Priorities of the Heart


Your heart is speaking, you know what is right and what is wrong. What is it that you have to overcome? Your ego, your sheytan, your laziness, your disobediency, your not caring except for yourself. Your priorities, it will kick in. You will understand. Easy way or hard way, you will understand. It’s still the easy ways. We are being tested? None of us we are being tested for nothing. That’s why you are just taking it easy, especially these stupid, American-born types, so spoiled and so privileged, western types. Doesn’t matter what nationality you are, and it doesn’t matter where you are born, or you are sucking this kind of system and you are holding on to it very strongly. Because whatever you do, there is no consequence. Whatever you do, wrong thing you do, there is no bad results from it, because you are surrounded by comfort. There is no bad results. Meaning what? You can do as you like, the whole system is saying ‘that’s okay. Don’t force. Don’t tell them anything. Let them be, they are young only once.’

So the young, the youth, when you are growing up, it’s not a time for you to grow, to learn, it’s a time for you to feed your ego. So when you reach sixteen, eighteen, nineteen years old, that’s when now your body and your desires will catch up to your ego. Maybe the kids, when they are young, they don’t have any desires yet. They have an ego, there is no desires yet, they are not responsible. They are not responsible. They are masoom. But someone else is responsible, the parents are responsible. So later, the dunya and the desires catch up with your ego, that time sheytan will unlock everything. That’s already too late, if you think that time you are going to learn something. But growing up in this system, where you do something wrong, it doesn’t matter, you fail it doesn’t matter, in anything it doesn’t matter, there’s always second, third, fourth, fifth chances that is there, but not understanding that this is a Mercy coming from Allah. When you understand you are forgiven, it is a Mercy, you do something wrong, it is a Mercy, you will be a servant that is grateful. And a servant that is grateful is going to run to please his Allah, saying ‘I did something wrong, still You’re not punishing me. I deserve the fire, still. Then I must run to, at least, to say thank You, to please You. And if there is a job, there is a duty, I must run top speed to that.’

But anything that is happening, there is no consequence. You are free. Second, third, fourth, fifth, endless chances. There is no punishment. So now you become very spoiled. You can do anything you want, there is no punishment, there is no consequence. Then later on, when you are growing up also, you think you can do whatever you want in life. You live in this bubble. Everything is comfortable. You care very much, for yourself. For yourself, your comfort, what you want. It doesn’t matter, comfort or business, what you want. You care very much. Priority. Not what Allah, talk about your Sheykh, what about Sheykh? Family? No. Yourself. It’s yourself. That is your priority. That is what you are running top-speed to please. Whatever you are running after. If you are understanding the Mercy is coming from Allah, then you are going to become very grateful, and any chance to show that you can do this for Allah’s sake, you run. You say ‘of course I’m going to do.’ Just like Habil and Qabil.

Just like Habil and Qabil, just like Ibn Salamah and that Sahabi who is the opposite of Ibn Salamah. Just like Habil, when the order came, ‘You worked so hard, now you have to give something up,’ he says ‘take my best.’ Qabil is saying ‘I worked so hard, why I have to give the best?’ Trying to be slick. Ibn Salamah, asking the Prophet for prayer, understand this. Ibn Salamah did not leave without the Prophet’s blessings, without the Prophet’s prayers. He asked for the Prophet’s prayers. He was actually forcing the Prophet, because if he was really in love and knowing, sincerely, he doesn’t have to ask. He knows, his heart is going to tell him what the Prophet wants. But he wants to go out, because he’s having jealousy from outside. Just like so many Muslims, they go to all this social media, they have so much jealousy, from everyone who is living the perfect Instagram life, which even kafirs know it’s all fake, but Muslims are the first ones to fool themselves, because if you are not holding on to your Prophet, then you are holding on to sheytan.

So they are running, they got very jealous, but you fool yourself, saying ‘I’m doing this for Haqq’s sake, I’m doing this for this sake, I’m doing this for that sake.’ But no, you are not. First thing, that one who is guiding you is saying it is not for you. ‘No, please, I want to.’ It’s not for you. Ibn Salamah is saying, pressing on to the Prophet, saying ‘But I can help so many people! I can help so many people.’ How many of us are coming here with that notion that we can help so many people? Who are you helping now? Who are you helping? Are you running to help? Insisting, Prophet made one prayer, one, two, three, he started to have a lot of things. Is he thinking it’s coming from Allah? He’s saying ‘it’s coming from me.’ Is he thinking ‘this is because of the blessings of the Prophet?’ He did not. This is that reality. He is saying ‘it’s because of me.’ He’s only afraid because he has to go with the Prophet’s blessings. If he goes without, he knows that he is going to get a curse. So his relationship with the Prophet is also superstition-kind, you know? Like so many people they hold on to their Sheykh because of that. They said ‘I must ask their permission.’ Some using words like this, like this, some speaking both sides of their mouth, some saying ‘I’m going to do like this, like this, asking for your prayers,’ that is not permission. ‘I’m doing this, I’m doing this, I’m doing this, ask for your prayers.’ That’s not permission. Still we say ‘okay, you are only fooling yourself, so difficult for you. What do you think we are going to say? No?’ But your sheytan managed to fool you again. You are not taking steps again, you are taking steps back. So we say ‘okay, as You like Ya Rabbi. You know, I don’t know.’ But those ones they are very sneaky, they say ‘oh, we ask for your prayer and you said yes.’ We say, yeah, go ahead, fool yourself again.

So Ibn Salamah, he forced it out of the Prophet (AS), and he became, he owned a lot of things. Did he help? He did not help. He did not help. When the Prophet asked ‘where is Ibn Salamah?’ everyone of them they. Then asking ‘Did he help any one of you?’ All of them put their heads down. The order came for zakat, Sahabi went there to collect, now this is the proof, now. The proof, the test is when you have something. Maybe it’s wealth, maybe it’s position, maybe it’s strength, maybe it’s health, maybe it’s something. What you have, that doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to Allah and His Prophet. And Allah is commanding the Prophet to collect, and that’s when Ibn Salamah is showing, everything is showing. He is saying ‘he is demanding bribes from us, huh?’ Many came, also, not many, let’s say some they came, they come with nothing, they say ‘we believe everything,’ they say ‘we kiss your hands and your feet, we need your prayers,’ we pray, things open up, not because of our prayer, but because of Sheykh Effendi, and then when it happens, they break every promise that they made. We didn’t demand that they make any promise. They break every promise. Who did you help? That one? That’s not helping. ‘This one, I give so much money.’ Really? Are you getting the money back? ‘Uh, yeah.’ It’s not helping. ‘This one I help.’ Hmm, and? It’s a business. It’s not helping. Ahh, we are not even going to speak to ask you for zakat. We will let you burn. We will let you burn the gold that you wear around you, burning now. You are not going to say nothing. You should know, this is Tarikat, no? Why we have to say?

Ah, so he’s not really believing, he is saying ‘this is me, this is mine. My work. So you are going to ask something from me? No.’ He says ‘let’s see, go collect from the other one.’ The other one, like Habil, he’s saying ‘take the best, take everything,’ ‘No.’ ‘Take half.’ ‘No.’ ‘Take the best one.’ ‘No, we only have to take, out of every forty parts, one part. To be fair.’ They collected. What did that one gain? Dunya and Ahiret. What did that other one lose? Dunya and Ahiret. He lost, and he lost, and he lost. He tried again, in the time of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, to say, he woke up a little bit, to say ‘now I’m going to give my zakat.’ Abu Bakr as-Siddiq refused. It became, what? Haram. Do you understand? Sheykh Effendi had warned, years ago, ‘soon, those ones who are not sincere, especially, that time you want to give, it will be forbidden. You will not be able to. We are not going to take.’ So it became forbidden. He tried it again during the time of Hz Umar. Yeah. Hz Umar is saying ‘do it one more time, do it. Do it one more time, I will cut your neck off.’

For that one, his neck is more important than a pillar of Islam. So he didn’t give. Failed again. He didn’t give. We are here to think, we are here to use our intelligence. Aql, where is the aql for? Where? Oh, for dunya, with your dunya friends, your dunya ideas. Like a jinn you understand so many things. But you are not understanding that one next to you, understanding that one next to you, understanding that one next to you, understanding who is in front of you, who is behind you, what are their problems? Who are they serving? Themselves? So difficult. That is a sign, when you are here and it’s so difficult for you to come for zikr, it’s so difficult for you to be doing things for the sake of Allah. There is something wrong with your faith, with your connection. It’s off. That’s enough sign. Understand, all of us here, once upon a time, we had nothing. And we were here, and we were running everyday, for everything. Do you understand?

We are here to serve Allah and His Prophet, to serve our Sheykh and what he has given us, this job, this work. We are not here to serve our mother, our father, our husband, our wife, our children, our brothers, you understand? Look, that one is running in the way of Allah. Do you understand? That one is running in the way of Allah, he is doing, he is sweating, he is doing, he is running. Give respect to him, even if he doesn’t give you salams, who cares? We are here to please each other, for each other’s happiness? But you are seeing, he is running in this way, this is not for himself. What are you doing? Eh, a little bit here and there. It’s not the same thing. You have everything, but a little bit here and there, it’s not the same. That one has nothing, but he gives his heart. And he’s running, giving his heart, maybe he doesn’t look left and right to please other people around him, it doesn’t matter, because we will all come to the day when nothing is going to save us, not our father, our mother, our children, they are not going to save us. So look to your amal, look to your ibadet, look to your hizmet, and look to your sincerity. Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
24 Safar 1443
30 September 2021

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