Who comes out from Ramazan as a thankful person, and who as a unthankful person?


QUESTION: The ayat in the Hutbe is saying, “…Maybe you will be thankful…” what is it that despite of all thats inside of man, that out of that we come out being unthankful. Who comes out from ramazan as a thankful person, and who comes out as a unthankful person?


What do you thank? Who do you thank? If someone gives you something, you say thank you. Really?  So many they say thank you one time and they look at the gift. They are more busy with the gift. That’s majority. ‘Oh thank you. Oh it’s so great. Oh look at me, I’m putting it on.’ They are still stuck there with the object. Not for the person. The thankful ones, when they receive, what do they do? You cannot reciprocate to the one who give you. The thankful ones, when they receive something, what does he do? He gives. He takes and he gives. So it passes through him. He doesn’t even take it for himself. That’s one of the reason why zakat comes first before Ramazan. Because it’s the nature of the man who think, ‘this thing is real, because I’m a think, the thing is real, it belongs to me.’ And Allah is saying, ‘you have to share.’ Share. One fortieth. And that’s so difficult. For believers, for Muslims, so difficult. You are not giving. So difficult. One fortieth.

In the way of Tarikat, in our way, in the way of Hz Abu Bakar as-Siddiq, it’s not one fortieth, it’s everything, as Hz Abu Bakar as-Siddiq gives everything to the Holy Prophet (AS). But that thing there that is there, there is a person behind it, there is an intention behind it. That is only a symbol. It’s only a symbol. So Hz Abu Bakar as-Siddiq, he has given everything from himself, physically, it’s a symbol of how he has sacrifice everything in his spirit and everything. ‘Nothing belongs to me.’ That’s why people are saying he’s the first fakir, poor one. He doesn’t have anything. Nothing belongs to him. Not even his wife, his children, not even himself. Everything belongs to the Holy Prophet (AS) and you see Hz Abu Bakar as-Siddiq is concentrating on the Prophet (AS). How difficult is that. That is impossible, for majority of the people it’s impossible, ‘what? Did you say everything? Impossible. It’s mine.’ If one fortieth is impossible, forty out of forty is even more impossible. And Allah has to remind again, it doesn’t belong to you. It came from us. So you are grateful for that. But what is that gratitude means? Are you grateful for the gift or are you grateful for us? If you are grateful for us then it doesn’t matter what comes to you, whether it’s a rose or a thorn of a rose. Whether we give you one or we give you a thousand because you will share, you’ll not only share, you will give.

So from that physical thing, zakat, sawm then you fast. And one of the most important thing in the month of fasting is what? Fitr. Again because mankind is still very stuck to this world, they say, okay, for you to become fitr, for you to become clean, you fast and everything, you are going to pay some money too. Because a lot of people that’s how they understand. Money. Eh, what is that money? Very very little. And who is that money for? For Allah? Hasha. Allah is not in need of that money. Yes, Allah is not in need of the Qurban, the meat and the bones and everything. He is not in need. It is for us. It is to give to the people who it really belongs to. What is this teaching mankind? To disassociate yourself from yourself, from your dunya, from your desires, to say, ‘this desire they are not part of me. It’s part of the ego. At least I have to train it. At least I have to step on it. At least I must control it.’

What is the use of the man who gives millions and he still has greed in his heart? What is the use of a man who gives billions but he’s still a stingy person? There are so many who gives millions and billions, they are very stingy. That stinginess it is there. Because that generosity it doesn’t come with how much. The poor person who gives, let’s say one dollar, is more valuable in the eyes of Allah then a millionaire who gives millions. Now this you are going deeper inside to see, what goes on in your heart when you give and what is the intention when you give. And Allah, when He gives, does He ask for anything back? No. Allah when He give He doesn’t ask for anything back. And if we say we are coming from Allah, why are we not going back to that Divine nature. This is what Tarikat is teaching us, how to go back to that Divine nature.


Allah SWT, in the Khutba, says, ‘Maybe some of you will be thankful. So, in the khutba, Allah SWT is saying, in the hopes that you become grateful, understand now the Lutuf, the delicacy of Allah SWT and the generosity of Allah SWT that He is giving everything and He say, ‘insya’Allah some of you will remember Me.’

Understand the delicacy of Allah that He is going out of His way showing this side of Him that He has not shown to any other ummat from before. Never. No, other ummat that He has shown the side of compassion, mercy and generosity. Earlier ummats, He is not showing that. But to the ummat of His beloved one, to the ummat of the ahir zaman, He is showing that. And still, because the Quran e-Kerim came to the ummat of the ahir zaman, not for the earlier ummat, it’s for us, still Allah SWT in His delicacy is saying, ‘I give you and everything is for you but maybe some of you will be grateful.’ Which is why that old man who sat and he is crying and he say, ‘Ya Rabbi, make me to be that few, make me to become the very few,’ over and over and over again, Hz umar, you have to understand that Hz Umar is the one who is standing firm against bida’at, anyone who is trying to do new stuff, don’t think they didn’t try that time. Of course now they accuse Hz Umar of making bida’at and say twenty raka’at is bida’at. Some is even saying the whole tarawih is bida’at. Because 21st century man with religious knowledge but without guidance they have become the most tyrant ones, zalim. They dare to say these things and still with Allah’s lutuf and mercy, still not touching us.

What, you think this virus is something? It’s nothing. Still not touching us. That had never happened for over one thousand three hundred years. Never happen. Anyone who is daring to say that about the Khalifah, anyone who is daring to say that about the Khulafa al-Rashidin, anyone who is daring to say about the Sahabi e-Kiram, nations will go to war, because they are daring. But now, millions, and when we talk about the scholars of the ahir zaman, of course we are talking about the scholars who lead the ummat astray. No idiot, ahmak people, sometime they say, ‘oh they are the ones, we are only criticizing the alims of the ahir zaman and they are good scholars and why we are saying that?’ We are not talking about this, breh, we are talking about the warnings that the Prophet is saying 70 000 scholars who are on the wrong way. We are talking about the wrong scholars. If you are dumb enough not to know the difference, I cannot do anything for you. Go sit down somewhere and wait for the angel of death to come.

We are talking about the wrong alims and there are so many in these days and they are leading millions. We are warning people. And the scholars are the ones, not regular people, scholars are the ones who say, for example, tarawih prayers are also bida’at and there are a lot of people who follow that. This is one of countless things that alims of the ahir zaman they put out to say and they are supported by big money, supported by regime, supported by think tanks, everything. And they are corrupting everyone. Since when ahle sunnat means that you sit back and you let the sunnat of the Prophet to be corrupted and destroyed. Ahle sunnat means you stand up to defend the sunnat. Isn’t it? So you stop being ahle sunnat also. Now becoming Sufi, ‘I love everyone.’ MashaAllah. That kind of Sufi, you will pronounce takfeer on Abu Bakar as-Siddiq. You will pronounce takfeer on Hz Umar, Hz Osman and Hz Ali. You’re saying, ‘why are you fighting? Why are you hating them? You are supposed to love each other.’ Become complete empty heads now.

So now where were we? The lutuf of Allah for this nation it is extraordinary. That lutuf  is necessary. Nothing that Allah does is unnecessary. The lutuf is necessary because it makes people who are coming from, let’s say, animal background, jahilliyah, to be the highest in civilization. That Lutuf is also, that compassion, that mercy is also necessary because if we don’t have that, none of us in this ahir zaman, since the veiling of the Khilafat especially, none of us can enter into safety or into Paradise. Everyone of us will be sent to non existence, into Hellfire too.


So that Lutuf, that delicacy and that mercy is necessary. Otherwise we’ll all, Prophet (AS) says, ‘three days there is no Khalifah, there is no Islam.’ So people who are busy with moon-sighting, breh we are living in a system where what we put into our mouth to what we wear, to what we drive, to everything, because the whole economic system, the whole system of government, the whole system of military, the whole system of health care and everything, it is based on things that Allah and His Prophet they are not liking. I’m using very nice words. I’m not saying they are haram or it’s kufr. But take your pick. Whichever words you want to use.

So Allah, still in His delicacy, in that ayat, is saying that we give you everything, we give you all the blessings, especially in this month of Ramazan, in the hopes that maybe some of you are going to be grateful. But, as we say, that man who was crying, and saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, make me from the very few. Make me from the very few. Make me from the very few.’ Because Allah is saying, ‘Only the few maybe they are going to be grateful.’ This old man was crying and Hz Umar, like we said he is standing up against the bida’at, he said, ‘Who is teaching you this dua?’ and the old man was saying, ‘Ya Umar,’ he’s not an old man, he’s a Saliheen, he is a Saint, ‘didn’t Allah say only the few they are going to be grateful, only the very few they are going to be humble, only the very few they are going to be sincere and I want Allah to make me to become from that very few.’ The person, that saleh is not saying, ‘I am from the very few.’

This is the arrogance, firaunic arrogance and Nimrud arrogance that has fallen to 21st century man, everyone thinks they are sincere. ‘I’m sincere, I read. I go to umrah. I make zikr. I’m sincere.’ Who are you to gauge yourself? Of course when you kill all the teachers, when you took out all the teachers and you took out the system that gives you the grade, everyone gives their own grade, of course. Why not, right? This is what happened. They took out the system of wilayat that was ruling, the shariat as well, they took out that and everyone is giving their own grades. Man learning five hadiths, he can come out and declare himself to be a saint, declaring himself to be a scholar. When Hz Umar heard that prayer from that one, that mubarak one, he started crying. And like what we said earlier, Tarikat is training us to become that few, to become that very few. And it is struggle. Tarikat is struggle. It is fighting. If you think you are in Tarikat and you are in Paradise, check again. If you are not struggling, check again.

Allah SWT, in this month of Ramazan, sending blessings, hoping, Allah hoping, Allah Allah, which one of My servants is not going to be busy with what I send to them but they are going to be busy to look at who send to them. To be busy with that. Majority they are praying to Allah to get something from Allah. Only very few they are praying to Allah just to be with Allah, sincerely. How are you going to know, how are you going to get this feeling, whether your relationship to Allah is just like a businessman or like a lover. How are you going to know? Number one, yes, everyone, everyone knows. Don’t say, ‘oh so difficult I don’t know.’ Everyone has fallen in love. Everyone has experience that love. The feeling that I have to give. If I don’t give then I am not being true to my self. The real love is not what you take but It is what you give. It is how you disappear. Everyone know that, whether it’s a person or it’s an animal or it’s a thing, you will get drunk in that.

So Allah gives it to everyone. Nobody can say that I don’t know. Now to enter into a deeper understanding, how to become one of those few that is not looking to what Allah is sending but is looking to Allah, that is not looking to what Allah is sending but to be with Allah. For people of Tarikat, especially in the Naksibendi way, it is very easy. What is that call? Sohbet, when being in the presence it is better than getting present. When you are just in the huzr, then everything disappears and nothing matters, not time or space or thing. But just to be in the presence of that one. Because that one is in the presence of Allah. In reality if you are in the presence of that one, there’s nothing that you need. You don’t need anything. You don’t need to sleep, eat, drink, you just want to be in their presence.

So, Tarikatuna sohbet ve hayru fil cemiyet. We have to fix ourselves in the sohbet, fix our heart in the sohbet. Then, insyaAllah ar-Rahman we can get a taste of being the very few. It’s difficult for us, our Sheykh is not here. We miss him. But there is a blessings and there is a wisdom to that as well because it is showing very strongly that nothing else matters except to be reunited with him. We will throw away the whole world to spend one more second with him. So there is a big secret to that. We are feeling that. We must hold on to that. And that, that is the Uwaisy way. So we are blessed with that too. It’s okay, this separation is only temporary. There is only one screen, one veil between us and him, here now. But we must live our life here and we must live our afterlife with him, together with him, not to be separated, to be busy with the wazifa that he has given us. That time we will be with him and what it is necessary, he will turn around the corner just to say, ‘like this.’

InsyaAllah, may Allah forgive me and bless all of you. May Allah wake us up. Murids must be sharp. I don’t want any murids to be dull and to be soft. We are struggling in the way of Allah, you cannot be dull and soft. You have to be sharp. We are soldiers against to sheytan, against to our nafs. And the soldiers cannot be lazy or dull. We must be awake all the time. May Allah give us that wakefulness especially in this time of Ramazan for our spirit to become more awake, for our desires to become more and more weak and more and more sleeping, insyaAllah, for the blessings of this Ramazan to carry us through until next Ramazan.

ramazan sahur

May our Sheykh be happy with us. May he forgive us. May we be able to send his teachings and his light everywhere in this world and to help as many people as we can. We are his weak ones but we think we may become strong ones insyaAllah. May hypocrisy leave our hearts. May hypocrite people leave our Jamaat. May those who stand in the way of haqq be removed. May murids have more passion in their hearts for this way. May the way be open for us to make more hizmet, insyaAllah. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

1 Ramazan 1441
April 24, 2020

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