Today’s people, Muslim or non Muslim don’t take Religion seriously. Is the flood of fire too close?


Question: Today’s people, Muslim or non-Muslims, they are really bullying, not caring about the Prophets. They are saying ‘this is a game, this is not true.’ It’s like Salih (as), his people were many, but when the big wind blew, they had only eighty left, they are saying. It’s from so many to eighty. They are saying that the only reason this is happening is because they bullied their Prophet. So are we in this time frame? Because like you just said, everybody is taking the religion, Islam, not really true, they are bullying our Prophet also, because this happened last week on national TV in Turkey. Someone just said, her husband died, she was a known actor, she said ‘he is over there right now, having a nice drink of alcohol with his friend,’ all his friends are also saying ‘wait for me, we are going to be there, we are going to have nice alcohol when we get there, just wait for us.’ So this is also bullying too, like not believing in religion, and underestimating. Are we in this time frame, so fire is too close?

Yes, we are, but we have to be more intelligent. The believers are going to have more intelligence. Number one, the believers are not going to get too emotional. We are not going to dance when they play the music, do you understand? When the unbelievers are going to say something, when the hypocrites say something, when the enemies of Islam say something, (getting so worked up) no. Why are we dancing to their tune? Why are we even looking at them? Why are we even concerned? Because those ones, they are big deceivers also. They know what they are saying. If they say ‘yeah, they are somewhere and they are drinking wine,’ technically it may be right. If those ones are believers, wine is forbidden here, it’s not forbidden hereafter. Correct? Yes or no?

So we know their tricks, now. Their whole thing is to make Muslims now to become so emotional, so they overreact, they make a lot of noise over some stupid people. There are so many things we needs to overreact about. There are so many things that we have to be angry about, about Haqq. Not those small things that these idiots on TV they say this and they say this and this and this. Why are we concerned? Our level of faith is not according to them. Our faith is not according to how much we become angry. Do you understand? How faith is not how much we cry. It’s not our faith. And anyone who is making us to become like that, pull back and understand, they are just tricking you. Because you want to cry, ohh, we will give you a thousand reasons to cry, since the fall of the Khilafat. But they don’t concentrate on that at all. Muslims, even, when they talk about Khilafat, are people crying? Are people angry? No. If anything, they say ‘why are you talking about this? This has nothing to do with anything.’ Or they say ‘don’t speak about this.’ Or they Muslims themselves they are not interested. Now, it’s showing nothing but our hypocrisy.

So, don’t enter into Hz Salih. Don’t enter into those things that I’m not speaking openly. There’s going to be confusion that is there. Where are we? And I’ve said this before, this Ummat of the Ahir Zaman, especially since the fall of the Khilafat, and we look, especially, especially, spreading like wildfire, fire is everywhere in this world, burning, right? But especially spreading like that since Sahibulsaif and Sultanul Evliya they passed. You see it’s taking over everywhere. What is taking over everywhere? 124,000 Prophets that came, that warned their nations, that their nations they take wrong things and they warned their nations, that their nations did big wrong things, and they warned their nation, and every nation they do one wrong thing, different from another nation, do one wrong thing different from another nation doing one wrong thing. Yes? The people of, let’s say, Nuh (as), different, the wrong thing. People of Isa (as), his nation they did different wrong thing. The people of Ad and Thamud they did different wrong thing. But in this Ahir Zaman, all the wrong things of all earlier Prophets’ nations, we are doing at the same time, everywhere. Young and old, males and females, east, west, north and south, everyday. Committing it openly. Openly.

Allah had punished earlier nations for less. Completely wiped out that nation for less, less that they are doing. We are doing everything, yet Allah is still holding back His Anger towards this nation. That, we have to find out why. If you find out why, that’s the time you are going to run to your Prophet and run to the Evliyaullah. Because under their domes, we find peace. It is because of them that Allah is not destroying this nation just like that, as He had done earlier nations. This is worse. Very much worse. Now, what is going to save you? Association is going to save you. Sohbet is going to save you. If you associate with the right ones, in their circle, under that dome, you are going to be saved. You are a good one, but you associate with those ones that are outside of that dome, it’s going to reach you. You are going to be punished too.

Once, Allah SWT sent a decree to an Angel, saying ‘go to this so and so town and bring My curse to that town, and punish the whole town. Make them to become upside down.’ And the Angel is saying ‘ya Rabbi, as You like, it is known to you, but there is one Holy Person who lives there. Everyone else is committing wrong sins, wrong things, big sins, but there is one Holy person that is there. He is worshiping You night and day, ya Rabbi,’ asking if that punishment is going to reach to him as well. Allah SWT is saying ‘for that one, ten times more punishment to him, because he never warned his nation, he never spoke up for the Truth, he just separated himself, and he is supporting the wrong things that they are doing. For that one, ten times more heavy punishment.

We live in those times. If you are not going to understand about Haqq and batil, you are not going to talk about Haqq and batil, you can stay up a mountain, just minding your own business, but if you don’t know Haqq and batil, you are not just going to mind your own business. One way or another, you are going to go according to batil too. We have to know. It is part of our religion, to know what is Haqq, what is true, and what is false. To support what is right, and to forbid what is evil. False is not just another opinion. False means evil. Do you understand? So those ones who are tolerating evil, saying ‘it’s okay, don’t judge, don’t shame them, everyone is free, Allah is Merciful, Prophet is Merciful, they are all filled with love,’ which is so many Muslims today, especially so-called progressive, enlightened Muslims from the west, that so many governments from the east they are saying ‘we must make our Muslims to become like this. We can control them more, because they are running after dunya, so we can give them dunya, we can control them. But these ones who knowing Haqq and batil, they don’t have a price. Then there is a problem.’

There is a problem, if we are not doing that. Are we saying to go out and to change anything? No. As we say so many times before, the order is if you see something bad, evil, you see it, the farz it is for us to change it. It’s not to see it and to walk away. It’s not to see it, you see, people are doing so many evil things on the internet, Muslims are doing so many things that are wrong, you can have Muslims say ‘I was in Tarikat, but it was a cult,’ and you see all her so-called Muslim friends saying ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, they are not Muslims, Islam would never force people to do this or this or this, or make zikr, or this, or this,’ everyone jumping to support, even if she takes off her hijab and does all sorts of things, everyone is supporting her, condemning what she was following before. But once she started to do things that are more evil, everyone is silent. Everyone is silent. What do you think is going to happen? You think Allah is not watching?

So it’s the opposite. You are forbidding them from doing good and you are encouraging evil. You are watching and you don’t care. Forget about don’t care, your heart is not moved, you are saying ‘it is normal, it is okay.’ It is not okay. You cannot change. These days we cannot change with our hands. That, you have to have a power. That power is only with Khilafat. You cannot change. Then change with your mouth. You cannot change with your mouth, with your tongue, no one is going to listen to you, in your heart, the Prophet says. In your heart, you cannot accept it. In your heart, you have to say ‘if power is given to me, I’m going to change this. I’m not going to like this.’ You turn your heart away. It doesn’t mean you cannot change with your hands, you cannot change with your mouth, with your lips, with your tongue, you have to accept? That’s not the Hadith. This is what majority of Muslims are doing. They accept, they tolerate, it’s okay. In the old days, they say ‘don’t even look at liquor, don’t even look at drugs. Anything forbidden, don’t even look,’ they say. ‘Turn away.’ It’s not just looking at women, looking at men, no. Evil things, turn away, don’t be witness to it. These days, it’s accepted. Of course, if you are living in such a place as this, there are so many wrong things that are happening around, we are seeing it around, don’t support, don’t look, at least in your heart, you must say ‘this is wrong. Ya Rabbi, I am not in association with them.’ Because otherwise, you are going to be with those that you love.

So association, now. This is important. At the same time, the Evliyaullah, they are trying to save everyone. They are trying to open their way, and they are trying to take people’s hearts, as it is in the Khatma Khwajagaan, even if you make zikr with us one time, you are considered part of us. The doors of Mercy are opening east and west, but you cannot encourage evil. You must still forbid what is evil. This is the difference. Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha. May Allah forgive me, insyaAllah.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
17 Safar 1443
23 September 2021

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