What is the actual job of the Prophets?


Question: In Hz Musa’s story, when Allah (SWT) is speaking to him he asked for Hz Harun to be appointed as his vezir. He says, ‘I have trouble speaking, he speaks more clearly than me,’ if speaking is not his strong trait, then the Prophet’s job is not just being able to speak, what is the actual job of the Prophet?


Number one, physically, Musa (AS) when he was brought up in the palace of the Firaun, of the Pharaoh, it’s a long story, the Pharaoh took him in. He’s a very beautiful baby, the Pharaoh took him in and raised him as his own. And there were so many signs when he was growing up, because the Firaun knows that there will be born a child from the Bani Israel who is going to destroy him. So he did so many things to destroy that, to make that omen, that prophecy not to come true, he killed all the firstborn, he did this and he did that. Then obviously this Bani Israel child came, and his wife found and said, ‘no, no, save him, he is harmless,’ and he said, ‘okay,’ he believed and he raised him and they had so much love.

There was once when Firaun was ruling and Hz Musa was a toddler and Hz Musa was playing and climbed on his throne, and the throne fell down. And all those evil ones, the vezirs and everyone looking and they said, ‘this is an evil omen, it’s a sign, this child maybe is that one that’s coming to bring everything down.’ And he said, ‘no, he’s just a child, he doesn’t know anything.’ The mother was especially trying to defend him, his foster mother, although his real mother was also there taking care of him, and she said, ‘if you don’t believe, bring candy and bring coal and give it to him, you’ll see, he doesn’t know, he’s a child, he won’t make the right choice.’ So it was brought to him. Of course Hz Musa was not ignorant even as a child, so he went to grab the candy, but Hz Jibrail (AS) pushed his hand and he grabbed the coal, and he put it in his mouth quickly, and it burned his tongue and he spat it out. Then she said, ‘you see? He’s a child, he doesn’t know. So don’t believe in these omens, these signs they’re saying.’ So that saved him. He couldn’t talk.

So physically that is not given to him, and he’s asking help from Hz Harun, Hz Harun was the one who was able to speak. What was his job? His job is to come and to give the heaviest work, heaviest order, and if the order is not given, the heaviest punishment. You ever hear that Hz Musa is the Prophet of peace, or the Prophet of mercy? No, not to his nation. So he was the one that was given the tablets, he was given the law, and Allah (SWT) is saying, ‘we have given you the law, and a way.’ And when he came down from the mountain and he was carrying the Shariat and he was carrying the Tarikat, and he saw his people that he just left them, he just left them, and he showed them so many miracles and signs, and he just left them for a while and he left his brother Harun in charge, and he sees his people worshiping a golden calf, and the golden calf was alive, it was making noise and it was grabbing their hearts, from that time until today, of course they love that, gold, you know? And he got so upset he threw down all the Tarikat, Tasawwuf, spirituality, and he says, ‘my people, they are not ready for this.’ And Allah accepted his prayer, He says, ‘no, don’t give them the Tarikat, give them the heaviest Shariat, because they are a people who are stubborn and stiff-necked and arrogant, and they are rebellious.’

What did he do when he came down? The first thing that he did, he beat up his own brother, Hz Harun, he beat him up, and he says, ‘how can you allow this to happen?’ he says, ‘it happened.’ And the punishment for that, Allah was going to punish the whole nation, but the punishment for that, He says, ‘now those ones who are worshiping, those ones who are believing, their fathers, their mothers, their daughters, their brothers, their sisters, the one who is related to the ones who have deviated,’ He says, ‘the correct ones, the only way that you can purify this wrong action, you take out the sword and cut them.’ They couldn’t do it. Then Allah sent down a very heavy fog, then they could do it. It lasted the whole night long, thousands. Then that way they can’t see who they are punishing and their heart will not get too soft. In the morning time the sun rose, then they saw. So that’s for Hz Musa (AS).

Murid: I was thinking that there’s something beyond just speaking in that maqam of Prophethood, or Khilafat.

Of course there is, but it’s not for everyone. Of course there is. But you must start somewhere, if you are speaking and no one is listening, then you cannot just jump to not speaking. Nowadays, Sheykh Effendi says one thing and they listen to another. Sheykh Effendi says one thing, making everyone, that level is called mutawatir for instance, majority are there, they listen, they agree. But you still have some weird ones here and there saying, ‘no, no, no, no, he’s not saying that,’ what are you going to say to these ones? Nothing. Not our job, you understand? So clearly he’s saying, and people are clearly deviating. That is the best one, that they are saying something. The worst ones are completely taking that and committing evil with that. The best ones are the ones who just make deviation and they don’t commit evil, they say opposite. But the worst ones are when they use that to commit the evil and to take away the rights of others.

So we are very far away from that level where, just heart to heart, people are not even using their mouths properly, they don’t know, they’re not using their ears properly, not using their eyes, everything properly, everything is corrupt. InsyaAllah, when it is necessary, insyaAllah. This much is enough.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

21 Ramazan 1441
May 14, 2020

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