True Repentance


To make tauba, you have to first acknowledge you made a mistake. Then you can make tauba. Allah will forgive you if you ask for tauba. Leave Allah’s Power to forgive with or without. Leave Allah’s Power alone. But Allah will forgive you if you ask for tauba. You ask for tauba, you ask for forgiveness, when you believe you’ve done something wrong, yes? Does sheytan believe he’s done anything wrong? This is the problem. Yes, this problem, 21st century mankind has, especially the Muslims, we don’t believe we’ve done something wrong, anything wrong. This is one of the reasons why they are running away from Tarikats, from spirituality. And Tarikat and spirituality, if they run towards it in the Ahir Zaman, this is just about singing and dancing, talking about maqams and visions. It’s not about tauba.

So easy, people saying ‘I love Prophet (AS), Ashk e-Rasul,’ if you ask, half this world they are Ashk e-Rasul now. Before, more than half they are wahabi, now more than half they are Ashk e-Rasul, no? Even the western powers they are saying ‘what happened? Saudi Arabia no longer wahabi? They give up on their wahabism? Everyone seems to be going back to “Ahli Sunnat”. What Ahli Sunnat? Ahli Sunnat according to who? Is it really Ahli Sunnat? Are they following the Sunnats, or are they following their own Sunnats? This is the point. Are they following the Sunnats? Whose Sunnats? They become worse than the wahabi. Within the way of the Ahli Sunnat, within the way of Tarikat, they find their own way, their own thing to do. So many enter into Tarikat to have an adventure or to see unusual things, or to be able to do unusual things. What is the Tarikat but the lifestyle of the Prophet (AS)? Why are we making seventy times astaghfirullah in this Khatma Khwajagaan? Why? Do you know why? Because Prophet (AS), everyday, he makes, at least seventy times. He is saying ‘I make, seventy times, astaghfirullah.’

Following the sunnah properly, from the outside and from the inside, now. The sunnah from the outside, you may say it is Shariat. Don’t look at this to see turban and hyderia and wearing loose clothes like the shalwar and everything, this is sunnat. This is not sunnat, it is farz. This is farz. This is how Muslim men are supposed to dress like. You dress away from that, they say ‘what’s wrong with you? You’re not Muslim?’ Now it’s become sunnat, they are saying. Do you understand? In the old days, you ever see, until 100 years ago, any Muslim man not wearing turban? Especially they go to Holy Places, especially when they pray, they go to the Jami? Unthinkable. This is what sets us apart from the non Muslims.

So Ahli Sunnat, then there is a sunnat of the inside. It is how you clean your heart. If you don’t clean your heart, you just do from the outside, that yahudis they are doing also, they are doing better. When they have their war, they are being attacked, those yahudis that their job is to make sacrifice, they are still continuing. They are being killed, they are still making their sacrifice. And Isa (as) came to that nation to say ‘you have deviated,’ because everything starts from the heart. Outside, it may look as if you are following a hundred percent, but from the heart, those with the vision they understand, and your Lord is not happy with you. You have to change. Meaning, from the outside, it is easy to carry. From the inside you have to change. It takes Prophet, it takes Ruhullah to come to bring that to them. Isa (as), his title is Ruhullah, the spirit of Allah.

Now, people running to look like they are Muslim, now. They are running to look, to follow the sunnats of the Prophet now. Alhamdulillah, MashaAllah. They are running, now, fifty years ago, they say ‘cannot make Maulid, cannot make zikr.’ Now, everywhere, governments are supporting it. But the governments and the world is not becoming more bright. It is becoming more dark. Because the time of dajjal appearances is coming faster and faster. Things are getting darker and darker. Things are getting darker and darker, and more people are running towards zikr and towards all these. Now you put a question mark. Who are those who are leading? What kind of zikr are they doing? Where are they leading people towards?

The heart, to clean, you have to have irshad. Irshad is not coming from books. Millions and thousands of books you are reading, it cannot bring you that irshad. Irshad has to come from the one who has been given that teachings, that title. It has to come from a person who has Irshad. But Muslims are running away from that, because in order for you to get guidance, that irshad, now you have to follow authority. No longer you just read something and you understand according to your own head, no longer you are going to read hundreds of books and your are going to pretend that you know so much. Because once you are going to appear in front of, like our Sheykh, now he’s going to show you your real maqam, and he is going to show you where you’re supposed to reach. And if you are still trying to get irshad without a Sheykh, that time the sheykh is sheytan. Because sheytan says ‘I don’t need a Sheykh, I have Allah.’ Who is supposed to be the Sheykh of sheytan? Why do you think, out of everything that Allah SWT has created, He is calling Hz Insan to have been created in the most perfect form? That He makes Adam (as), He makes all of creation, including the Angels, to bow down to him. The secret is there. Kibla. And when you are buried, they are going to ask you that question, too. ‘What is your Kibla?’

Don’t think just because five times a day you are going up and down facing the Ka’aba, in the Kibla, you are going to give the right answer in your grave. Whatever that is in your heart, again, whatever that you are facing, Kibla means direction, whatever that you are facing, that, whatever that is in your heart, is going to speak. It’s not what physically you are facing. Which nation? We call ourselves the nation of the Prophet (AS), we call ourselves the nation of the millet of Ibrahim (as)? Where? Where? The Muslims don’t look, don’t behave, don’t think like Muslims anymore. The unbelievers, forget about it. Who are we serving, our Lord. Who is our Lord? You are going up and down, you say ‘Allahu Akbar,’ that is your Lord? Your lord is what you serve, what you say ‘my whole existence has to please that.’ So many people say ‘nationalism is my Lord.’ Some say ‘race is higher than anything else.’ Some say ‘My Lord is money, my family.’

How are you going to understand this spiritual meaning of who is your Lord, who is your Prophet, who is your Ummat? Muslims today they are running to be and to behave like the millet of Hz Ibrahim? Or they are running to become the millet of tiktok? It is showing, time is up, time is finishing. You are finishing time, time is finishing you. Because Allah swears by time. Your Kibla, where are we facing? In fact, as Sheykh Effendi said so many times, Muslims now, maybe that time ten years ago he was speaking, twenty years, their kibla is their television. In fact, they will put the television in the actual direction of the Kibla. Understand how now it is Ahir Zaman. You don’t need to face one direction to watch TV. They are taking that ayat and they are making it sheytanic. What is that ayat? Everywhere you turn you are going to see Allah’s Face. Right? They are making that to be sheytanic now. You don’t have to face the television now to be able to be sucked into that sewer system. You have it in your hand, everywhere you turn, there is sheytan. Do you understand?

Prophet (AS) is saying ‘my Shafaat is for those ones in the nation who have done, commited big sins. Big ones.’ And if you are following in the way of Tarikat, there is no difference between a big and a small sin. Because it’s between remembrance and forgetting Allah. That’s all. It’s finished. Either you remember Allah, or you forget Allah. It’s between these two. And if you forget Allah, that is a very big sin. If you forget Allah. To forget Allah means to say He doesn’t exist. It is worse than saying ‘I am partner to Allah.’ It is like namrud saying ‘You don’t exist. Only I exist.’ Do you understand? Namrud wants to kill Allah. At least Firaun is saying, same.

So how are you going to make tauba if you don’t admit you’ve done something wrong? To understand you’ve done something wrong is to understand how sick you are, spiritually, how sick you are. You didn’t think you were doing something, now you understand you are doing something wrong. You didn’t think that you were thinking something, understanding things, supporting this system, you didn’t think all of that. You need the Sheykh, the Sheykh is going to speak, you are going to listen, you are going to submit, and now you understand. That time you understand, ‘La illaha ilah anta subhanaka inni kuntum mina zalimeen,’ you understand that ‘I am one of the oppressors.’ Don’t look at others, I am one of the oppressors.’ So what happened to those ones who are saying ‘we don’t do anything wrong’? Ask, majority of the Muslims think ‘we don’t do anything wrong.’ Then if you believe, if the majority believes they’ve done something wrong, number one, we’d all run to the grave of Ulu Hakan, to say ‘forgive us. We have betrayed you.’ We would run to the grave of Sultan Abdul Aziz, ‘forgive us.’ We would run to all those ones that Allah had sent to save us, that we destroy them, we betray them, we have done something wrong. Completely, total, whole system we’ve done something wrong. Which Muslim nation now, from the nation, to the institutions, to the Masjids, to the Medreses, that they are saying ‘we are living in very big wrong, because we are not accepting the Khilafat of Allah.’

If you don’t admit you’ve done something wrong, how can you make tauba? Will that be tauba? Don’t say ‘well, Allah can forgive.’ Allah can do anything. But Allah is also saying ‘the one who is doing good and the one who is doing evil, they are not the same.’ Yes or no?Allah saying, how many more times clearly we have to hear, Allah is saying in so many ayats, ‘you do good, you are going to get rewarded. You do evil, you are going to go to hell. You are going to burn forever.’ How many more ayats do we need? Since when it is saying, since when they twist everything? Since there is no Khilafat, so there is no Ahli Sunnat. Because the Khalifah is the Defender of the Ahli Sunnat. Without the Khalifah, Ahli Sunnat akidah cannot exist. It’s impossible. With that authority, especially here, I’m speaking about the Ottomans, with that authority, they not only stopped other wrong akidahs that is taking over everything, they finish that, with that authority they are even spreading not only Ahli Sunnah, but they are spreading what is supporting Ahli Sunnah from the inside, which is Tassawuf. And they are the only Empire that is the Empire of Sufism. All other Empires they are not. They are not supporting it like that.

So now, sheytan didn’t think he did anything wrong. He is very stubborn. He is not going to ask for forgiveness. He might think he’s forgiven, but he is not going to ask. Why he thinks that he is, not forgiven, he will get out of this? Let’s just put it that way, like some of our brothers, ‘how do I get out of this?’ It’s about getting out of that. And there are so many people, they are worse than sheytan with that. So this is very dangerous. When the man who is sick and he’s spreading sickness everywhere, but he is not admitting that he is sick. He is saying that he is the best, and that sickness doesn’t exist. That is very dangerous. These days, governments will put you in jail for that. These days, there are some governments, they will shoot you if you do that.

So the warning, that Malhama tul Kubra that is going to happen, if there are seven billion, six billion is going to be destroyed. The six billion that is going to be destroyed is going to be thrown into non-existence, as if they never existed. Worst of the worst. Worst. Just like, what? The flood of Nuh (as). Those people who died in the flood of Nuh, they are not going to be brought back to life. Understand how heavy it is, including Nuh (as)’s son. We may assume. Maybe Allah will forgive, Allahu alam. We leave it to that, because it’s concerning that Prophet (as). We are not going to judge. But now, we are seeing how difficult it is, how heavy it is now. Allah is saying ‘you hate anyone of My Friends, I will declare war on you.’ Allah is saying ‘don’t annoy My Prophet.’ He is saying ‘don’t annoy him. You annoy My Prophet (AS), you will burn.’ And in the next ayat, Allah is saying ‘you annoy the believers, believing men, believing women, you annoy them, you will also get punished.’ Where are we? If anything, anyone who is following Tarikat, or a Saint, living or those who have passed from this world, an open target for ridicule.

So, dangerous times, yes, we are living in. Don’t look to see what this government is doing, what this government is doing, this politics is doing, this politician is doing, don’t look to see that. They are all the same. Same. Look to see how you are preparing yourself for Hz Mahdi (as). And the only way you are going to do that is if you understand the batil that is inside of you and you fight against it, which is your ego. That, everyone can do. Maybe people, majority, they are not going to understand what is Haqq and batil from the outside. Everything is darkness, no? But you will know, every one of us, believer or unbeliever, you will know what is right and what is wrong, what is coming from your ego and what is not. Inside, for yourself. As Sheykh Mevlana and Sheykh Effendi are saying, follow your Prophets. Follow your Prophets. Follow them properly. Follow them sincerely. You are yahudi, follow your Prophet sincerely. You are Christians, follow your Prophet sincerely. You are Muslims, follow your Prophet sincerely. You will find safety. Why is he saying that? Because no one is following the Prophet sincerely. Not the Jews, not the Christians, not the Muslims. What you want to follow? We want to follow this world, what the world has to offer. What is our worry? Our worry is this world. Our preoccupation is with this world. We are not worried whether if Angel of Death is coming to take our life tonight, whether we are going to be in safety or not. We are not worried about that. We are not. If we are, our prayers are going to be much sweeter.

Before, people were living in the best of times, but you see the masjids filled with people crying to their Lord, asking Allah to forgive them. Old men who spent their whole lives worshiping, they are still crying to their Lord. Now, we are living in the worst of times, we don’t see no one doing that. Especially not the young. So they are stopping people from speaking and from awakening people’s hearts also. They are stopping that. So they say ‘you want religion, you can have this, but not something else.’ What is that something else, that awakens your heart. You want Tassawuf, you can have that, singing and dancing, but not something that awakens your heart. What else do you want? Ilm? Same. Be sleeping, be dead, drugged. Yes, in that way, it is true. Religion can be opiate of the masses when you use that as a drug. But when you use that to awaken people, as it’s intended to be, then you are going to discover everything that your Lord has created for you, what is for you, and how to return back to Him. That time, you are here, one foot is here, and another foot is circling around the cosmos. Your body is here, but your heart is circling around the galaxies, witnessing Allah. Allah-Allah? Witnessing the Power of Allah. Do you understand?

Now, what are we witnessing? What are we witnessing, especially with this technology? It’s not the power of Allah. The west declared Allah is dead decades ago, they make publication. If you go to college or this, or high level, you say you have religion, you say you believe, they say ‘eh, really? You’re still backward?’ West, and it’s creeping to the east too. It’s a very big danger now. And if your heart is too much with them, with those ones, the fire that is reaching them will burn us. That’s why Prophet says ‘pull yourself back a little bit.’ Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha. Amin.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
17 Safar 1443
23 September 2021

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