What is the edep for us Murids when the Angel of Death comes?


Question: What is the edep for us Murids when Hz Azrail, the Angel of Death, comes? Should we say salams to him?

If he gives salams, you have to give salams back, no? If he doesn’t give salam, then you are in trouble. But we cannot talk so much about that. Who you are holding on to, that’s the one that you are going to be with, whether it’s this coming, that coming, this coming, or that coming, whether it’s Azrail coming or the president coming or another Saint coming, you’re still holding on to your Sheykh, do you understand? That time, as much as you’re holding on, you know what to do. You don’t get lost, you don’t get overwhelmed, you are holding on, you just keep looking at him to know what is it that you’re supposed to do.

So many people get overwhelmed also. They are following their Sheykh, but when other people start praising them, they start floating. We’ve seen it during Sheykh Effendi’s time, then other people may praise them, Sheykh Effendi may praise them, then they get lost, more drunk. Then they lose all connection that time. If you’re drunk, you lose all connection. So the whole point is not to be overwhelmed, not to be drunk now. But if you hold tightly, okay, you are angry, hold on to him, saying ‘what would Sheykh Effendi say? What is he telling us to say?’ Hold on, don’t lose it. Don’t say ‘well, this is personal matter, it’s between me and my brother, it has nothing to do with Sheykh Effendi or Dergah or Tarikat or anything,’ no. You are still a Muslim? Yes. Then you are still a Murid? Yes. Then why are you separating? In your happiness, same way. In your anger, in your depression, in your positive and negative, everything. You hold on, so you know what is the edep of behaving in that situation. Otherwise you are going to get lost. So now, what happened? Now you are here, you are going to be different? Now when you go back amongst Pakistanis you are going to be completely different, go back amongst Indians different, go back amongst Spanish people you are going to be different, you’re going to change? No, you’re not. You will know then, if you hold on to him tightly, and you observe him and you learn. It’s not so easy. Tamam?

So then in that way, it will be very clear. It’s kind of like you are preparing yourself for the exam, teacher is teaching you, you know when the teacher teaches you, and if you say you skip all the classes and you just learn from the book it’s not the same. Right? It’s never the same. And the teacher is going to say ‘pay attention, understand, then that time when the exam comes, it’s as if I am here giving you all the answers.’ So you are holding on now to the teacher. That’s why in our way, we never want to be separate from our Sheykh. We always want to be behind him, under his feet, wherever we are. Don’t ever think ‘oh, my Sheykh,’ some people they are saying ‘oh, the Sheykh is just there to train you and then you go off on your way.’ Did the Prophet teach the Sahabi e-Kiram to do that, train them and then they go off on their way without him? No. So we don’t want to be separated from him, we can’t, anyway. If you think you are, you cannot be separated. You are part of him. Easy way or hard way, you are going to come back. Yes? InsyaAllah. Selam Aleykum.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
11 Muharram 1443
19 August 2021

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