What happens if a person gets fooled, but they realize it and they change?


Question: In the case of Qabil, he had three chances, the first chance maybe was a matter of the heart, but then it was clearly not accepted. So what if the person makes that same assumption or gets fooled, but then they realize it, because it was obviously not accepted, and then they make that change?

Oh, what if they change? Ohh, if you change, it will be accepted and your disobedience, your sin that you made before, according to how much you run and how sincere you are, Allah will change it. So it’s as if instead of a sin, instead of a gunah, it’s as if you are running for the sake of Allah, it’s a good deed and you are going to get rewarded for it. I told you before, one of the things it means is that, you went through that experience, you understand what that experience is, and that is a plus for you. That is an understanding for you. That is a hikmat, that is a wisdom. And with that wisdom, you can reach more to yourself and you can reach to others who are going through that same thing too. You will speak to their heart. You are not going to speak about knowledge, you are going to speak about experience. You’ve experienced that. That experience, although it’s a bad experience, but you understood it’s a bad experience.

Wasting it is haram. Everything we go through, we come back to Allah, Allah is not going to waste it. Yes, you regret doing that, that is wrong, you regret it. You are not trying to find excuses, you are not trying to be nostalgic about it. You are not laughing about it, like so many other people I’m seeing, especially those coming into Islam. They are like that because the Muslims themselves they have kafir envy, that’s why. They have kafir envy. They have Islam, they have this, they have that, they have hijab, they have this and that, they have zikr, but they want to do other things that the kafirs they are doing also. And their excuse, now? ‘Allah is Merciful. Prophet is Merciful.’ We say, that is not sunnat. ‘Brother, don’t judge us. Don’t shame us. It’s very bad.’ Right? In social media, you cannot shame. No body shame, no mind shame, no nothing. So if there is no shame, Prophet says, then do whatever you want. Whatever you want, do. Which is exactly what people are doing.

But we are seeing, people, they are coming into Islam, Alhamdulillah, so many they are saying ‘okay, that is my jahiliyyah days.’ But some, I must say, especially those ones who are coming into like Ahli Sunnat, Sufi-type, they look into the jahiliyyah days with such fondness and nostalgia. Those who become wahabi, they have a bit more shame. Let me just say. They don’t dare to say. They say ‘Astaghfirullah,’ ah, fake, doesn’t matter. If you are fake doing something good, you still get rewarded. But these Sufi-types, they laugh, ‘hahaha,’ they post something and they say ‘yeah, it’s wrong, but you know, I was young, I was only 17.’ That is wrong. Where is your sunnat for doing that? Did you see any Sahabis looking back with nostalgia to their jahiliyyah days? No. So your role models are, who? Who did that? The munafiqs. The hypocrites in the time of the Prophet. They looked back to those days with fondness.

So Allah is still giving us a chance, but the stubbornness, uff, it’s sheytanic, this stubbornness. And it is like a big oven, a big stove, you are feeding, it’s burning, you are feeding, it’s burning. You keep feeding, it keeps burning. No, that is not the way. That is not proper. It should not be. The end for that is the Fire. You are feeling that. Your anger, your envy, your jealousy, your stubbornness, you know it burns you. Never when you have those feelings, you smell nice smell, never, you are angry, you feel nice, you see nice. No. It is always burning you. When you are stubborn, it always burns. It is an indication, a sign of what it’s reality is and where it’s going to be.

So stay away from all of this. It’s better. Don’t burn yourself. It should not be. It’s no problem for sheytan, he’s made from fire. We are made from earth. May Allah forgive me, Sheykh Effendi bless you insyaAllah. Al Fatiha. Amin.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
24 Safar 1443
30 September 2021

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