Check your Actions and Intentions



You must ask and you must find the answer. Not just to ask, you must find the answer. You must ask, ‘why am I living today?’ You may make the intention, ‘I’m living for the sake of Allah,’ but that’s not the answer. Then look, find the answer, ‘am I living for the sake of Allah today? Am I doing this for the sake of Allah? Am I doing that for the sake of Allah? Am I speaking to this person for the sake of Allah?’

Sake of Allah meaning, will Allah and His Prophet and our Sheykh be pleased that I’m doing this action? Am I running to make them to be pleased? Am I doing this to make my ego to be pleased? Or is this work done just in ghaflat? I’m not making any intention? I’m not looking to please anyone? It’s just coming and going. Heedlessness. A lot of the time it’s heedlessness. That’s why there is no taste. There is only slavery. And then when it comes for the spirit to look, to find, to eat and to support itself with the sohbets and zikr, you’ll get the heaviness that is falling. Something is wrong. That means that we are using our body and our focus and our wakefulness, not for worship. For worship, only comes the heaviness and the sleepiness. For the dunya, you know you cannot be sleepy when you are driving. Nobody sleeps when they are doing their work. Nobody. Nobody has the heaviness, even if there’s heaviness, they hit themselves to wake up, they push that aside and said, ‘I must work.’ But so many times we see the heaviness, sheytan blows, and you give in right away. I understand, yes, maybe you are tired, definitely the body is tired, the spirit is not, the spirit cannot be tired. The spirit must long for those times where, ‘I’m sick and tired of doing all these things. I just want to make a zikr. I just want to pray. I just want to sit in sohbet at least for half hour not to have anything to interfere, to open the way, to connect myself to my Sheykh.’ But if you are caught in a routine and you are allowing it to happen, you are lost.

So the intention is there but you are not looking to your action, ‘the actions that I’m doing, does it fit to the intention?’ You eat, people are checking, they are eating, ‘does it fit to my intention of eating?’ What is the intention of eating? ‘Oh, I’m intending just to eat for pleasure. It’s killing me.’ You change the action, you change your intention. So if you are running now, we are here to please Allah and His Prophet, how much are you pleasing Him? You must know. You must check. Especially in these very heavy days. Bala is coming. Evliyaullah they are warning us. Sheykh Effendi he is warning us. How seriously we are taking it? How seriously? If you say, ‘I’m here for my Sheykh,’ how serious are we taking it, to his words, to his warnings, to his actions,  how serious? That you can check. You don’t need anyone to tell yourself. You are coming here by force, you are not taking it seriously. You are not coming here by force, you say, ‘I need this. Alhamdulillah, I’m escaping. Leave everything, I’m just going to come. If the world ends tonight, my intention, my passion, I’m looking to run for the sake of ahiret, not dunya. I’m not staying here being worried about my dunya, spending my life, my breath, my energy for the dunya.’ Saying that we are here for ahiret but we are finishing it for dunya.

If you want, check it. If you are looking, the foundation, ‘I’m saying I have the foundation, I’m saying I have a good intention, I’m saying my intention is there, but my actions, does it fit to the intentions or not? Today, my actions does it fit to the intentions that I’m saying I’m going to be a good servant to Allah, obedient servant to Allah and an obedient one to my Sheykh? What am I doing? What is my proof?’ If the murid is doing this, see what kind of sohbet is going to come, what you are going to understand. You are not doing this, you are not making too much progress. There’s not going to be any taste. Then you are going to find your taste elsewhere. Not in Zikr and sohbet. If you find your taste elsewhere, you will reserve your energy, your happiness, your joy for that. Not for the sohbet, not for the zikr, not for the Dergah, not for the jamaat. Outside. We’ve seen that happens so many times.

Watch yourself. My duty is to say. Up to you whether you want to listen or you don’t want to listen. Wa minAllahu Taufik. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

23 Safar 1440
October 22, 2019

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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