The Proof a Believer is Happy with Allah



Allah loves the generous one even if he is not a so good one, unbeliever let’s say, than the believer who is stingy. Because faith is also in Allah’s hands. Allah is the One who turns the heart. That’s why in Islam we say don’t look down on the unbelievers so much. Everyone comes from unbelief, one way or another. You may change. Allah is the Turner of hearts. He may change it just like that. And the believer must be generous. The believer will give what Allah gives to him. He gives, he doesn’t keep. From the Holy Prophet (AS), every maqam that was given to him, he is saying, ‘what about my ummat? What about my ummat?’

One of the reasons why marriage it is farz in Islam, for us to understand this nature that Allah has given us to be generous, to give, to take care of something, to have love, to be protective over something that is not you, a part of you but it’s not you. It is easy for the woman to have that feeling, but for the men it is not so easy unless he marries and he has children and he starts taking care of those ones who are not his blood lineage but he’s taking care of those ones who are in need. Those are the characteristics of all Prophets. It’s the characteristics of the Evliyaullah. They take care. They never say this is mine and this is yours. In fact, whatever that they have, they give. From the Holy Prophet (AS) to every Prophet, to every Evliyaullah. They take care, they don’t keep. They take and they give. The more they give, the more Allah will give to them.

So you are asking what is the proof of a believer, of a murid? That he is happy with Allah. The proof is, he is going to give that happiness and spread that happiness to others. What Allah has given to him, he must share. He wants others to taste it. You know how it is, even if you eat something, the most delicious thing, the pleasure increases when you start sharing it, when you say, ‘come, you must taste it.’ You are not tasting when that person is tasting, it’s not like when that person is eating and you feel the taste in your mouth, you don’t. This is just a belief, this is just you are sharing a feeling, you are sharing a characteristic. But when someone else is tasting and liking what you are liking, your pleasure is increasing. So you are happy with Allah, Allah is happy with you. That time you want to give that happiness to everyone. You want everyone to taste from that happiness. You are not going to make people to feel miserable. You are not. I’m talking about murids. You are not going to make people to feel miserable. You are not going to make people to feel other than what Allah SWT has blessed you with and you want to give it. You are always in shukr.

You cannot be in shukr if you don’t remember. You cannot be in shukr if you don’t remember. If you are not always remembering and understanding, where I was before and where I am now. I was in need and Allah is giving me. I was an orphan and He took care of me. I was unprotected and Allah took care of me. If you are not remembering this, whatever that Allah gave you you not only start to think that it is your right, in today’s language they say you are entitled to it, you start to demand more and you start to think, if it is not given to you, you start to become very angry with the ones who give to everything. You start saying, ‘this is unfair. Why this one is getting, I’m not getting.’ But once you start to understand the wisdom of giving to others, you will understand other wisdom too, why Allah gives and why Allah is not giving, why Allah is blessing and why Allah is putting a punishment. Because it is not separated from each other. And that’s the time you are going to go according to Allah’s will, you are not going to fight Him. You are going to understand the hikmat. You are not going to be afraid to say this is punishment from Allah. You are going to be afraid of Allah and you are not going to interfere. You understand?

Look to see how you are making people to be happy, how you are making people to be more pleased with their Lord. More pleased and more thankful of what Allah has given to them. You are going to look after them. You are going to look, ‘this one is in need of something. He is going to be more happy with this, I’m going to run to provide.’ I’m not talking about money. So easy these days people giving money. Maybe that one is looking for one word from you. Maybe that one is looking for one look from you. You must look.

When you are happy and you are grateful, things that are not going according to your way, you are going to try to find the reason why. The product of happiness, the effect of happiness, is you are going to have more tafakkur. You are going to understand more. Once you start understanding, then that time you will be able to move yourself in the destiny that Allah SWT has put you in. You are going to know that you have to walk this way, this is the thing that you have to do. You are no longer just floating, not knowing what you are supposed to do. Because every believer must know what they are supposed to do.

May Allah forgive us insya’Allah and may Allah make us to be grateful ones. Surround yourself with grateful ones. Be with grateful ones. If you don’t, you don’t know how to be grateful. The whole key is sohbet. If you are not making sohbet, then you don’t know how to become. May Allah accept our sohbet, insyaAllah. We only want to be with the sohbet of our Sheykh, and in this Holy night we are going to him and asking him, insyaAllah ar-Rahman, to give us a good Bera’at for tonight and for the coming year and for us to be able to be of more service for Islam, for Haqq, for this way, for all our bad characteristics insya’Allah to slowly go away, for more good people to be with us, for all the hypocrites to leave. This is always our dua, like this and like that, Allah is accepting our dua. Alhamdulillah, and we are asking, don’t make us to become hypocrites. If you are alone, Allah is giving us command to be in Jemaat, if you are alone your ego will trick you. The whole world will know the wrong things that you are doing, but you, because you are alone, through your illusion and delusion and your imagination, you think you are the only one who is right.

Allah SWT is saying, ‘be with the majority,’ and alhamdulillah we want to be with the majority. We are not looking for everyone to like us. As our Sheykh has said so many times, the sign of a good leader is when those who love him is more than those who don’t love him. The sign that you are a tyrant is when there are so many people who hate you and only a small percentage who love you. The sign that you are a hypocrite is when everybody loves you. So, we want to be in the middle way. We are just looking to our Sheykh, insya’Allah and we are not alone. This is the thing. I’m not alone. I’m not sitting here talking to myself, giving sohbet to myself, giving sohbet through post. No. This is sohbet that I’m giving and everyone who is here, majority of you, ninety-nine percent of you, you have met and you have sat and you have known Sheykh Effendi, and you know what is right and you know what is wrong. It’s not only me. So we are here looking at each other. The believer is a mirror for another believer and we are here looking at each other. If we have no mirror, you are only looking at yourself, you may think that you are the best looking person in the world. Or if the ego is fooling you, you are going to say, ‘I am the ugliest person. I should kill myself.’

May Allah keep us together in jama’at insyaAllah. Be strong in these coming days. It’s not for nothing Sheykh Effendi had said so many years, time will come when the Sheykh is going to say black is white and white is black. And if you are not holding on tightly, you are going to be swept to the other side. Not only swept to the other side but your purpose is going to be to destroy the way that Sheykh Effendi had set. May Allah protect us from that. Wa min Allahu Taufik. Al-Fateha. SelamAleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Shaykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

15 Shaban 1441
April 7, 2020

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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