The Vengeance of Allah


We are 100% going in the wrong direction, males and females, young and old, every country, every people. This is Ahir Zaman. Except for a handful here and there, that they have no power to change anything, but Allah will give them power later. This is still a trial time for them too. How many were saying ‘oh, we swear we are going to be with you until the end,’ and then they detour, they leave. What is going to make you happy, these days? Is there anything to make you happy? We have lost the Khilafat, we have kicked it out, not lost it. We have removed all ruling of Islam, we have removed all ruling of Tarikat, everything that is around us is haram. The money that we are holding is haram, people concentrating on Shariat so much, what they eat must be hundred percent halal, how they sit in the Tahiyyat Ahir has to be hundred percent, everything has to be hundred percent, but they are not even asking, ‘where is that one that Allah has sent to us to represent His Prophet?’

The skies they are angry with us, the earth is angry with us, the water is angry with us, because we have become zalims. Islam is making a person to become a servant. What kind of a servant? To be a servant to his Most Beloved Servant. You are following Rahmatalil Alamin, you will be rahmat to the alams. The Ottomans they were rahmat to the alams. You have to get rid of the wolves and the snakes, you don’t let them to sit at the same table and to say ‘we are all equal.’ They keep to their kingdom, it’s okay. Yes, they took care of the wolves too. When the wolves were starving in the wintertime, they go and they feed them. It’s not just because they are so kind. Kindness must have intelligence too. It’s so that the wolves don’t come to the villages and start attacking people. Kindness is intelligence. Tyranny has no intelligence.

So what is Holy Prophet (AS) happy about? From the leaders to those who are following, from the economic system to the system of education, everything has been poisoned. We are happy, we are grateful, we pray that he is not angry with us. Because one of Allah’s Names is the One Who Takes Revenge, the Avenger. And the Revenge of Allah will come. Allah has promised it. Are the Muslims, are the Mu’mins sitting, afraid of the Vengeance of Allah? They are not. They are walking around like Firauns. They are dancing around everywhere. Sheykh Effendi had said so many times, he is saying ‘wait to see, the problems that we are suffering in now is because of the betrayal that we had done to Sultan Abdul Aziz Han. And he says ‘Wait to see when the vengeance comes because of the wrongs we did to Sultan Abdul Hamid Han.’

Once upon a time, the Bani Israil they were chosen by Allah, they were His favorite, He loved them so much. But they became ungrateful. They forget their promise. And He punished every one of them. Even the Prophets from that nation, they came out from their punishment, Musa (as), he was not born as a king, ruling. He was born when the Bani Israil they were slaves for hundreds of years, under who? Firaun. And the people became tyrants to Hz Musa, and they are punished to wander around for forty years in the deserts. Sheykh Effendi, Sheykh Mevlana is saying, ‘they are saying, in the morning time they get up, ‘let’s go east.’ They walk east whole day until the sun sets, they rest. Allah makes them to forget how they walked, next morning they wake up, they say ‘let’s go west.’ They walk west, sun sets, next morning they say ‘let’s go north.’ Next morning, going south. One circle they were wandering. One circle. Small, not huge.’

If Allah wants to punish, Allah can imprison you in one small, round circle. If Allah wants to free you, in that circle, in that space that you are occupying, He will make you to witness the whole of the alams. They were circling, and Musa (as), he did not complete the mission. He did not complete the mission. He passed when they are still traveling. Forty years. And when he passed, and they were carrying his Jenazah, and when that job was given to Yusha (as), that so many they are concentrating on Musa (as), but they are not concentrating on Hz Yusha. It was Hz Yusha who fulfilled the promise of Allah, who completed the mission. He completed the mission of Hz Musa.

Out of all the punishments and karamats and mujizats they saw, when the time to fight, Yusha (as) says ‘our Lord is going to support us, we have to go fight now,’ you think they learned something, but they didn’t. What did they say? ‘You and your Lord go and fight first, tell us how it is, and then you talk to us.’ Hasbinallah. How many of us are like that? But in that time, when passed their limits and they worshiped the golden calf, and when Musa (as) came, and he smacked Hz Harun until his mouth split, he was so angry, then the punishment came, and Allah is saying ‘how you are going to be punished? A cloud will descend on the desert, a black cloud, all those ones who worshiped, they are going to be executed, to be cut, their necks. The one who is going to do that is going to hold the sword.’ Evliyaullah are saying, from Fajr until Maghrib they were cutting the necks off. But Allah is not making them to see who they cutting in front. When the cloud lifted, who they see in front of them? Their own father, their own mothers, their brothers, their children. And those ones, they are sent to non-existence. They are never coming back.

Now, in this time, how much we have disobeyed Allah? This Ummat, every disobedience from every Prophet, 124,000, that they did, this Ummat is doing all at once. All at once. If it’s not because of the Mercy of the Prophet (AS) and the Evliyaullah, Allah would have finished this ummat a long time ago, with that betrayal, Allah would have punished. And in that situation, the goods with the bads, they will be punished too. So you are asking, what is going to make the Holy Prophet happy. So many are going to disagree with me, they say ‘why are you being so negative? Why in this month of Mevlid, you are not talking about good news, you are not singing and dancing about the Prophet, you are not having Mevlids and talking about hope?’ We are not unbelievers. What hope are you talking about? If you talk about hope and the hope is Allah is going to send Hz Mahdi, and he’s going to cut the necks of the dajjals, then we join you in singing and dancing too. But with the singing and dancing, you are making people to be drunk. Why are you not asking for Hz Mahdi (as)? Because you don’t believe that this is an age of tyranny. You don’t believe we are tyrants. That’s why you are not asking for justice. Ah, that’s very bad.

Something is wrong, very big wrong. If we understand what that wrong is, and we try in our small way, like what you said in the dua, not to make us to have any weakness or love for this system, for this tyranny, we may pass with safety. Never forget, first punishment that is going to come from Hz Mahdi (as), he’s going to cut off the necks of 70,000 alims and ulemas. Everyone’s running to become alims these days. Which alim is standing up to speak about the tyranny of this age, to prepare mankind for Mahdi (as), for Isa (as), and to fight against the dajall, this system and inside of us? Which one? They say ‘no, let Allah take care of that.’ Which Prophet said that? If you are really following what is for you, that Prophet, which Prophet says, seeing wrong and not caring, and he’s saying ‘let Allah to solve it’? Which one? Which Sahabi? Which kingdom? Which dynasty? Which Osmanli is saying that? Or do they say, like Hz Umar, ‘even if we are small, even if we are weak, we are going to go right in front of the Kaaba and pray. We are standing for the Truth.’

This world needs another Umar. May Allah bring the Umar soon, insyaAllah. We are asking forgiveness from Allah and His Prophet. We are asking that they give us strength, insyaAllah, to understand properly and to live properly. May Allah forgive me and bless our Sheykh, insyaAllah, Al Fatiha. Amin.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
2 Rabiul Awwal 1443
7 October 2021

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