Can someone have sincerity initially and then lose it?


Question: You are reminding us that sheytan is disobedient to Allah because his love was insincere. And you are teaching us that Murids must be looking at sheytan to understand and to take lesson for our own disobedience to our Sheykh, especially those who leave the way. When a Murid leaves the way and leaves the Jamaat of the Sheykh, is it because there was never any sincerity to begin with? Can someone have sincerity initially and then lose it?

Someone who is sincere can become insincere. Someone who is insincere can become sincere, yes or no? If someone is sincere and he knows insincerity is very very bad, he will check himself every day, as if he is getting sick from a disease. Then he’s going to check, okay, I come here sincere, but was I sincere today? In that exchange with my friend, was I sincere? In that prayer, was I sincere? In my service, was I sincere? I was very angry. Was I sincere in that?

You are going to check the niyyet that you have. The niyyet is not something that you just put like a sticker and then you put it there and you don’t look at it, no. In Islam, you have to make prayer, if you live for ninety years, one hundred years, and you pray every single day, five times a day, every single time you pray, you have to make that niyyet, you have to make that, what? Intention. You have to make the intention. If you don’t make the intention before you pray, it is not acceptable. You see how intention is so important in Islam? Because everything comes from an intention. And if you do things without the intention, you are not going to get blessed. And if you do things that you don’t intend, bad things, but you don’t intend it to be bad, you are not going to get punished so much, because your intentions are clean.

So it’s not about sincerity or insincerity. It’s about making sure that your sincerity remains sincere, finding out the tricks and the traps that makes your sincerity to become insincere, the people, the words, the situations, then to fight that, to put blocks around that. Maybe you are sincere, but this one, this is your blindside. This person, this is your weakness. Yes? It might destroy. If you know it is there, then don’t let it to come. You cannot handle it completely, but you don’t let it to become close. You know it’s a weakness, put it far away, try to deal with it, maybe one year, maybe ten years, maybe at the end of your life you will be able to completely defeat that, but you don’t let it to come and take over.

If you are insincere, so many people who come into Tarikat they are insincere, meaning what? ‘I am not here for Allah, I am here to get my duas to be answered, what I want in my life. I’m here to find someone to marry. I’m here just to have a good time. I’m here to have tea, I’m here-’ whatever it is. Not for Allah’s sake. But because you are in the company of the sincere, slowly you take their color too. Then slowly you say ‘you know what? It’s not just about this. It’s also about Allah, because all these ones, they are teaching me also.’ So your insincerity can change.

We must be aware. We must be with people who are going to remind you ‘watch out, these actions that you are doing, it is chipping away at your sincerity. Watch out, these people that you are with, these ideas, your arrogance, your hatred to other things, all these things, it is chipping away at your sincerity. We are seeing it, it is turning. Be careful.’ When you have people around you who are reminding you like that, just like a doctor always checking up on you, then you will be okay, when you listen. If you don’t listen, you are not going to be okay too. You can have a thousand doctors attending on you, but if you don’t listen to none of them, nothing is going to work. So at the end of the day, you are responsible for yourself too. You cannot blame anyone else. Understand?

May Allah make us to be sincere, keep us sincere, be around sincere people, to make us to be honest, to make us to wake up, to make us to grow up a little bit, not to be, how you say, emo. Stop all of that, and to move ahead insyaAllah. May Allah forgive me and bless you. May Allah raise the station of our Sheykh, Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
10 Safar 1443
17 September 2021

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