Have the Naqsh of your Sheykh in your heart


Naqsh, to put Naqsh means to have an embroidery, engraving, Naqshibendi means engraving, in our heart. Allah, the name of Allah. For the murids, for us in this jamaat, we are not Wahhabis to say, ‘we  are just going to go directly to Allah (SWT) to have the engraving.’

So what is in your heart is the thing that is most beloved to you, this is what is the heart, what is most beloved to you. The heart is the Throne of Allah. Allah must occupy that throne. Allah is the Creator of love, Allah is the Creator of the Most Beloved One. We are looking to see what is in the heart of the Prophet (AS), what is in his heart? In his heart is Allah. Whatever that is in the heart, it is the thing that is most beloved.

If you are putting other things in there next to the thing that you are most beloved to, even if you have the most beloved one in your heart and you put in other things, that’s called partnership, and Allah (SWT) is not liking that. In reality, not only people now they put partners to Allah, they want to remove or they have already removed Allah, and they put the false ilah there. Allah, there is no other Allah than He, you understand? So they put other ones there. So in the Naqshibendi Way, we want to remove all the beloveds in our heart that we think are beloveds so that the real beloved can shine. It is not to cover, it is to uncover. It is not to put something, it is to remove something. Because the fake one doesn’t exist. So when you remove the fake, the real one will come out even more. What you’re going to find in your heart it is what is beloved to you, most beloved to you, like the heart of anything, the essence of anything. The essence of the Quran is the Surat ul Yasin. Surat ul Yasin, like the Evliya and the Alims are saying, Yasin, it is addressing to the Holy Prophet (AS), that is one of his names.

So what must be in our heart? It is easy to say that the Sheykh must be in your heart. This is one of the reasons why in the Naqshibendi way, in the Hakkani way, in the real way, that our Mujadid, our Sultan, Sheykh Mawlana, they have revived it and put it into the hearts of millions, reviving the order and making it into something great and big and international, and also to prepare the whole world for Hz Mahdi (AS) and the Khilafat. It is important now for you to know, for you to have your Sheykh in your eyes, in your heart, in your mind, in everything. To have the Naqsh, the engraving of your Sheykh there. People who are not understanding this, they completely missed the point. So many so-called Sufis they missed the point. In the old days, Sheykh Effendi says, you don’t need pictures, because they see the Sheykh one time and they close their eyes and that’s all that they can see, it’s already engraved. Because in the old days also there are no pictures, there are no pictures. People don’t have television, people are not busy reading comic books, watching movies, having internet, nothing, and so when something that is from their heart sees something, it immediately grabs and it puts it there. In the Ahir Zaman there’s nothing but fitna and pictures that is everywhere. And what Islam is doing is that, sometimes it’s necessary to fight fire with fire. So you don’t have the seeing the Sheykh one time and putting it in your heart because your heart contains millions of other pictures, you watch one movie, they say you have between thirty-eight to fifty frames a second, no? One second of any movie that you see, between thirty-eight to forty, depending how many, frames a second, like forty pictures one second. You watch one movie, two hours, three hours, imagine how many pictures. And the pictures are not just pictures, it’s pictures to make you think that it is alive, it is real. These (normal) pictures we don’t think it is alive, but the movie when you see, people can lose themselves in it, they become part of that reality. That is the power of the pictures.

Now we want to be a part of the reality of our Sheykh, not our own reality. Which is one of the main reasons why we have pictures of our Sheykh around, to remind us, because we’re fighting fire with fire. There are millions of other pictures of wrong things that’s pulling us to sheytan, pulling us to our ego and desires, that we have to have now a physical reminder there of our Sheykh, it is easier now. You try to put your Sheykh, it is not thinking that you are in love with your Sheykh, this is the first step, you can paste the pictures of your Sheykh over the whole house, wallpaper it, but if you are not understanding, obeying, and being patient with your Sheykh, if you have not been trained under your Sheykh, if you are not submitting to your Sheykh, all those pictures, in your house or in your heart, it means nothing also. It means nothing, it’s just a show.

So many people they see us, and if we see them for the first time we say, ‘MashaAllah, these are the ones with the most passion, they love us,’ they kiss our hand, they kiss our feet, they say, ‘I love you, may everything be sacrificed for you,’ yes, but once we start training them, not for our benefit, for their benefit, once we start poking them and testing them a little bit, immediately they fail, and not only they move away but they turn around and they start cursing us. It happens. So putting that Naqsh is not just having a picture or a writing or something in your heart, what is your heart anyway? What is your heart? Lets look at your physical heart, what is it? It’s just there? Blood goes there, correct? Good. Blood comes out too. The heart also has so many other things, it produces so much, its not just for blood, it produces other kinds of chemicals that makes you to feel. So you’re putting your Sheykh in your heart, and if you are sincere, and you must be, then that same Sheykh has to go into every cell of your body, your blood, your thinking, your eyes, your hearing, your mouth, your tongue, as much as you can and you must go as much as you can. You must be in an environment with people that is going to slowly make you to be in the footsteps and in the shadow to become your Sheykh, not to become your Sheykh, but to fall into the ocean of your Sheykh, that is the meaning there. Understand?

And everybody understands this, it’s not like it’s something that is so controversial, when you fall in love you lose your identity anyway, you say, ‘I only want to be with that one for that one,’ you want to lose your identity, you say, ‘I’m nothing without you, you are my identity.’ And not just falling in love with a person, people now they fall in love with everything. They fall in love with themselves, they fall in love with shoes, with cars, with career, with women, with man, with plants, with animals, this is the nature that Allah has put into us so that nobody can say, on Judgment Day, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about when you talk about Ashq, I don’t know what you’re talking about when you talk about Aql,
I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say, follow me, and follow those ones that I’ve put on top of you.’ No one can say, ‘I don’t know what love is,’ no one can say, ‘I don’t know what submission is,’ no one can say that. Especially for the women. That’s why the spirituality is easier for them to understand, it’s also very easy for them to fall from that. Because they give love more than they take, and Allah has put in them also to suffer so much, and that suffering becomes a love also. They carry the child for nine months with so much pain and discomfort, but they have love, and when the child comes out with so much pain and discomfort they have love, and that continues until the child dies. It doesn’t finished. If men get pregnant with that pain, they kill themselves before anything, they say, ‘why do I have to do this?’

So that is that Naqsh, and to put that in our hearts. You must find your Sheykh there. You must look at your actions, your speech, your actions, the way you look at things, the way you hear things, is it what your Sheykh wants, is it coming from your heart, is it coming from your Sheykh? If it is separate from that, put a question mark there. Try to change it. And it is not everyone can just follow as they like also, it’s not that, it’s never been like that, every Prophet who came to bring either the Shariat or, especially Tarikat, it is never, just take and run with it any way that you want. So many now they are trying to trick themselves by saying, ‘well, there are some Sahabis that they don’t listen and they go in the corner here and there,’ number one, you are not those Sahabis. Usually people who do that, they do everything wrong, and then they claim they are exceptional. Those Sahabis that they are not in the mainstream, they do everything correctly and a thousand percent more on top of that. A thousand percent more. They are not just those ones who have difference of opinion and they pull themselves aside and they say, ‘I’m not going to follow, just because.’ No. They are a thousand times more strict on themselves in those matters, that’s what gives them the permission. Now, people, they don’t like what everyone else is doing, they pull themselves aside and say, ‘I’m exception, just like those Sahabis I’m exception also.’ But we see, step-by-step, you’re not saying the things our Sheykh is saying, you’re not doing the things that our Sheykh is doing, you’re not living your life properly, and your lifestyle, when you look at it, it is very far away from the lifestyle of your Sheykh and Tarikat, but yet you’re claiming that you’re like these Sahabis. Who are they? Hz Abu Zar. Who are they? Ahli Sufa. Who are they? Hz Abu Darda. That they are so strong, they are so strict that they don’t give themselves any luxury, any excuse, to have any deviation or even any pleasure in this life. Those are the ones. Are you comparing yourself to them? More you’re fooling yourself. But it’s okay, fool yourself as much as you want, because Allah is saying you have been given an appointed term, some time, after that you cannot fool yourself anymore. And that time you will know and everybody will know. I mean, everybody knows now, you don’t know. But you will know one day. May Allah wake us up before it’s too late. InsyaAllah ar Rahman.

Once you start doing that, your heart, it doesn’t stop there, it reflects back to the heart of the Sheykh and then to other things, it goes around in circles. Because if you see your Sheykh there, what is in the heart of your Sheykh? You must be able to see that too. It’s not just to say, ‘I have my Sheykh in my heart,’ but then you completely misunderstand your Sheykh, you completely corrupt him, you completely deviate, but so many people say, ‘oh, my Janim Seyhim, my Jan Seyhim, my beloved Sheykh, my most wonderful Sheykh,’ but we’re seeing, you are being a tyrant, you are a corrupt one, you corrupt lives, you destroy lives, what you’re doing is not what your Sheykh is doing, but you delude yourself into thinking that you’re following your Sheykh. So emotion, thinking just something like that, is not the criteria, it is not the criteria for that real, lets say, the reality of that expression. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean that it’s real.

So people they are like that, but you see, they are taking their Sheykh’s teachings and they are fitting it according to their understanding and according to their nafs. Sometimes we say, ‘okay, go and do it according to your own understanding.’ We don’t see good things coming out from this. Always we see people who deviate, not good things come out, bad things, worse things come out. If we see good things come out we have no problem, we have no problem. But we see, oh, you’re taking advantage of people, you’re cheating, lying, especially women. So it is wrong. So you’re putting your Sheykh there now, but your Sheykh is an idol. Your Sheykh becomes an idol, you’re not looking into the heart of your Sheykh, and you’re not looking at, it’s not just you and your Sheykh, you know? That’s why we’re saying, ‘La sharikala,’ we’re saying it also, because la sharikala, no partnership, doesn’t just mean there’s only Allah and no partner to Allah, it’s meaning, I don’t make myself a partner to Allah. Because so many people they’re saying, ‘no, no, there’s only Allah, and me. There’s only Prophet, and me. There’s only the Sheykh, and me.’ So you partner to your Sheykh, partner to Allah. La sharikala. Don’t think you are the only one. People who do that so many times they deviate and they do wrong things.

There are so many also who loves Allah, there are so many also who loves our Prophet, and there are people who love our Sheykh. And these are the ones trying to be in jamaat, you must also see what is in their heart and you must have them in your heart also, because everyone, now you understand that secret, you are not a partner to your Sheykh, your Sheykh is not an idol, and you are not an idol of your Sheykh, a reflection of your Sheykh, the only one. Now you understand that secret, everyone is that beauty from your Sheykh. Everyone carries a beauty, a manifestation, a ray, a sign from your Sheykh too. Then that time you will go looking everywhere in the world, yes, to find the beauty of your Sheykh there, to find the beauty of Islam, to find the beauty of the Holy Prophet (AS) in everything, and you’re not going to think, ‘I’m the only one.’ When you start living like that, you may do wrong things, but you will get a thousand signals telling you not to deviate like that, and it’s very clear, you’re going to get those signals also, and you will fix yourself properly. If you don’t, if you just say, ‘me and my Sheykh we are buddies, no one else, I’m the only one, after he passes everything is going to pass on to me,’ then that’s the time sheytan will sit on your neck and you will do everything thinking it is for the sake of Islam and your Sheykh, but you’re doing everything that is the complete opposite.

May Allah forgive me insyaAllah, may Allah make it easy for us. Wa minallahu taufiq, al fatiha.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

6 Shawwal 1441
May 29, 2020

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  1. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Alhamdulillah, thank you.

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