The Last Ten Nights of Ramazan



Destur medet ya Sahibulsaif. We are asking support from our Sheykh, insyaAllah, Sahibulsaif, to send us something that is going to be beneficial to us here and hereafter, in this Holy Month of Ramazan. We are already in the last ten nights. These are the ten nights where Leylatul Qadr is hidden. The meaning that something is hidden is so that you try to find it. It doesn’t mean that something is hidden and you don’t find it.

Something is hidden, it is away from your open vision, but if you have different kind of vision, you will see it. You’re supposed to look for it and find it. Qadr it is important, because it is a grant that Allah SWT has given to the Holy Prophet (AS) specially, for his Ummat, that his Ummat, his Sahabi e-Kiram, Sahabis representing the best of the Ummat asking for something that is given to the earlier nations. Like earlier nations were worshiping for hundreds of years, worshiping their whole lives, and as you know, the lifespan of the Ummat of the Holy Prophet (AS) is short. Sixty-three, seventy, that’s it. So then Allah SWT sent through Jibril (AS) good news, glad tidings, to say that if you find this one night that is in the last ten nights of Ramazan, and if you worship that night, it is as if you had worshiped for a thousand months. And calculating a thousand months, it is 83 years.

So it is, in that one night, in one year, if you catch that night, the Night of Power, it is that night that Allah SWT has revealed the Quran. But what is so special then? Quran is revealed first time on that night. There must be something else that is happening every year since that time of one thousand four hundred and something years that on that night, Allah is saying ‘We have revealed the Quran on that night.’ So it must be that the revelation of Allah’s wishes and Allah’s command and the blessings it is repeated from that time up till Judgement Day, for the sake of the Holy Prophet (AS). And it is up to the Ummat now to try to find it and to hold it secure, and to hold it very, how do you say, to hold it as it is something very precious, and not to let it go.

Last ten nights of Ramazan, so many Muslim cultures they have lost that desire to try to find the Leylatul Qadr. It has become just running after eating and drinking and enjoying yourselves again. There is that part in every celebration in Islam, but when you take that part of enjoyment more than the part where you are using that Holy time to come closer to your Lord Allah SWT and your Holy Prophet (AS), then you lose the benefit of those Holy times as well. You will get the enjoyment, but the enjoyment is only of the dunya. To search for that, for the Leylatul Qadr, to search for the night and for the time that Allah SWT is revealing His wishes, is revealing His remembrance, this was something that was taken very seriously in the past, and people were running to shut down everything and to stay in Masjids and to start worshiping. Who is running after the dunya, like this, like that, cooking, cleaning? The women they are. That is their job. Now men, women, young and old running after that. Circling around in the streets of Ramazan, not so much worshiping or trying to find their Lord or trying to find the night, but trying to find more enjoyment. And some, running after the enjoyment of their nafs in this month of Ramazan.

So we must pull ourselves away from that, and especially now that we are in Tarikat, we are in Jamaat, not to be too busy with that, especially for the men. Pull yourself away from this world and put yourself into that state of itikaf, to say ‘I am making intention to be just worshiping for Allah SWT.’ It is important for us. Now, what has become for 21st century Muslims, now, in Holy Days and Nights, they have become worse than sheytan, they have become worse than Firaun, they have become worse than Namrud.

When you are not running after your Lord, you are only running after your ego. And Allah SWT is warning over and over again, ‘for those of you who reject Our signs, for those of you who become disobedient and rebellious, then you are only going to pull to yourselves and anger of Allah, and your azab, your end, your punishment is going to be very serious and very difficult for you. And even if the guidance is going to come to you, you are going to reject the guidance.’ But Allah guides whom He wishes. And who does He wish to guide? Those servants that He says that they are patient, those servants that are consistent in their worship and their good works, those servants who are giving zakat, giving sadaqah, those servants who are watching the rights of other people. For them, Allah is saying ‘I choose them. These are My servants. They may not look like much to you,’ and this has always been the criticism of those ones who are not following the Prophets. They say ‘those ones who are following this one who is saying that he is coming from his Lord, who are they? They are the rejects of society, they are like rusty nails. They are no good. Why we have to run after them?’

This is a sign of a Prophet. This is a sign of a righteous one. And this was one of the questions that Heraclius asked Abu Sufyan, when Abu Sufyan (RA), before he became a Sahabi, but Abu Sufyan (RA), he always speaks the truth, and when he sees what is true he takes it. And when he was in the court of Heraclius, and the king was asking him some questions about that one who has proclaimed himself to be a Prophet in the deserts in the Ahir Zaman, that is according to the secret teachings of the church, secret teachings of the Bani Israil, one of the questions he asked was ‘who are his followers? Are they rich people, important people, powerful people?’ Abu Sufyan says ‘no, they are orphans, widows, poor people.’ And he says ‘yes, as the followers of the Prophets they always are, especially in the beginning.’ And this is something that Firaun and Namrud could not understand. They say ‘if your Lord is so great, if you are saying that you are so great, and you can work all these miracles, where are your followers that are great as well?’

I had a question, our brother is asking, Allah SWT in the Quran e-Kerim, when He spoke to Musa (as), and He said to Musa (as) ‘go and speak to Firaun, and go to speak to him gently,’ He says ‘in the hopes maybe his heart will soften.’ This is one of the things that it is not even knowledge of Tarikat that we are opening up so much. This is knowledge of the Quran. But one thing that Sheykh Mevlana and Sheykh Effendi had said, Allah SWT He loves more, if it’s between the two, and if the word is ‘love’, let’s say He prefers, He prefers Firaun to Namrud. Okay? Firaun is mentioned so many times in the Quran. Firaun is mentioned, he’s called Firaun. For Namrud, Allah SWT does not even mention his name or his title. He says ‘that one.’ ‘That one did this, that one.’ Do you understand? It’s so detestable, that Allah doesn’t even honor him with a name or a title. And one of the reasons was, as Sheykh Effendi has said, is that because Firaun he took care of his people. Firaun took care of his people. He was Firaun to who? To the Bani Israil. But he took care of his people and he loved his people. And his mistake was he wants all his people to love him to an excess that they want to worship him. He says ‘I am your highest lord.’ Did he believe this, that he was the highest lord? For Firaun, he did not. He did not. This was all just a game that he was playing so that he gets power. Because Allah SWT had said that one in the end, he is going to give the Shahadat, but We are not going to accept that Shahadat from him, and this is something that had happened. In his last seconds, when the water was covering him when he was chasing after Hz Musa (as), and he wanted to say the Shahadat, to say that ‘I believe in Musa and the Lord of Musa,’ Jibril (as) fell from the sky so fast. He flew down, and he took mud and he stopped Firaun’s mouth, and he says ‘no. Don’t you say.’ Because once a person says the Shahadat one time, all his sins are going to be forgiven. He says ‘you are not going to get away so easy.’ And Allah is saying ‘We mean to make you to become an example.’ An example to all of eternity until Judgement Day.

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Musa (as), Allah SWT sent him to speak to Firaun, still hoping that Firaun will turn, his heart is going to turn. But with Namrud, there was no such, let’s say, warmth, because with Namrud, Namrud also, he was not under a delusion, like Firaun he was just fooling people, but he knows that he is not a Lord. When the issue was challenged to Musa (as) to see who is more powerful, and who can make the river Nile to flow the opposite direction, you know the story, and Musa (as) accepted that, knowing that Allah is going to be his supporter, and he went home, he prayed and he went to rest, but Firaun he went back to his palace, he shut himself in a special room and he tied himself up, he took his beard and he tied it to a piece of rope up to the ceiling, and the whole night long he was on his knees, begging his Lord, begging Allah SWT to ask for victory for the next day, so that he doesn’t seem like a fool to his people. He was believing and he was begging. And the next day, when the challenge was performed in front of the whole country, and when Musa (as) commanded the river Nile to flow backwards, the river did not obey him. But when Firaun commanded the river to flow backwards, the river obeyed him, and the whole country now, they went down to the floor and they were worshiping to Firaun, saying ‘you must be the highest lord.’ And those ones who were weak together with Musa (as), they also went down to sejdah. And Musa (as), he didn’t understand so much that time, asking Allah ‘am I not Your Prophet? Why did You not grant me a victory to this? Why did You grant the victory to the unbeliever?’ And Allah is saying ‘you are My servant and he is a servant, and I am your Lord, and what did you do when you asked Me, and what did he do? He spent the whole night begging Me.’ Allah’s Justice, you can never take for granted. And as Allah says, ‘I guide whomever I will. I will do whatever that I want.’

This puts the believer to be in a situation where he must be between hope and fear, never to be saying ‘100%, 100%, 100,000% I am right and I am always going to be right, and victory is always going to be granted to me.’ This has never been the situation with any of the Prophets, especially with the Holy Prophet (AS).

But Namrud, he was not trying to fool people. He really believed he was Lord. He was completely fooling himself. And at first, he is saying to Ibrahim (as), ‘let your Lord to be ruling the skies, I rule in this world. Don’t let Him to interfere.’ That used to be like that, 21st century mankind, saying ‘this is life, it is separate from religion, let us live our life. It is not religion. Don’t pull God into this,’ they are saying. But 21st century mankind has become worse than Firaun, they have become Namruds. Namrud, after a while he got greedy too, and he said ‘I want to rule the skies too, not just the earth.’ And he, with his technology, two, that Evliyaullah opened up for us to know, that from that time until today, two, one technology is to throw things from one distance to another distance into a fire. He also made the first big fire that is happening, and the other technology is to be able now to fight against to gravity. So he invented that technology, he says ‘now, I must kill the Lord in the sky, the Lord of Ibrahim, because I want to rule the sky.’ And he went up, and he shot an arrow, Evliyaullah are saying, this is the Lutuf of Allah again. Allah did not want to disappoint him. But also, Allah does not want to guide him. And one fish sacrificed itself and it was brought up there, and it was shot and the blood came out, when the blood came, Namrud is saying ‘ha, this is proof I killed his Lord.’ And what is his end? The end of Firaun that was so stubborn, that was so arrogant, stubbornness meaning that he knows what is right, but he is just pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing as much as he can, you know? The other one is not stubborn, the other one just doesn’t believe. He just doesn’t believe. Although he sees so many miracles that are happening, he thinks that ‘I am the lord, the real lord.’

So Firaun, Allah SWT gave him a chance to even say, to even think, to even make an intention. This one, nothing. And what was his end? That one’s end is trying to say the Shahadat, right? I mean, before that, his end was to destroy the Prophet of Allah, yes, but when he knew that everything was lost, he wanted to say the Shahadat. The other one, what was his end? He wanted to destroy Allah. He wasn’t running after the nation of Ibrahim (as) or to destroy Ibrahim (as), because at that time, he knew that Ibrahim (as) was untouchable, so he says ‘now I am going to destroy his Lord,’ and he called his whole army to come together, and Allah, to that one He sent a virus, something the eye cannot see, and it destroyed his whole army, from an army of mosquitoes that Allah SWT is sending, and that mosquito, to the one who is more proud than Firaun, entered through his nose to his brain, started eating his brain. This brain is no good for nothing, you think you are lord, you think you killed the Lord? Started eating the brain, and not you see how simple and how elegant the punishment of Allah is? Allah is not even making a mosquito that He has created to punish him, because now Namrud is punishing himself. He has such a big pain in his head, such a big headache that he would hire someone to take a big hammer to hit on his head every time the big migraine, the headache is happening to him. After a while, it doesn’t seem to stop. Whenever he hits it, the mosquito inside, eating, eating his brain stops eating for a while, so he some peace for a few seconds, then it starts eating again and his pain starts happening again over and over, until it became so unbearable that he got really upset with the one who was pounding his head, he threw him out, he took the hammer himself and he hit his own head, and it split open and that mosquito came out, and it was the size of a bird, and it flew out. With that one, there was no chance, there was no guidance, there was not chance.


21st century people have to be very careful. Allah Allah, we’ve come to the time now, we have to look at the lesser of the two evils. These are two evils, Namrud and Firaun, but the lesser of them is Firaun. People today, they’ve become worse than Firaun, they’ve become Namruds. In this month, in these last ten nights, we are asking Allah for what? Freedom from the fire. In the old days, people really believed they committed wrong things, they really believed that and they were crying to their Lord. They really believe they have a fire that is inside, and that fire that is inside is not going to get away unless they put it out with the tears. So they would spend nights not just going up and down, but begging their Lord, asking their Lord, because they really believe that they have done something wrong, they have done everything wrong, that even if they are doing everything there is correctly, they say ‘to even claim I am doing something, that is wrong.’

Who do we have as an example? The Khalifah. He is there. Sultan Abdul Aziz Han, that his tradition, the tradition of the Ottoman Sultans that carried all the way from the beginning, when it’s something that is very heavy, they don’t make dua to Allah SWT, they write a personal letter to the Holy Prophet (AS) and they sent it to his Rauza e-Sherif, asking. Asking ‘please intercede for me.’ And the Khalifah, never you see any of the Khalifahs saying ‘I did this, I did this, I did this,’ like today, so many rulers in Islam, forget rulers, people who did a little bit of something, they say ‘I did this and I did this.’ But the Khalifahs of Allah, the Khalifahs of the Prophet, the Khalifahs of Islam, they never said that. They say ‘I am not doing anything that is deserving, I am the one who is in need of your intercession, I have done so many bad, wrong things,’ they are saying, out of their humility, although they were holding the sancak of Islam high. And they were begging and they were crying. And when the head is like that, everyone is also like that.

So freedom from the fire, first you have to discover, what is the fire that you are holding? When you are not admitting that you are holding the fire, then how can you be free from the fire? You believe that there is no fire. But in reality, you are already burning. You are burning in this world, you are burning in the grave, you are going to burn in the hereafter. 21st century Muslims, we are saying that we are the best. Because when you take spirituality out of the religion, then you are just going to judge everything by the outside. You are not going to look inside, internally, to really look at your intentions, to really look at these different characteristics of your ego that burns everything. If you have a drop of arrogance, that drop of arrogance, if you still just have that drop, it is haram for you to enter into a paradise.

Now, maybe people say ‘we enter into Tarikat to find out about this.’ I say if you enter into a Tarikat that deals with this, and you have a Sheykh that is teaching you all this, very good, MashaAllah to you. You are getting something that billions they don’t have. But majority, unfortunately, they don’t enter Tarikat for that either. Eh, they use words, they open their mouth, they say a couple of things, but they are without any clue. More and more, we are seeing why Sheykh Effendi, when Sheykh Effendi was speaking about major 20th, 21st century Ahir Zaman, since the fall of the Khilafat, major scholars and major, let’s say leaders, that the whole world is running after them and saying that ‘this one is Sheykhul Islam, this one is seyyid, this one is this, this is that,’ and we sit with this Ahlil Haqq, this Sahibulsaif, and he’s saying ‘be careful from that one, be careful from this one,’ we say ‘this one also?’ He says ‘yes. Be careful.’ ‘How about this one? This one also? I thought he seemed nice.’ ‘This one also. Be careful, be careful,’ and slowly things start opening up, and we say ‘how can this be? They said that? How can they say that? This one believed in something like that? This one is what, this one is a big Sheykh, yes, and he is defending Sayyid Qutub? Huh, very weird.’ So now when you start seeing with the eyes of those who see with the Nur of Allah, you start understanding the darkness and the smoke that is around you.

26672062569_8407825ac8_cBecause otherwise, no matter how much worship, no matter how much good you do, if you have a drop of tolerance and love for those ones who are Ahli Nar, that fire is going to reach to you too.

So we are asking Allah to make us to escape from our own fire and the fire of the ones who are around us, to let us to run to those ones who are in the circles of light, and we are asking Allah, for their sake, forgive us and make us to be in the straight way, make us to run away from tyranny and evil, and we are asking Allah to bring down the tyrants and the evil ones, insyaAllah, and to bring back His servants, to bring the justice and the mercy of Allah back into this world again. For the sake of Ramazan, for the sake of our Sheykh, al Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

21 Ramazan 1441
May 14, 2020

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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