Keep Our Hearts Alive For Haqq


There’s no more passion to Allah, there’s no passion to the Prophet, there’s no passion, there’s no passion to the Evliyaullah. Their passion is when their dunya is touched, that’s when they really erupt. For dunya they’ll get very excited. For dunya, they get very sad. For dunya, meaning for themselves, for this world, for their interest, they’ll get very depressed. They will feel something, they will feel alive, but when it comes to the honor of Allah and His Prophet and the Evliyaullah and the Sahabi e-Kiram and the Saliheen, they become more Buddhist than the Buddhist. MashaAllah. “It’s okay, be patient brother. Allah is forgiving. Don’t be angry.” Understand how wrong this is. So it is lost.

How are we going to bring this up? especially if the Muslims here, especially here in America, the Muslims are very educated, they have money, they have influence, their lives is good, those who have high level degree from universities, that they learn Islam from high level universities also, if anything, what they do is to treat Islam and Prophet, everything is academic, everything is separate. Don’t put passion. Passion is for low level people. Passion is for terrorist. If anything happens to the muslims, they just say, ‘tsk, tsk, tsk, estaghfirullah,’ that’s it. How are you going to be passionate? You are passionate if you don’t get what you want. You are passionate if business is affected. You are passionate if you are able to buy the house or not buy the house. You are passionate about your children or about your family.

It didn’t used to be like this. Muslims used to put all of that last and they put Allah and His Prophet first. They used to do that. They don’t care. And their proof is, they sent their whole family to be sacrificed for the sake of Allah. That is their proof. What are we sacrificing now? These are the ones who had nothing. They had nothing. All they have is their name, all they have is their family, they sent one by one for the sake of Allah. And Allah guards their hearts from being attached to the world. Allah guards their heart. Allah protects them. And these are the ones no matter how poor they are, they say, ‘No, Allah is watching. I’m not going to eat haram. I’m not going to look at haram. I’m not going to earn haram. I’m not going to. Allah is watching.’ Because they have no faith in this dunya. You are praying five times a day, you are fasting, you are doing everything, but you don’t care about these things. Muslims today have so much faith in this dunya. So they don’t feel.

The Syiah militant, they desecrated the tomb of Umar ibn Abdul Aziz, the Khalifah and they took out all his remains. It’s only because of Sheykh Effendi and Grandsheykh and the Saints that are holding the anger of Allah from reaching us, but those who don’t care, those who know and they don’t care, the potential that it’s there. Is this the only one? No, this is not the only one. So many they have done. They have done to the tombs of so many Saints, Prophets, Alims and it has become so common that Muslims they don’t care anymore. This is very, very, very bad. This is enough. You are praying five times a day, you are fasting, but you don’t care about these things, your place is jahannam. Because you don’t love whom Allah love and you don’t hate whom Allah hate.

That riwayat, when Allah SWT told the Angels to punish this whole town, this whole city and the Angel is saying there is one man there, “he’s an abeed, worshipping You non stop. He is also going to be punished?” Allah is saying, “punish him ten times worst. Punish him even more because he didn’t stand up for Haqq. Because he didn’t stand up to warn people. He’s keeping it all to himself.” How many muslims you think are behaving like that? But when it comes to stupid things, not even something that is of worth, they are going to go all over social media, making sure everybody knows what they are feeling, what they are thinking. Everyone acting like prostitute. Let me say this, men and women, prostitute. Sitting there, standing there, dancing to music, letting the whole world to see, Muslims, non Muslims, everyone to see, male and female doing this. And now they are starting to do it in the name of Islam too. We are afraid. That’s why we are running away from there. They are dancing. Allah, Allah. But if you say, ‘no, no we are Muslims. No, no Islam is in the heart.’ Your heart is filled with your own idol. That’s why you can do something like that. That is what is in your heart. That is your Islam.

Are we sitting here just getting very, very angry about this things? No, we ask Allah, we pray. First we ask forgiveness for our own selves, that our hands are tight and we cannot do anything. And we are asking Allah, ‘don’t make our hearts to be dead, please. Keep our hearts alive. Keep our hearts alive not when it concerns us. Keep our hearts alive when it concerns Allah and His Prophet and His friends. When it concerns Haqq. Keep our hearts a live for that, when it concerns Islam, keep our hearts alive. Anything else, make our hearts to become dead. This is one thing that Allah is still blessing this nation, this continent. Because people’s heart, one way or another is still alive. They are seeing something and they don’t just shrug their shoulder and say, “eh, what can we do?” They still say, “no, this cannot be done. It should not be like this. Even if it’s something that has been happening and it has been happening over and over and over again. They say, ‘no, it cannot.’ They don’t get tired from it. What am I speaking about? Because they are saying, wrong is wrong. So many people, doesn’t matter what religion, what color, they say, ‘wrong is wrong. This is wrong. And those who say that this is right, they are wrong.’ These are the times when it’s going to be separation. And the separation is going to be very clear. You cannot be stubborn about this. You don’t want to separate, you’ll be in the area of grey. That grey area, dajjal is going to come and to collect you, going to the left side. Very easy. If you say, ‘no, no, no. I’m not here, I’m not there. I’m going to be in the center like this.’ No. We have to be careful on these things. And we have to keep alive on these things.

Yes, as you said, the sky hasn’t crack open, the earth is not shaking. Allah, Allah. Like sheytan, Allah has given the people of the ahir zaman, the tyrants, time. And He says, ‘I’m not going to touch you. This time, I’m not going to touch you at all.’ But we start to think that the whole seven thousand years is like this and if Allah grants another seven thousand years, insyaAllah probably not, it’s going to be like this. It’s not. They make us think like that. But like sheytan, Allah has given just a specific amount. After that, wait. And Allah is warning, the warning of the Quran is severe, again and again. And yes, the punishment will come when you are unaware. When Allah has given you so many warnings, and you believe, ‘ah! What is this. Warning after warning, never it’s going to happen,’ just like now, people are thinking it’s never going to happen. They can do whatever they want. But when that warning comes, that’s the time. May Allah not make us to be one of those six that’s out of seven that is going to be swept. It’s very terrible. And it starts with your heart. It starts with your heart. What do you love and what do you hate, what’s going to keep you worried night time, what’s going to keep you occupied during the daytime. Of course, we are working, we have family, we have this, tamam, tamam, you can worry. But we are calling ourselves murids, we shouldn’t be obsessed about it. We cannot put a major part of our lives now just worried about that. Don’t you see, even the people in the grave they are being tested. Don’t you see, they are being tested. What it means, they are being tested? Some may pass, some may fail, some may say, ‘what kind of Allah is this that He is allowing this?’ as so many people on the face of the earth is saying this. Estaghfirullahal adzim wa atubu ilaih.

Hold on tightly. Learn how to submit. Learn properly. Step by step. Don’t be stubborn. I have some, they are so stubborn. They are so spoiled. They say, ‘I want you to be my Sheykh.’ I say, are you sure? I’m taking from SahibulSaif. I’m doing as best as I can. It may not be a good fit. They say, ‘no, no, no. I love you so much. I love you so much.’ One, two, three.. they fail. Why? Because they think, eh if they just be like a kid, ‘oh, I love you,’ and they become like a kid, very childish, very juvenile. They think if they are cute, they can get away with anything. You cannot. Not with me. And why am I here? Am I taking something from you? I’m trying to give you something. You are still not going to listen?

They say, ‘if I don’t speak to you, who am I going to speak to?’ Tamam, I know. But I’ve listened to you a thousand times. Now maybe you should listen to me. If you’re just thinking I’m here so that I can be your buddy, or I can be your girlfriend, you have the wrong idea about this whole thing, how it works. Stop that. Because the solutions are everywhere. See how trivial our problems are now compared to the desecration that is happening everywhere, how trivial. You have face now to say that this is more important than that. Oh you are not looking at that. You are only looking to your own naval. Of course, that time you are the center of the world, your problem is the only problem, the biggest problem in the world. Another kind of worshipping to yourself too.

Estaghfirullahal adzim wa atubu ilaih. May Allah bless you, insya’Allah. May we become more clear about this. More strong. May we become man of Allah. May Allah forgive me and bless you and raise the station of our Sheykh and our Grandsheykh and all the holy ones, insya’Allah. We are asking in their Holy courts, for their supports for us, insya’Allah and their intercession and their forgiveness, insyaAllah. Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

6 Shawwal 1441
May 28, 2020

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