it belongs to him. Now we make one more step, we say that everything that we have it belongs to our Sheykh because the friends of Allah, the Sheykh as they are representing the Prophet (AS), they are the ones who are givers. They take, they receive and they give. They are the distributors. The name of the Prophet is the name of Allah. They are the ones that take and if they are taking from Allah and they are giving to you and you bite their hands, Allah, Allah, what an unfortunate curse person that one is. You can make any excuse that you want. Your honor is according to your word. You say, ‘I believe in you,’ you say, ‘I obey you,’ you say, ‘I submit,’ but later you say, ‘well, I don’t like what you did to me,’ you are a person without honor. You understand? Because Prophet (AS) is saying, ‘even if the Khalifah takes the skin off your back, skins you alive, don’t rebel against him.’ And if you say, ‘My Khalifah, the one that I obey, the one that is going to reach to me, the one that I have given beyat to, he’s my Sheykh, if he does that, I’m still going to submit.’ but if you say, ‘I like it when he pats me, I don’t like it when he washes me up,’ then your honor is finished. You are known as someone that your tongue is just going to move according to your nafs. You understand me?

So you must be careful. You must be very careful in these days. Because they are looking at us, like they are saying, ‘tarikat, you put your tongue behind your heart.’ not just to say anything you want to say and then later said, ‘I’m sorry.’ To say anything you want to say, and then to say, ‘I don’t believe in what I say.’ Then you are a person who doesn’t fit into the description of a believer, as the Prophet (AS) is saying.

So now, in this jama’at, I’m not going to touch any other Tarikat, any other jama’at. In these jama’at, Sheykh Effendi said openly, don’t you dare for murid to murid to say, ‘you have broken my heart.’ He has forbidden that. So many of you, you were still there. You witness. It’s not just my words saying it. Because everyone’s heart is now in the hands of the Sheykh. He is going to decide who is broken and who is not, because that one you are going to judge it according to  your own nafs anyway, according to your own opinions, or  your own mood. Do you understand? That way, anyone can say just because he doesn’t like someone saying something, he’ll say, ‘oh my heart is broken.’ You’ve done worse crime than breaking the Ka’aba. But what is it? Did you ever think? Maybe you broke someone’s heart before, therefore you deserve it? In the Dergah, the Sheykh is the one who is controlling the things that is happening there anyway. Maybe he sent someone there for you to learn something. But people don’t have too much of this kind of beliefs anymore. That’s why connection is very weak. When the connection is weak, the smallest thing can give you the greatest fear. The greatest name will not shake your heart one second. But the smallest, tiniest thing will give you the greatest fear.

We are here, calling the name of Allah because it shakes our heart. We are fearing that. If He likes, He can send us all to hell. If He likes, He can punish us all now. What, we are going to say, ‘I worship You, You cannot do this’? He is Allah. So people don’t know their faith too much. They talk. The faith is according to their talk. But when it comes to walking the walk, they walk away. Walking the walk is what Tarikat is, especially living in a Dergah, that is walking the walk, you understand? That so many people they fail. Don’t be so quick to say, to make a commitment. So, you have to be careful with these things also. So, in this jama’at, no. We are not, as per Sheykh Effendi’s sohbets and his understanding and what’s he’s making us to hold on to, he says, no murid is going to tell the other murid, ‘you broke my heart,’ that is forbidden and it’s not it. No such thing. I’m the one who is going to decide whether this heart is broken or this heart is not broken. And we should not be, people become very childish. They become very childish. So we should not be, Insya’Allah ar-Rahman. Wa minallahu taufiq. Al-Fateha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

25 Rajab 1441
March 19, 2020
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