Advice for Giving Sadaka in the End-Times



There is one advice that Sheykh Mevlana is giving, to cover everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims, believers and non-believers in these times of ahir zaman that he is saying the curse of Allah is raining and he says it’s raining non-stop.

It has been raining non stop but because it doesn’t affect people, they don’t believe that it’s there. Because they are not the ones that they are getting attack by government or by people, they are not the ones who are getting attack by tyrants, they can distract themselves. But now we are seeing that this Allah’s creature, this virus is Allah’s creature, that Allah is sending it as a punishment to us because we have deviated and we have passed our limits, and now it is hitting anyone and there is no cure for it, it’s hitting everyone.

Because before they said, ‘well tyranny is over there but we have the cure for it. We are not affected. Disease is over there but we have the cure for it. We are not affected.’ Now you can run, you can run to the middle of the desert, you can run hundreds of feet underground, it will find you, if Allah wills it that way.

Just like Namrud that we’ve been saying for months, for years, today’s people they are like Namrud. There’s no chance, there’s no chance for tauba. Because Firaun he had a chance for tauba, he had a chance for tauba, and that as Sheykh Maulana is saying, it’s still open and he’s still making the firaun to, because there’s still some very good qualities about him. But Namrud, there’s no chance for tauba. Namrud, he broke his own head and 21st century people they are going to break their whole body, split apart, from the inside it’s going to burst, because of this punishment that is coming. But people didn’t believe that there’s punishment. ‘What punishment? It’s nice. Facebook is saying, everyone is having a nice time, posting nice pictures, nice movies, nice videos, everyone is distracted. Who cares if this whole country is suffering? Who cares if this whole people is under tyranny? Who cares if this whole people they are getting attack and so much cruelty is inflicted on them? Who cares if bombs are raining on this people? We don’t care because we have television, we have this modern lifestyle, we have this technology, we have this comfort.’ But now with this curse that is falling, it’s like rain. Once the rain starts falling, everything gets wet. And it’s not dividing, separating whether you are young or old, male, female, healthy or not healthy, which country you are, high born or low born. It doesn’t matter now.

But Sheykh Mevlana said this decades ago, for protection of the people, to be protected in this rain of curses that Allah SWT is putting on the world because of what we have done, don’t think Allah is just punishing us, we are pulling the anger of Allah. Nobody is really saying why this is happening. But he is saying, one advice that he gives, he is saying, give sadaka. He is saying, give sadaka. This is unbelievers who don’t believe in sejda. He said, give sadaka, he said even in the ahir zaman, even the unbelievers, because of their generosity, some safety will reach to them. So this generosity, to give sadaka, because of that generosity, Allah’s anger will not reach, because that sadaka that we give it is like a protection, it’s like an umbrella that stops that from reaching to us. He says, even for unbelievers, because of their generosity safety is going to reach to them also.

How many Muslims are believing in that? ‘Oh yeah, I wrote a cheque somewhere…Oh yeah, I did this to for this…Oh yeah, I give this for research.’ No, no, no, no, no, the sadaka is also not according to what you think it is. Don’t you know, the zakat it is divided into eight parts. It’s not any zakat that you want to give to anyone, and not in one of those parts it says to give zakat to your family. If it is give zakat to your family, all Muslims for fourteen hundred years will be like the Vatican, only giving for their own family, only for their own dynasty, nothing. Why then did Hz Umar, Hz Osman is giving so much sadaka that the Muslims they finished giving and they start giving to the unbelievers? And don’t think that they give and the Muslims are also going to live in luxury. His own family did not. They are also in need. They fall in that category but they give. Because now it depends on the level of your spirituality. You say, ‘I don’t need this. I can give. This is too much for me. I can give.’

So believers, they are not giving zakat. They are not. They are giving zakat to their own family or according to their own heads. Their sadaka that they are giving comes with so many conditions. They are not knowing. Even if they are knowing, they don’t care so much where they are supposed to give. I’m not understanding this. How can a person who is generous now for example, is looking at people who are unfortunate, looking for people, it is not what we reach to such high level technology that there are no poor people in this world? there is no starving people in this world? Thousands of children they are dying in Muslim countries because of starvation, while our leaders they make toilets of gold.

As Allah is saying, Holy Prophet (AS) is saying, all that wealth is going to be a necklace of fire around you, and that fire is going to burn everyone, in this world it’s going to burn because never before the ummat has been given so much wealth in the history of the world that everyone is having it. It’s only showing that people don’t know what to do with it and they start to use it as a fuel for the jahannam fire, instead of to help people, to assure their place in jannat.

How can a man be generous, looking to people who have less than you and having the heart, how can the man do that and be tricking people at the same time? Cannot be. You cannot be fooling and tricking and cheating people. Doesn’t matter, Muslims or non Muslims. But people today think it’s business, ‘I’m a good businessman if I cheat.’ Muslim especially in this country when they become businessman they become very bad ones. So many. So it is wrong. Punishment is going to reach to them. Because people also and Sheykh Effendi had said also, there will come a time when people they have money it’s not going to be accepted, the Holy ones are not going to take it. Their money that they make it’s going to be forbidden for them to spend in the way of Allah. So we are reaching to that. And then they get into trouble and they don’t know what wrong they’ve done. They think it’s fine. They don’t do sadaka as an active way of giving. They said, ‘oh, sadaka, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll put in the box here and there,’ but it’s not a part of their life where they say, ‘I have to help this poor person. I have to sponsor this family. I have to do this and that..’ no it’s not. It’s lost, especially in this country, it’s lost. There are specific people, maybe some nations that they still have this tradition, but for the most part it’s not. The most that they do is they help their poor brothers or sisters, that’s it. But it’s so easy to love your family, to have a sense of obligation to your family, it’s not that easy that you have to have that same sense of obligation to the ummat who is not related to you, who are strangers from you, that they cannot pay you back. That’s one of the reasons why the Prophet (AS) was sent to do that, to help strangers. So they do that. Then they get one smack, then they are running here and there. What can we do? People are stubborn.

May Allah not make us to be stubborn, insyaAllah. May Allah SWT make us to be more generous ones, as our Sheykh is the servant of the most Generous. We are asking Allah to remove all the wrong characteristics from us that makes us to be a stingy, make us to be generous, Ya Rabbi in every way. And make us to be able to carry this, in these dark times, and make our dunya halal to be able to help others, Ya Rabbi. May Allah forgive me and bless you, al-Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

17 Shaban 1441
April 9, 2020

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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