Can you please explain why nothing happened to those rebels who revolted against the Saltanat?


Question: Can you please explain why nothing happened to those rebels who revolted against the Saltanat hundreds of years ago? Innocent people now are paying the price, while the enemies, namely, specific western countries and others, still have not paid the price of their evil and corruption against Islam and Khilafat. They got away with it. Can you please explain this?

Who’s saying they are not paying for it? Who is saying they are not paying for it? Those who rebelled against the Khilafat, they have been paying for it over a hundred years. Every country, every nation, look at the Muslims now, they are all suffering. Those who are guilty, they are suffering, those who are cooperating with the guilty they are suffering, those who call themselves innocent, but they stand and they do nothing, they are suffering. What about those ones who are openly trying to bring down Islam? Allah has given this time, 100 years, for the tyrants to rule. He did not give this time for the tyrants to be punished. He has given this time for the tyrants to rule, and to take over the whole world, and for them to be preparing themselves for their leader, dajjal.

The Prophet (AS) is saying ‘after me, there will be a Khilafat Rashideen.’ I am going to speak very simple language. ‘Rightly guided. After that, there will be kings. After the kings, there are going to be Sultans. After the age of the Sultans, there will be biting tyranny. Allah has given them a certain number of years. And after that, wait for one of my grandsons to come back.’ Hz Mahdi (as) is going to bring the ruling of Islam back, like it was in the time of the Prophets. So now, we are in the time of tyranny, time of dark darkness. Allah is watching. Allah has the time. The whole world is getting more and more crazy, because their time is running out. But Allah is still ruling. Don’t worry. The Evliyaullah are saying ‘prepare. Don’t get fooled and don’t get pulled. Prepare. Watch to your heart, attach your heart to the heart of the Evliyaullah, prepare yourself. Don’t get fooled and don’t agree and don’t be sinking into this world. Don’t be liking into this world. It is your enemy. Don’t be liking into the kafirs. They are your enemy. If the love of the believers is not more in your heart, check yourself. If you respect,’ so many, without knowing it, they respect those kafirs more. They watch TV, they respect them. They sound like them, they speak like them, they act like them, they want to think like them. Especially some years ago, what’s that story they had on TV? Soprano? You have a whole generation saying ‘I want to act like them, think like them.’ They became your role model.

That’s one of so many things that you are taking and you are putting it in your life. The respect is given to that. Don’t be. You are not taking itibar, you are not taking lesson, but you are just copying. You are not taking lesson. You are just watching it, you are getting programmed, you are not taking lesson. Take lesson. Maybe we were young once, we believed, everyone watching that stupid james bond, every young one wants to become like that, we were young, maybe. Later you get older, change. Don’t get stuck, do you understand? That’s one problem, bollywood another problem. Correct or not? Everyone going around thinking that they are, I don’t know what the heck they are. Don’t be. As you like. Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
24 Safar 1443
30 September 2021

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