What is your heart moving for in the month of the Prophet?


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Maybe for the first time in a very long time that in the three holy months, there is very reduced fighting, because it is forbidden in this month to fight. Allah’s law must be obeyed and Allah is showing. This is for the believers who says, ‘ah, like this, like this.’ For the person who doesn’t believe, he’ll say, ‘ahh! it’s just a coincidence. It’s just this. It’s just that.’ There is no wisdom, there is no understanding, there is no spirituality behind it.  We cannot be as wild as we want. We cannot be as cruel as we want. We cannot be as oppressive as we want. I’m sure there’s still cruelty, there’s still war, somewhere, somehow that is still happening, but not freely, because now, you think those ones who are being oppressed they are going to look to this as a punishment from Allah to themselves?

No, this is a blessing. They say, ‘Allah’s revenge is coming.’ Who is going to be afraid? Those ones who only count on this world. This world is all they have. This is terrible. We are believers. This world is a prison. This world, I’ve seen enough cruelty for the past hundred years especially, it’s enough. When the flood of Nuh (AS) that happened, He sent punishment to them, Allah sent that punishment. So some holy person must have opened their hands to ask Allah, ‘it is enough Ya Rabbi,’ and Allah heard. And this is just a little preview. Just a little preview. Maybe not since the flood has it affected the whole globe like this. The whole globe, that everyone is shaking with fear, whether you are believer or unbeliever, Christians, Muslims, Jewish, Hindu, doesn’t matter what you are, you are with fear. But if you fear Allah and you understand what is happening, then you know, they are very scared, everyone is saying, ‘don’t say this religion. Don’t say this Allah. Don’t say this God. Don’t say it’s Divine punishment. Take everything out.’ Breh you created this world? You didn’t even create yourself. But this is what it is, 21st century man wants to create himself as he sees fit. Not only he has created a lord according to his own image, now he wants to create his own image and worship himself. It has come to this. There is no law of Allah, the natural law, the Divine law. And Allah is showing a slight preview.

So understand. Now, what are you going to do? The Lord of the unseen. If this is His smallest soldiers, imagine now, the Lord of the unseen. So, the believer, if a believer is caught, Allah is watching them also, they die as martyrs. You know, the reward for someone just to stay at home in a time of a plague like this, he gets the reward of a martyr. Just to stay. This is not the first time that it has happened. Throughout human history, throughout Islamic history, it happened so many times. In the time of Hz Umar (RA), 20 000 people died, 20 000. If they say 20 000 now, everyone will die just from anxiety reading that report. That is 1400 years ago when the population wasn’t seven billion over, and just in that area there, in the Haramayn, 20 000 died. And later on, about 150 years, even less than that, 70 000 died in Islamic history, in the Muslim land. So if you don’t take lesson then you will be a lesson.

So we put our heads to the ground and say, ‘Ya Rabbi forgive us, You are the Greatest. Lailaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kuntu Minadz Dzalimin. The Zulm is phenomenal now. The zulm is phenomenal and nobody thinks it is zalim anymore. Nobody thinks it is zalim. Nobody thinks it is zulm, it is cruelty to wear something that underage children for twelve hours they are chained to their chair is making. And they wear that. Maybe for one month they throw it away, they get another one. Now, everybody talks about, oh yeah organ harvesting that they get from prisoners here, prisoners of war here, political dissidents here and everything. Everyone just talks. It doesn’t hit them anymore. There is like no feelings in mankind anymore. No feelings. They are dead. The only feeling is fun, entertainment, it’s the only time a person comes alive. Other than that no feelings. They can see people suffering, everyone sees people suffering, everyone sees the dying, you know what? They say, you know so far how many worldwide has died? How many worldwide has died? Four thousand. Every single day, eight thousand children die, every day. Do you know what the disease is? Hunger. You know what the cure is? Food. You see this zulm, that you can get, people they think it’s okay to go to a supermarket and cough at all the food. Now they have to throw everything away. Over thirty thousand dollars worth of food thrown away. Do you think this is a joke? These are not people anymore. They are not human. There is no feelings there. They have become idols. That’s why every country they have American idols, Uzbek idols, Turkey idols, everyone becomes idols and everyone is idolizing. Everyone wants to become an idol.

Shummun bukmun ‘umyun fahum laa yarji’uu – deaf, dumb and blind. And everyone is thinking, we are invincible, this is the greatest times of our lives. If everyone is thinking, we are reaching to the peak more and more and more, no one can tell us nothing. This is not even one shout from Allah. Not from Allah, from the Angel. Not even one shout. With one shout, everything will shut down. This is not even one shout. One shout from Mahdi (AS), everything will shut down, everything will crumble. Because we have become very cruel. Tyranny, tyrants. Supporting tyrant system, want to be tyrants, everyone is aspiring to become tyrants. To live like them, to eat like them, to wear clothes like them, to have a life like them. Everyone wants to become a tyrant. And Allah Jalah wa’ala is saying, ‘I forbid tyranny to Myself.’ And what Sheykh Effendi and Sheykh Mevlana said? There is no safety for tyrants. No safety. None whatsoever.

No, I’m not saying unbelievers are tyrants, believers are not, no. This is across the border. You are muslims, you have tyranny in your heart, get to the other side. You are a jew, you become a tyrant (you go to the other side). Christians, doesn’t matter. Labels doesn’t matter anymore. How is your heart? What is your heart moving for? This is the month of the Prophet (AS). No, shame. I feel ashamed to have mevlids and to have qasidahs, I feel ashamed because you are like a munafik. If you have honor, you are like a munafik, I cannot even bring myself to give salawats to the Prophet when I’m supporting the tyranny that is tyrannizing his ummats. How can I? ‘Oh, I don’t care.’ Just to make people care, majority are not making people to care. That’s why they say, ‘it’s okay. Have your mega mevlids. But don’t care about what is actually happening.’ From the top to the bottom, speak one way, they act another way.

This is the month of the Prophet (AS). This is less than two weeks before bera’at. Uff! but do this. Check last bera’at what happened. You are going to find out certain answers that covers why this bera’at certain things are happening. Imagine what next bera’at is going to be? So what is your heart busy with? That is going to show what kind of a tyrant you are. Because Muslims, for a long time, they were not busy thinking about their own benefits and about their own dunya and about their own self-interest. No,  they were looking first to Allah and His Prophet. They were looking to their Khalifahs.


We are called ahle Sunnah because we are defending the sunnah. Why do we defend the sunnah? Because the sunnah is always under attack. You live your life defending the sunnah. Yes, the greatest Imam that tonight we were reading the mevlid for him, Imam ul-Adzam Imam abu Hanifah, may Allah raise his station, may his feet be on our neck, insyaAllah. It is to defend the sunnah. The sunnah has not been defended for over 100 years. The sunnah has been attacked and corrupted and demolished. How can you defend the sunnah if there is no institution of Khilafat? Impossible.

Impossible. That’s why now, this is nothing. Because we’re waiting, we see, what are they doing? Let’s put aside the unbelievers. Look at what those who are calling themselves Muslims, what are they doing? They destroyed Jannat ul Baqi. They took out the bodies of Sahabi e-Kiram and Evliyaullah and they are dumping them into the sea, and nothing is happening. Nothing is happening. Nothing is happening. Believers were shaking, but after a while it became so common, and they make us to be worried about dunya. That it has become so routine, that you see ‘oh, what did they do? They blew up another tomb of the Sahabi e-Kiram recently and they took out the body also,’ And it’s like nobody cares. Nobody cares. Not the Sufi Sheykhs, not the Imams, not the scholars. What is our talk about high spirituality, about fiqh or anything if the Prophet’s companions and his beloved ones, the physical remains are being treated like garbage? Where can we put our face? Where are those leaders? Where can they put their face? This disease will find them first. You can hide as much as you want, 60 feet underground, 60 miles underground, it doesn’t matter. Namrud thought that he could be protected too. He did, but all these ones they are going to go crazy like Namrud. They’re going to go crazy and they’re going to hurt themselves, by their own hands, just like Namrud when that mosquito got into his ear and starts eating his brain and the only relief he had was when he hit his own head with a hammer. Until one day, the pain was so much that he told the man who was hitting his head, he says ‘hit it hard,’ and he hit it and his head just cracked open and the mosquito flew out like a little bird.

Because our hearts are not moving anymore. They trained us not to move, one second this, one second that, one second this, one second that. Everything is everywhere. How are you going to move? You don’t even have time to think, to let things sink in. Everyone is so busy with their phones, and everyone is witness to the cruelty that is happening, but there is no care. There is no care, there is no prayer. There is no asking. So now, we are in it too. I’m not saying I’m not responsible. We are all responsible. But at least our Sheykh is making us to realize and to ask Allah forgiveness. Not to ask Allah forgiveness ‘oh, Allah, I’m sorry, okay, I’m sorry, so don’t bring the virus to me, I’m really sorry,’ no, no, not that kind of  forgiveness, that so many people are praying for forgiveness like that. ‘Okay, okay, okay, You win.’ So many Muslims are doing that. What are you, pagan?

The believer looks at that and says ‘ya Rabbi, how Merciful You are. So much has happened and still this is all that you’re sending us.’ But we must, for the Jamaat, make your heart, make it to be busy with what concerns the Holy Prophet (AS), what concerns the Sheykh and the Evliyaullah. Don’t make it to be busy with what concerns yourself. You will lose too that time. You will lose. You spend 20 years, 40 years, you’re still busy with yourself, you’re never busy with your guide. Allah forgive me and bless you and raise the station of our Sheykh, insyaAllah. And we are, in this Month of the Holy Prophet (AS), which is a tremendous month, we have no face to our Allah, to our Prophet, but we are asking them for the sake of our Sheykh and the Holy Ones, make us to become better ones. If we don’t become better ones, take this life from us. We don’t want to become the losers here and hereafter. May Allah forgive me and bless you. May Allah raise the station of our Sheykh, insyaAllah. Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

3 Shaban 1441
March 26, 2020
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