Deaf, Dumb and Blind


Allah doesn’t entrap people, that’s a completely Christian understanding. Why Allah prefer Abel to Cain? No idea. No idea. He just prefer one. Why Allah prefer this nation? No idea. He just prefers one over the other, prefers the firstborn to the second, prefers this- it’s not arbitrary, you understand? Allah always says, ‘we sent them warning, we sent them clear signs, clear signs, messengers with clear signs, warning, and then the punishment. So nobody can say, ‘I didn’t know.’

So with Firaun it wasn’t like he missed his chance, it wasn’t like he didn’t know, when he finished everything then he says there’s nothing left, then he started to say. It’s not the same. It’s not the same. Allah is saying, it’s not the same. Those who are living their lives for evil and those who are living their lives for good they’re not in the same category, you understand? So chances are given to you, yes, over and over again, chances are given to you. When you start rejecting it, clearly you’re rejecting it, then like they say in English, what? You got to lie in the bed that you made. You may be forgiven, but you did that. Sheykh Effendi said, okay, you take this knife and you put it in your eye, you blind yourself. You say ‘astaghfirullah’, Allah may forgive you, but you’re still blind, and you have to live with that for some time.

A believer doesn’t wait till the last chance. An unbeliever or a hypocrite always says, ‘ahh, there’s always another chance, ah, don’t worry about it.’ They continue in rebellion, and then when everything is finished they say, ‘give us a chance!’ And Allah says so many times in the Quran, ‘We gave you so many chances,’ give us a chance, we’ll come back to the world, we’ll come back to life and we’ll be the best ones!’ Allah says, ‘even if We bring them back to life a thousand times they will still be making the same mistakes, the same rebelliousness, the same stubbornness,’ so now, it has to do with stubbornness. Blindness. When a man who doesn’t see, he’s so blind not to see, you can’t make him to see, unless he himself opens his eyes and understands. People are stubborn. They say, ‘I didn’t know.’ Especially in Tarikat now, this is one of the things, for a person who is really sinking himself into a hole, everybody knows he’s wrong, he’s the only one who doesn’t know. Something is wrong there, isn’t it? What makes a man to think that he is right and everyone else is wrong? That it is clear, it’s not that people are talking about it and gloating and making fun of him, no, everybody knows, you are wrong. Sheykh Effendi makes that lesson over and over again, openly, with small situations, with people here and there, he says, ‘look, do you all see? You see this, right?’ And Sheykh Effendi always saying, ‘we have the same characteristics.’

So how can you be blind to this if you are in a jamaat of believers? Oh, you can be blind to this when you blind yourself to the jamaat of believers. You are there, physically, but you are blind to them. There’s no friendship, there’s no connection, there is no sohbet, there is nothing, you’re just there physically. We have those too, years they’re coming, but they are blind, deaf and dumb. They’re blind, they don’t see anyone, they only see their own friends, maybe. They’re deaf, they don’t hear anyone, they don’t listen to anyone, they don’t even want to give salams or hear salams from people, but to their own people their ears are like satellite, listening to everything. Deaf, dumb and blind. They’re dumb, they don’t speak to the jamaat, to the people following our Sheykh, but to their own people, oh, best friends, best buddies. We see this happening, no? Over and over and over again. We see this happening to us over and over again.

So when the punishment comes, can that one say, ‘I didn’t know’? And for the believer, is the believer going to wait until the last chance? No. Anyone who is sick, the first chance at a cure he is going to take, not the last chance. The first chance of a cure. Not to be able to see, not to be able to seek counsel, not to be in sohbet, not to put it in our lives, when we left everything to be in sohbet, this is another disease when you are in the way. They say, ‘you know what? I’ve taken my beyat, I just want Tarikat light, you know, just once a week, if I can come, put on the turban, once a week, and then beyond that I just want to live my life selfishly, as I like.’ Then why are you taking hand? We understand that sometimes it can get really tough and everything, but you pass through certain stages and you understand why this is. Our enemy is never sleeping, it is always waiting, waiting and awake, very awake, to pull us away and to trap us. We have to be careful, you understand? We have to be careful with this.

We give chances to people too. We say, we give you some time, you want to be rebellious, you want to be ignorant, you want to be like this, we give you some time, then you have to wake up. Okay, you don’t wake up, the fire that is inside that we see, that we’re trying to help but you’re stopping us, the fire inside will burn you, it is not the fire outside, it is inside that is burning you. How can you be so blind? May Allah not make us to be like that insyaAllah.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

22 Ramazan 1441
May 15, 2020

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