How Can We Understand the Priority of Serving Our Lord?


Question: The Holy ones, they spend their times to serve just one purpose, that is to please their Lord or to please their Sheykh. They don’t worry about how many houses they have. How to understand that intention and to make other people understand? Because nowadays it seems that people think this is all secondary, the primary concern is to make sure that you have a good time in dunya, their purpose of serving their Lord is secondary. How to fully understand that?

When you stop having role models in front of you that show you that this can be done, then you stop believing in it. If you have role models in front of you that they are doing these things, running for the sake of Allah and Allah is taking care of them and Allah is saying, don’t worry, one way or another your rizq is going to come to you, you are going to be able to support everything and also give. Once you have those role models, everyone will believe. Everyone needs a role model. No matter how much people say, it’s just philosophy until there is one leader, an Imam, a leader, a President, a CEO, somebody there that does it then it becomes real and you can see, ‘oh this one is like a messenger,’ then you can also do it. Like what we said yesterday, if it’s just about reading books, Allah would have sent the Quran as a Book. But He didn’t. He sent the Quran in the walking Quran, to the Holy Prophet (AS).

So Books, they don’t work. You have to have the person who is there to be able to explain what the Book is, what it means and how to live by the Book. Once you take away all these role models that teaches you, that shows you that. In the time when the Khalifas and the Sultans and the Kings were busy running after alims and Saints and Sheykhs and running after the Quran and the sunnah, the righteous people and the ahle Bayt, and running after to read the Holy Books coming from them, they are teaching in Europe a new book. They tell their Kings to study this book in order to become a real King. What is that Book? Machikeki? That one, I’m not even going to bless him by saying his name properly in the Dergah. And basically, is that based on any Holy Books, his teachings? No, if anything it’s based on sheytanic principles and egoistic principles. And he calls it the Prince. Basically it’s saying that you have to be a tyrant, you have to take away all humanity in order to be able to govern properly. Then they started following that, those kings they started following that. It became very popular. Imagine if such a book is written in Islamic land, what do you think is going to happen to that author? They are going to take him out. They are going to say, this is dajjalic. Once they started studying that book, like what we’ve said earlier, Allah SWT has given sheytan power. If necessary Allah SWT will give sheytan more power than his Prophets. Yes or no? Yes. Although the Prophets are more powerful, definitely, but Allah, as He says, I can do whatever I please.

Didn’t Allah give power to Sheytan to put so much burden and heaviness on Hz Ayyub (AS)? It was sheytan, it wasn’t fate, it wasn’t Allah. It was sheytan who killed his sons, took away his wife, gave him so much curse so that everybody runs away with him and they are saying, ‘this is how Allah treats His best servant? Then we run away from that.’ It was a test to him and to others too. But Allah needs to test Him and He says, ‘you will find him patient.’ And if there is two things that Allah SWT is speaking about again and again in the Quran is what? Those who establish prayer and those who are patient. Those who pray and they have patience. They pray, they give zakat, they have patience. They pray, they give zakat and they treat the orphans good and they have patience. Always patience, patience, patience. Ya Sabr, it is a station Sheykh Effendi had said it is very difficult to attain. It’s His last name.

If you take away those role models that are doing good and you replace it with role models who follow bad books, and they become successful. Because Allah gives sheytan power. He says, those who are following you, you can do as you like. But those who are not following you, you have no power over them. How many that they are not going to follow sheytan? Allah Himself is saying, they are very few. They are very few. Majority they are following. In spite of our warnings, our messengers, our Books, everything, in spite of all our signs, they still follow. So don’t tell me to guide them. I guide whoever I please, Allah is saying. Those who are asking for guidance, Allah guides them. He is saying, those who are looking for guidance, I will guide the. Those that I’ve warned them, I punished them, I’ve done so much and they are still not asking for guidance, I will leave them. And I have the power to do all things.

When those role models they are taken away, good role models, and after one generation they are forgotten, people will start to think, ‘all these are Saints? It’s just a fairy tale. These Prophets, these Sahabis? Oh, it’s impossible. It’s impossible, it’s all a fairy tale and there is no way of doing it, but we still want our religion and we call ourselves the most religious people.’ And in front of them if you have people who are ahle dunya that they are very successful and they are doing whatever they want. You think Allah doesn’t know? Does Allah say in the Quran, you do something immediately Allah is going to punish you? No. If anything, Allah is saying, ‘wait, wait. Always wait. Wait. I give them some rest, I give them some break. Wait to see what’s going to happen. They think, and Allah is saying for them, saying that they are boasting, ‘ah, don’t you see, we are doing everything that we want, nothing is happening to us.’ And Allah is saying, so many times, ‘don’t you see, how many countless nations We have destroyed? Countless. Countless generations We have destroyed that they are being so proud of everything that they are doing and We have destroyed them just like that. And you still want to forget, huh?’

So those role models they are taken away. And now, to even think, for the majority of the Muslims, to think that there was a righteous king, they say, ‘no. No. We believe everything that is taught to us by the west. Every king is a tyrant, every king is corrupt, every king is just running after their nafs. Every King. If we say, Khalifah. ‘Khalifah? There’s no such thing as Khalifah. Anyway all the Khalifahs, they are all corrupt.” Hasha. They will start saying all these things. Is this a few people saying this? No. Majority are saying this. Until it becomes impossible for them to think that there were such a thing. It’s impossible. As they are corrupted, they are only looking for corruptions in others.

Especially now, when we are talking about people generally, what influences and shaped people generally? What, maybe we talked generally as if everyone just gets born, gets educated and they have Islam and they have work and then they come to this conclusion. What are these conclusions? That the most important thing in life to run after is just your retirement plans, your buying this, and serving Allah and Islam comes secondary, right? How did they come to this conclusion. Is it just living life like that? It’s the whole system. Whole system is touching and poking that same kind of agenda, same kind of understanding, from the time that you come into this world until you die. That is if you look to the system and you say, ‘this system is normal. The school is normal, the society is normal, the television is normal, the social media is normal, my nationalism is normal, political ideology is normal. Everything is normal, everything is as it has always been,’ they are thinking. Then you can come out with this conclusion, saying, ‘ah yeah, but Islam is Islam. Faith is faith. But it’s necessary. What’s most necessary, we have to do. We have to earn our money. This is priority.’ And we ask them, why you want to earn so much money? Many are going to say, ‘you’re crazy? Why not? We want to live comfortably.’ Like how? Like that kafir. Like that tyrant. Like that corrupt celebrity. Like that sinful person. Like that. Because these are the people who’s holding that. In the old days we have Holy people, good people, alims that also were billionaires and multi billionaires, but they are not like what we have today. But all those are taken away already, also. What do you have? Muslims who look like muslims who are saying, we are custodians of this holy thing and this holy thing, they are billionaires, multi-billionaires, do they act like they are servant of Allah? No, they behave like servants of sheytan. Why is that? Only sheytan is going to tell you to build a toilet bowl from gold. You understand? It’s nothing to do with honor now.

Honor is not what you give. Honor is how much you can take. This is like that ‘machichacci,’ you have to take, you have to use them, you have to milk everything. That is what the Prince should be. So now when we say Islamic Princes and Kings, they follow a different book and this is what they believe. They say, ‘no, no, no. You’re just trying to be naive. You are just whitewashing everything. They are all corrupt.’ How do you talk to such people now? It’s impossible. Are we saying everyone is a Saint? No. We are not saying that either. But sit down in front of me and say, we believe in fifty percent, and then we can talk. That time we can reach to something, at least. No, no, it’s not fifty percent. It’s definitely more than that. Because from young to old, the mindset of the muslims until the Khilafat was removed, was not capitalism, was not consumerism. The mindset. The attitude of Muslims is not to earn as much money and to spend it and to enjoy, over and over again like an addiction. Anything, that was looked down on by the rich and by the poor. That is looked down on.

So there is the whole system and the system they are put there by people in power. They are put there by people who rule. You understand, the regime of the countries. How are you going to break that? You live in a country right? You can’t break that. Unless you can live in a country and say, ‘I don’t belong to the system,’ and you go far away and they don’t see you as a threat. In so many muslims countries, you cannot even do that. If you say, ‘I don’t want to be part of the system and I will go far away,’ they will hunt you down and they will kill you. Well at least they are going to say, now since 9/11, before 9/11, very easy, terrorism. Muslims they don’t like, terrorist, that’s it. Very easy. But before that, even before that, they don’t allow that thing to happen. Because everyone has to go according to the government’s plan. There are only very few countries in this world that allow the people, the law itself protects you to live the way that you believe. That is what Islam was, the ruling system, and that’s how it continued until the time of the Ottomans. And now, like this or like that, America seems to be the only country that the law itself protects.

When the other countries they talk about freedom and equality, it’s only for their people. Once, the minorities asking for the same rights, they say it’s not for you. Then, that time democracy doesn’t work. Enlightenment? What enlightenment? You mean, it took you 1800 years to find enlightenment in Europe? What are you? Retarded? Christianity came to you 1800 years ago, because enlightenment was in the 1800s, you were not enlightened? Huh, now you know, it took you almost 2000 years, and that enlightenment when they say oh it’s humanism, everyone must be treated, given equal rights, da, da, da, da, who is it for? For chinese people? For African people? For the middle East? For India?

The time of enlightenment was the time of the most disgusting capitalism that the British were stealing, squeezing, take everything out from everywhere. Not only them, the French. Not only them, all these Europeans that they were talking about, liberty, fraternity, equality, is for them, it’s all bullshit. It’s for them. It’s for white people. Once they said, ‘what about us?’ then that’s the time they say, ‘no, no, no. It’s not for you.’ Then democracy doesn’t work. Do you understand? The time of enlightenment is the time of the worst form of slavery that was happening. 1800 years you are still debating whether blacks are humans or not? What are you? Sheytanic? Whether the people in South America, the natives, whether they have a soul or they don’t have a soul? What sheytans you are? And you are still debating up till today. It’s still happening up till today. Allah, Allah.

Prophet (AS) already abolished slavery 1500 years ago. How did he abolish it? He said, yes you may own, but you have to treat them like this. If you cannot treat them like this, Allah will be most severe to you, and if you set them free it is better. Anyway, don’t mistake American, European slavery with the slavery that is happening in the rest of the world also. Please don’t. Because European slavery means what? Oh, you are black, you must be a slave. Doesn’t matter if you are a king or you are rich or you are poor, you must be a slave. Your children must carry me on your backs. So many in different kinds of society, their slavery it is different also, especially in Islamic society. Slavery is when you have nothing and you have no one. And it is only for a certain time until you can buy back that freedom. British slavery, American slavery is the worst kind they said never you are going to be. Until the 60s, they say, ‘no you cannot be.’ Allah, Allah. What’s wrong with you? That means you were never christians. Christianity never touched your heart,from the outside maybe a little bit but it never touched your heart. Your heart, you reserve it for sheytan and they have sat there, ruling, using that religion.

So these are the role models. If these are the role models, using christianity, using religion and doing all these kinds if things, do we blame people who say that we are atheist and we don’t believe in this? We don’t blame them. But these are the role models that they see. So when whole countries, they put that kind of system in, how are you going to escape from it? You cannot. You start thinking of it. But, did Allah just leave us alone? He never left us alone. The Quran still speaks. But I’m wondering why people are not reading the Quran. It’s not the same Book that I’m reading. It’s not. Why are they not waking up? Why is it not shocking to you?

So Allah didn’t leave us alone. Quran is there. There’s still Holy people. There is still your heart. There is still your common sense. But when that system is just pumping your ego, pumping your desires, just gassing up your sense of dunya and your sheytan and that is all that it is concentrating on, because with modern nationalism, it is not Allah that is first, it’s not the religion that is first, it is the people, the country. You put that first. When you put that first, it’s already an idol. There’s already an idol. People will start worshiping, they’ve gone back to the jahilliyah times. So they believe everything. And if you are having a good time, a good life, why should you question? Very few they will question. That’s why they say, ‘no, no, no. Most important thing is, look for your retirement plan. Look for this. Look for that.’ So Quran was just lip service. Sirah is just lip service. Mevlid is just lip service. That’s all very fine. You can talk about that, you can cry but the world is, you must run after all these things. But this doesn’t make sense. Why it doesn’t make sense? It’s not like everyone in the world has that anyway. Majority of the world doesn’t have that and they are still living. And us as believers, we have to be different.

This is what Sheykh Effendi is saying, the believers they have to have a different lifestyle. Our attitude must be different. Our mentality we have to be different, our energy we have to be different. If it’s not different, if you say, we are all the same and only religion is just something that sets us apart but we don’t want that to be too different anyway, then what’s the difference between you and an unbeliever, you and a hypocrite? And Allah is saying over and over again, do you think they are the same? They are not the same. People who run after the dunya and they are just taking advantage of people in order to satisfy their own desires, they are not the same with people who go out of their way to help. They are not the same. I don’t want to be the same. I don’t want to hug all of humanity. They are not the same.

Today we are talking, so many people are saying, ‘brother, brother. Please don’t fight. Syiah, Sufi, Wahhabi, Salafi or Sunni, they are all the same brother. Please. Because everyone is saying La ilaha ilallah. Ashaduala ilaha illallah wa Ashaduana Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasululluhu. They are saying that, right? Now if Prophet were to come and say, ‘that’s wrong,’ they are going to say to the Prophet, ‘no, you are wrong.’ It’s not the Prophet who is saying this, Allah SWT is saying this, correct? Allah is saying, ‘they are saying, they are testifying that there is Allah and there is the Prophet,’ and Allah says, ‘and I’m testifying that they are liars.’ Nobody talks about this. They never heard about this. Why? I wonder why? But hypocrisy was one of those things that was very very important and very powerful and people were very careful about. They are very serious matter. Serious like this, you are in a town, you are in a village, and if you don’t attend the prayer three times a day, people already think that you are a munafiq. How far are we away from that?

Just like we are teaching now in the Dergah, just a feeling of that. We have a dergah, everybody says we want to come up here to serve Allah, to be with the Tarikat, to be with the Evliyaullah, to be in sohbet, but we have people that they come up and we saved you from your sewers but suddenly they got too busy. Whole month of Ramazan, not even one salams they are going to give, or outside of Ramazan let’s say because you can say, ‘oh Hojam, it’s pandemic.’ Okay, put that aside, no pandemic, how often you are coming and how eager you are to come? No. And you know how it is, person doesn’t come one time, two time, three times they don’t come, even your feelings towards them change. It’s not because you hate them or anything, it’s like, what’s wrong? We are supposed to be in this together. Why are you doing this? What is so good about that? So we have people too. They are praising me, loving me, saying, ‘I kiss your hand, I kiss your feet. I’m here just to please you, I’m here just to offer anything to you.’ We poke them a little bit, we show them a little bit, they run away. Now, they don’t even come. They don’t even give any salams. They become so arrogant and so proud. But we will see. I’m not wasting any energy on them.

So it happens. This is the level now. But if you ask them, they say, ‘no, why I have to there and worship? I can worship at home.’ They are going to say, correct? ‘Why I have to go and attend sohbet? I can stay home and watch sohbet.’ Then later say, ‘why I have to watch his sohbet? I listen to Sheykh Effendi’s sohbet.’ Later you say, how many times you listen to his sohbets and what is it that you remember? What is it that you are practicing? Now you start to see the whole life is twisting the sohbets to save their own ways of thinking. Everybody is seeing that except for them but they are saying everybody is wrong. Okay. Then wait.

So it was very dangerous and it was very specific and it was very strong back then, let’s say a hundred years ago. Even less than that, really, if you look at it. Because most countries they only modernized in the 40s, 50s of the second world war. Even that, that time, the 40s, 50s, so many things didn’t really change that much. At that time if you say if somebody becomes completely like Anglophile, the rest of the muslims will look and say, ‘you’ve already sold yourself out.’ In India if they say, ‘oh you’ve become anglophile,’ when you love the British. What did they do to us that they make us to love them? After they destroy us and they make us to love them. How messed up is that? What was it that the French did in Algeria? More than one third of the population is wiped up and most of them are the most intelligent people. Not just like religious people but the most intelligent people. This is one country. One country. The British wiped out thousands of alims in India, what they have done. And then they could make us love them and they made us want to be like them. Allah, Allah. So, something to think about.

Am I sitting here telling you to hate them? No. It’s not about hating. It’s about knowing something wrong that had happened and understanding it. We have no problems with anyone. People are coming from all over the world. They come, they want to learn, yes. But these are the things that had happened and we are not liking that to happen. This is something that Sheykh Effendi talked about all the time, Sheykh Maulana is making us to understand. Because now, we are talking about the attitude. Now we have generations who don’t even know this history and they say, ‘it’s okay. Stop uncovering all of that. We just want to live and let live. Really? Would you say the same thing if your own mother, if your own sister and then they destroyed everything, they take away your honor and then they give you their clothes to wear, their language to speak and they say, ‘tell other people, forgive everything. Live and let live. And there’s nothing wrong with this.’ It’s not as if they did things to our family and took away our honor and everything and then they give something back like it, another mother maybe, another sister they are giving. No they didn’t. They didn’t give you that. And if anything they give the worst of themselves and they put it in you. And then we think it’s okay.

These were the things that occupied the earlier muslims a lot, a sense of honor, a sense of what is evil, what corrupts society. And the sahabis are showing, Tabi’in are showing, Tabi’ii Tabi’iin of thousands years are showing that this is not just the concern of, lets say, intellectual people or academicians or religious people. Everyone. Do you have that anymore? None. May Allah forgive us. So in this month, it is good to wake up to certain things. Now when you open your hands and you ask for something, maybe we’ll stop just asking for money or love or marriage or, maybe we’ll stop thinking, maybe we’ll start thinking about what the Holy ones are thinking about, what the Prophets are thinking about, what Allah is thinking about. If we don’t, then we are the losers. May Allah not make us to lose, insyaAllah. Dunya and ahiret. Wa minAllahu taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

28 Ramazan 1441
May 21, 2020

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