How do you make proper reflection on things Allah has done for you?


Question: How do you make proper reflection on things Allah has done for you?


How to make that kind of tafakkur? Don’t be busy with what you want. Be busy with what is given to you. A lot of people, their duas are just very busy about what they want from Allah: ‘I want this…I want this…I want this…Why are You not giving me this?…Why are You not giving me this? I was good like this, why are You not giving me this? Can you please give me this…’ Busy with that. ‘oh yeah, thank You. Oh yeah, alhamdulillah for everything.’ But you know, the passion and the reality of a person is depending on how busy that person is with what he is busy with.

So not to be busy with what you want, but busy with what you have, counting the blessings that Allah has. It comes to the station where the believer doesn’t want to ask Allah. Doesn’t Allah know?

And it is in your heart and it is seeing. Yes, but you are more busy with saying, ‘Thank You Ya Rabbi, cok Shukr Ya Rabbi, You have given me this. You have given me this. You have given me this…’ thinking. And what Allah has given to us is not just things that we understand, it’s also things that we don’t understand. We’re only going to thank Allah with things that we understand as a favor, right? But what about the favors that He has granted us since we are in our mother’s womb. What about that favor? That we came out before we reach to the age of maturity? Everything that was there, that Allah protected us, that there are millions or billions maybe that Allah is not giving that much favor.

There are children, as you are feeding your children with so much, there are children right now, millions of them their meals is from big garbage dumps. They go in there and they dig up and they eat. So this is reflection. Not to go through life, but to reflect. You are feeding your child, you say, ‘Allah, some people are starving.’ But no, especially today people are saying, ‘oh, everyone is connected, we know so much.’ What are you doing with that knowledge? If it is not bringing you to love your Lord, to be grateful to your Lord more, to fear your Lord more, than that knowledge is malayani. Why are you not using it to benefit you? So first to understand and to make your children to understand, to make the people around to understand. So, not busy asking Allah, but busy be thanking Him. Because as our Grandshaykh now, according to this way, our Grandshaykh says the blessing, the blessing is that it happened. The blessing in any event is that it happened. That is very deep and that is the behavior of all Prophets and all Saints. That they say, whatever is coming from you, whether it’s a torn or a rose, it is coming from You. To understand that.

We are not tested. If this is a test and you have more fear from that than you have fear of Allah, then you’ve already fail. Like I’ve said, what if the cure, dajjal comes to give you the cure, how many people you think is going to run? So many people are going to run. Every one is going to run. They are going to run towards him, to take it from him. What if order comes and saying, ‘no, don’t take it from him. It’s better to die. What if that happens?’ What if they say, in order for you to find safety in this world, I’m not saying to people, don’t get cure or don’t get medicine, vaccine, don’t turn my words. I have to say this because people will misunderstand. I’m taking it to a completely different level. What if they say, ‘for you to find safety, you have to deny the shahadat. For you and your family to find safety, you have to deny the shahadat.’ This is not a theory. It’s happening everyday. It’s happening to millions of muslims everyday. It just didn’t reach us yet. Correct or no? Hundreds and thousands of Muslims they are tortured and they are oppressed and every right is taken away from them just because they say the shahadat. They say, ‘just don’t say the shahadat, it will be okay with you.’

So, to be less busy with ourselves, be more busy with Allah. To be more busy with Allah, not to have your imagination and illusion and delusion what Allah has and His Greatness, but what pertains to you, what is directly connected to you, Allah has given you: this eyes, this ears, this ability to breathe, say ‘shukr Ya Rabbi.’ So many things. Count and sit. But that requires you to be free. Everyone has that phone and they are not free. They are not using that to make more tafakkur, to think, to just observe, to watch. What we are doing here, tafakkur, is not entertainment. It’s not something that is entertaining to you. But we are a society that everything we do has to be entertaining. Zikr has to be entertaining, sohbets has to be entertaining, khutba has to be entertaining, everything has to be entertaining because the most important thing is fun. That’s the thing, they say. So, this tafakkur, people are not going because it’s sitting down and think, and it’s not fun. There is no direct pleasure, hehehe hahahaha, you are going to be like that. There is more pleasure that comes to your heart because you are breathing a little bit more, you are chest is expanding a little bit more, for you to have more faith and praising to your Lord, to say, ‘thank You, You are showing me another part of Your beauty. You are showing me another part of Your beauty.’ That’s important to do. Do that alone do that in groups, do that in jama’at. But you have to do that.

But so many people are selfish and they are stuck. They don’t know. If they are really sincere and they have been chosen, then they have to bet unstuck. Sometimes it will hurt you. But you have to get unstuck to return to your Allah properly. You say, leave me like this because it hurts too much, we leave you like that but what is going to make you to be unstuck later on is the fire, nothing else and that time, there is no mercy. There is no mercy in Jahannam. Now there is still mercy. WaminAllahu Taufik. May Allah forgive me and bless you, insyaAllah. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

25 Rajab 1441
March 19, 2020
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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