The Nation That Is In The Prophet (SAW)’s Heart


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Understand how weak we are, and to say thank You to our Lord, that He has given this weak creature the highest value. He is giving value to mankind? What a surprise that is. Mankind of 21st century, when we look around today, that they are not man? They are animals, lower than the animals. They are not kind. But Allah, He is still making this sun to shine, the rain to fall, the cure to come. That is our Lord. Why is He doing all this? It must be because of the prayers of someone.

This whole world, this whole world that is revolving, this whole existence that is existing, this whole existence that is continuing to exist, it’s only because of the prayers of His beloved ones. People are going to say ‘what is this, this is shirik,’ but Allah is saying If it’s not for the baby sheep, the lambs, and the old people, He will not even, what? Send the rain. Meaning mercy. The rain is mercy. It’s coming because of the baby lamb and the old people. Then imagine the Friends of Allah, what kind of mercy He’s sending to them, because of them. Imagine the Holy Prophet Allah (AS).

La illaha ilah anta subanaka inni kuntu minna zalimin. This, we are forgetting this, how mankind has become zalim to himself. How mankind has become zalim to himself. Everyone, east, west, north and south, Muslims especially, thinking they’re such high-class believers, high-class Muslims. What, just because you go to Umrah anytime that you want, like a vacation? Especially when you’re sick of Europe, you’re sick of America, you’re sick of… and then you say ‘let’s have a change of pace and go to Umrah.’ Then you’re going to the Hajj for different reasons. We have become zalim, but we’re not realizing it, we’re not understanding it. We’ve become zalim to those ones who are oppressed, by turning a blind eye, that is being zalim. By not caring, not praying, not doing anything, not even caring, not even praying. How can you care when your heart changes every second? How can you care? Because when you are looking at that Facebook, your heart changes every second. Less than a second. You see this one you laugh, you see this one you cry, you see this one, it changes. How are you going to have a heart that is Qalbun Salim, that is going to sit and you’re going to understand, and you’re going to think. How are you going to have that?

In the worst of times, let me say, in the worst of times that happened to the Holy Prophet (AS), that he was very sad, because it seemed as if he is all alone and without any help, and he was feeling very sad, not for himself, but he’s feeling very sad, how he is going to continue this mission, and how he’s going to save the Ummat. How he’s going to bring the message to the Ummat. And in his sadness, he fell asleep on a night like this, and then he was invited into Divine Presence. Not only he was invited to Divine Presence, Allah SWT wanted the whole of existence to know who is that Beloved One, and He brought that Beloved One through every world, through every creature, through every level of existence, to show off His Beloved One. With him, thousands of Angels following, bringing him to Divine Presence to whisper words that only a lover would whisper to his Beloved. Don’t think you know everything about the Miraj also. Sheykh Mevlana is saying, even the lowest king would invite his beloved one, not only one time. Over and over again. How can the lover and the beloved just meet only once? Impossible. How can Allah just invite His Beloved One once? No, it happened. So many times it happened.

But don’t think that you know, from what is just written. This is where Tarikat and Tasawwuf enters, because now it is a knowledge of the heart. What is between him and Allah, between the lovers, we cannot interfere. But what he is going to say that is going to be for people of understanding, for people who believe, for those ones that he’s bringing with him to the Miraj, because every wonder, every favor, every amazement, every gift that Allah SWT gave to the Holy Prophet (AS), from the Buraq to reaching up to Sidratul Muntaha, he is asking for his Ummat. He is never satisfied having it alone. He hesitated before he boarded the Buraq. Before he sat on the Buraq he says ‘what about my nation?’ Which nation? The nation that is today, this nation? Which nation? Or the nation that is in his heart, and the nation that has him in their heart, that is beating, and understanding, and feeling, and crying, and wishing, and hoping, and living and dying for the sake of Allah, that has no hope or trust in this world, they feel like they are gharibs in this world, that is only looking to their Lord for help?

When he was in Quddus, when he arrived, in front of him were 124,000 Prophets who greeted him, and they were singing Salawats to him. He tied his Buraq, up till today, no matter what you say about the Yahudis, they didn’t destroy that. Up to the post where they say the Prophet tied the Buraq, it is still there. What happened to us Muslims? Go to the hometown of the Prophet (AS). Where can you see that the Prophet exists? Where? Or are you going to see marble and architecture that you can find anywhere, that everything is screaming ‘me, man!’ instead of Prophet. Giving glory to himself. Now they shut the doors of Rauza e-Sherif also. Do you understand what that means? You should be shaking. You should be shaking. This is not a plague yet, that you are going to see bodies in the streets. It happened before, when there were bodies in the streets. They never closed down the Rauza e-Sherif, because they believe that Prophet (AS) is the one who receives the Mercy of Allah and he is distributing the Mercy of Allah. When you close those doors, you’re closing the mercy to yourself. Blame Allah, blame anyone. You cannot. You must blame yourself. Maybe they’re closing and they’re inside worshiping, who knows? Maybe they’re closing and they’re inside and then they are asking Prophet (AS) for shifa and for himmet, maybe. Who knows, maybe they have other ideas? Who knows? The Ka’aba has already been changed. But we must fear Allah.

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Now we must look at the bigger picture, not just whether ‘this is going to hit me or not?’ How it’s going to affect everything else? How it’s going to affect thousands, millions of people who are in refugee camps? Washing hands 20 times a day? They don’t even have water to wash themselves once a week. Are we even thinking of them and praying for them? No, they’re praying for us. They are praying for us. And are we thinking of millions of others who are imprisoned and tortured and given this disease? Or we just busy with ourselves to know ‘ah, I cannot work today, ah, what’s going to happen to me? Me, me, me.’ But the Prophet (AS), never. Even when he was going to meet his Lord, he never said me. He says my nation, my nation. To the orphans, to the poor, to the widows. But we have become dead to them.

So cry as much as you want when you’re giving salawats. Say as much as you want you’re the Ashk e-Nabi. You’re not, because your heart doesn’t hurt with what the Prophet’s heart was hurting with. To even think like that, who is making us to realize that in days and nights like this? Who is even crying? Are we crying to say ‘Ya Rabbi, the tomb is closed. Ya Rabbi, they closed the Ka’aba. Open it Ya Rabbi, please open it.’ Who is asking for that? We’re asking for the supermarkets to open. We’re asking for our jobs to open. We’re asking for the streets to open. But we can say ‘oh, it’s closed, they closed it.’ But where, where is the intelligence to say ‘Ya Rabbi, open it, Ya Rabbi, open it.’ Where is the belief? There’s no belief then.

Like I said, maybe they closed and there’s special people who are there praying day and night, asking for the Prophet’s Shafa’at day and night. Maybe. I don’t think so. But maybe. We are not there, but at least our thoughts and our hearts must be there. We must be awake to this, otherwise we’re passing nights, on Miraj, you’re in Divine Presence, then what? Then what? So many people they want to see the Prophet. Then what? What business do you have with him? Who are you to think that you can enter into his Divine Court? If you are, what are you going to ask? What you’re going to ask is what you’ve always been asking, and what you’re asking is what you’re busy with. The worries that you have in your heart. So check yourself, how much you’re busy with yourself and your own selfish life, and how much you’re busy with thinking of the ones that the Prophet (AS) he’s crying over. So the Miraj was a big honor for him, not only for him, it was a big honor for the Ummat. It was a big honor because the five daily prayers, we’re given the rewards of 50 prayers a day. We’re given the honor because every Prophet that is in every level of Paradise, from Isa (as) all the way to Ibrahim (as), they all prayed for us on that night. They prayed for us. And especially Hz Musa (AS), knowing how we would be in the Ahir Zaman, just like his nation, saying ‘ask your Lord for five. Even that is too much, understanding how weak they are, even that is too much.’

We must finish this night with less attachment to this world, and more attachment to our Allah and the Hereafter, especially these nights. We must leave more of our desires and our dunya, cut it away, and we must connect our spirit more with the Hereafter. It is nice like this, especially for the night of Miraj. Understand, in this month of Allah, there are two Holy nights. Not one, two. And both Holy nights, it is about the Prophet (AS), it’s not about Allah. One is about his light coming into this world, and the other one about his light returning to the Hereafter. Think. Sit and understand. Where is our reality? Where is it, where are we coming from, where we are returning to? Where do we want to return to? You want to return to the fire or you want to return to the light? And in a couple of weeks’ time, we’ll be in the Prophet’s month. Nothing in the Prophet’s month it is about the Prophet. The Holy night that is the Prophet’s month is about us, the Ummat. Bara’at is for us, it’s not for him. And he has given special attention and care, right in the center, right in the middle because we are a Ummat of what? The middle way. And the month that is for the Ummat, the Greatest month, the month that Holy Prophet (AS) is saying is ‘so tremendous, the rewards I don’t even know what it is,’ the month that it’s not about not eating and drinking, but it is the month where you return to your Lord. It is the month of returning to your Lord. It is the month, because our spirits are fasting now. The only time that the spirit is eating or drinking is making Zikr and making worship. There is a meaning, that when you’re breaking your fast, that reward of that that you’ll see on the Judgment Day, like you’re returning back to your Lord. We break our fast when we return to our Lord. We’re going to return to our Lord in a feast.

And the Qadar Night, describing the greatness of Allah, but it is for us again. It is for us. The Qadar night, it is not for Allah. Allah is not in need of anything. The Qadar night is not for the Prophet (AS). Allah is providing whatever he needs. But the Qadar night it is for us. InsyaAllah. We need to sit down a little bit more, last few nights of this month, sit down a little bit more. Yes, you’re busy doing this and that, everyone is suddenly finding time to be very free. What happened? You don’t like our Muslim women wearing burqa? What happened? Now everyone is wearing burqa. Plastic burqa. Now everyone wants to close everything, and wearing even gloves. Ahmak, idiots. And that is safety from the things that is there that you cannot see, but it is there, physical still.


You still don’t know yet how to protect yourself from the things that you cannot see that is spiritual, that is not physical at all. You cannot understand. Unless you enter into Islam, how are you going to understand? You have no faith, your faith is in this dunya. You have no faith in this Ahiret. You have no faith in an unseen Lord.

May Allah not test us. May Allah forgive us, insyaAllah. May Allah make us to become better ones, may Allah raise the station of our Sheykh and our Grandsheykh and all the Mashaikhs of the Naqshbandi order, insyaAllah, and all, especially, the Ottoman Saints. May their feet always be on our necks, may we always be in their service, even if our service is weak and dirty. May the sincere ones be with us, may insincere ones go and may they leave.

May Allah make us to become sincere ones. Wa minallahu Taufiq, Al-Fatiha. Selam Aleykum. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

27 Rajab 1441
March 21, 2020
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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