An Ottoman Heart


Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin wasalatu wa salamu ala rasulina muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain nahmadulllahu ta’ala wa nastaghfiruhu wa nashadu an-lailaha ilallahu wahdahu la sharika lah wa nashadu anna sayyidina muhammadin abduhu wa habibuhu wa rasuluhu salallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa azwajihi wa ashabihi wa atbaihi khulafail rashidin, mahdin min ba’di wuzerail immeti alal tahkik khususan minhum alal amidi khulafai rasulillahi ala tahqeeq umara il mu’mineen hazreti abu bakr wa umar wa uthman wa ali wa ala baqiyati wa sahabai wa tabieen ridwanallahu ta’ala alayhim ajmain.

Ya ayyuhal mu’minun al hadirun ittaqullaha ta’ala wa ati’uh inna allaha ma allathina-ttaqaw wallathina hum muhsinun. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. Wa Salatu wa Salamu ala Ashrafil Ambiya’i wa Imam al-Mursaleen Sayyidina wa Sayidinna Mawlana Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain.

All praises are due to Allah, Lord of the Universes. All praises are due to Allah Who says in the Holy Kuran, in Surah al-Baqara, describing Himself: BismillahirRahmanirRahim “Allah! There is no ilah except for Him, the Alive, the Eternal. Neither slumber nor sleep overtake Him. To Him belongs whatever is in the Heavens and whatever is in the earth. Who is it that can intercede with Him, except by His Permission? He knows that which is in front of them and that which is behind them, while they understand nothing of His Knowledge except what He wills. His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and He is never tired of preserving them. He is the Sublime, the Tremendous. There is no compulsion in religion. The Right Direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejects false ilahs and believes in Allah has grasped a Urwatul Wuthqa (Firm Handhold) which will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower. Allah is the Protecting Guardian of those who believe. He brings them out of darkness into light. As for those who disbelieve, their allies are Taghut (the evil ones). They bring them out of the light toward the darkness. They are the companions of the Fire. They will abide therein forever.” Sadaqallahul Azim (2:255-257).

May peace and blessings be upon the Sultan of the Prophets, the Imam of the Messengers, the Intercessor of the Sinners, Sayyidina Muhammad Mustafa (AS). Our Holy mother Hz. Ayesha is narrating that Holy Prophet (AS) said: “No servant sends Salawat upon me except that an angel goes up with that Salawat to present it to the Face of Ar-Rahman ‘Azza wa Jall. And so our Lord Tabaraka wa Ta’ala says, “Go with this Salawat to the Tomb of my Servant (AS), who will seek forgiveness for the one who made this Salawat, and this Salawat will be the coolness of the eyes of My Servant (AS).” (Qawl al-Badi’). Allahumma Salli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Nabiyyil Ummiyi wa ‘ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim.

May peace and blessings be upon Sayyidina Muhammad. May peace and blessings be upon his Ahlul Bayt and upon the Sahaba-e-Kiram. May peace and blessings be upon Siddik al-Akbar, and upon Faruk al-Azam, and upon Zul Nurayn, and upon Shah-e-Mardan. May peace and blessings be upon the Holy Khwajagan, who lead their followers to the Tents of Mehdi (AS). May peace and blessings be upon the Ottoman Padishahs, the Shadows of Allah, the Servants of the Holy Prophet, the Khadims of the Evliyaullah, whose Hizmet made them the Sultans of Dunya and Ahiret. May Allah love those who love them. May Allah disgrace those who hate them. May Allah hasten their return. Amin.

Ya Ayyuhal Mu’minoon! O Believers! Welcome to you on the first Jummah of the Holy Month of Rabiul Awwal, the Month of the Birth of the Mercy to the Universes, Sayyidina Muhammad (AS). For believers, this is the time for us to sit and thank Allah (SWT) for blessing us with our Holy Prophet (AS) and letting us to be from his Ummat– this is the Way of the Sahaba-e-Kiram. Hz. Abu Said al-Khudri (RA) is narrating that Hz. Muawiyah (RA) said that the Holy Prophet (AS) once saw the Sahabis sitting in a circle and asked them, “What are you doing?” They said, “We have come together to pray to Allah and praise Him for guiding us to His Religion and blessing us with you.” He said, “I ask you, by Allah, is that the only reason?” They said, “By Allah, we have not come together for any other reason.” He said, “I am not asking you to swear an oath because of any suspicion- in truth, Jibril came to me and told me that Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, is boasting, bragging about you to the angels.” (Bayhaqi).

This is a great month. The Great ‘Alim Imam al-Qastalani Rahimahullah says: “May Allah Almighty shower his Mercy upon a person who takes the days of the month of Rabbi-ul-Awwal, in which the Noble Prophet (Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon Him) was born, as days of feast and celebration for doing so is the best cure for the heart of an ailing person.” May Allah (SWT) make us from those who reach to His Pleasure, and that of His Holy Prophet (AS) in this Holy Month, insyaallah ar-Rahman.

Allah (SWT) created everything in creation for the Love of that Holy Prophet (AS). Our Sheykh, Sahib el-Sayf Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani (KS) is saying: “Allah (SWT), He has created Holy Prophet (AS). For his love, He has created everything else. And Alhamdulillah, he is the first in creation and he is the Last Prophet. It is another secret hidden there, that he is first in creation. In appearances it looks like Adam (AS) is the Father of all Prophets. And all children. But in reality, the Holy Prophet (AS), he is the father of Adam and everything else. He is the first in creation. And Allah (SWT) sending him as the last Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets. And what He said, and what we’re saying, He said, Last Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets.” Seyh Efendi’s words are Hakk, and they come from the words of Allah and the Holy Prophet (AS). Allah (SWT) told the Holy Prophet (AS) in a Hadith Qudsi, “Lawlaka, Lawlaka, if it were not for you, if it were not for you, I would not have created the heavenly spheres!” And Holy Prophet (AS) said about himself, “I was a Prophet when Adam was between spirit and body.” (Tabarani).

And once Hz. Jabir ibn Abdullah came and said, “Ya Rasulallah, may my father and mother be sacrificed for you, tell me of the first thing Allah created before all things.” Habibullah (AS) replied: “Ya Jabir, the first thing Allah created was the light of your Prophet from His Nur, and that Nur turned in the midst of His Power for as long as He wished, and there was not, at that time, a Tablet, or a Pen, or a Paradise, or a Fire, or an angel, or a sky, or an earth. And when Allah wished to create creation, he divided that Light into four parts and from the first made the Pen, from the second the Tablet, from the third the Throne, [and from the fourth everything else].”

That is our Holy Prophet (AS). Where are we, and where is that Holy Prophet (AS)? As Imam al-Busiri (KS) is saying in the Qasida Burda, “I did zulm to the Sunnah of the one who stayed up in the nights until his feet complained of injury from becoming swollen. And he tied and folded, around his stomach, a stone beneath which was his delicate skin- while high mountains of gold came to tempt him, but he turned away from them due to his great courage. When he was in need, his zuhd only became greater- because truly, need can never overpower the Infallible. How could need call such a one to the world- the one for whom the world was created for, and without whom would not have come into creation. Muhammad is the Sayyid of both worlds and both creations (man and jinn), and of both groups, the Arabs and the Ajam. Our Nabi, the one who commands to good and forbids from evil- there is none more truthful than him in saying “no” or “yes.” He is the Beloved of Allah in whom we hope for Shafa’at– from every fear and distress that may come.” Amin.

That is our Prophet (AS). How can we not run after that Prophet, and be in love with that Prophet? That love is not a dunya love that comes and goes. That love is a love that transforms, that shakes the universe. Sahib el-Sayf is saying: “We’re the nation that accepted the invitation. And those are the nations that didn’t accept the invitation. The invitation is given to them but they didn’t accept the invitation. And we’re the nation that accepted the invitation, we must live differently, we must try to come closer to our Prophet (AS). And coming closer to our Prophet (AS), first we must learn about him. Who is he? What he is for? How he was? What he was doing? What he did? And more that we’re learning, more that we’re falling in love with that one. We must fall in love with that one. Covering all other loves. Allah’s love? Leave now, that is a different one. That is not the love of a human, that is love of the Creator. That’s different. When you put the love of Prophet (AS) in your heart, now you will not be shaky anymore. And that shahadat, should be enough for you in dunya, in the grave, in the hereafter. You will run to live according to that shahadat. But if you are not living according to that shahadat, you will always going to be shaky. Sheytan always going to run from every side to try to, even if he knows that he’s not going to be able to take everything away, he will run to at least to knock you down, to give some harm, wounding you. And more closer, we get to our Prophet (AS), more protection comes to us. And how we will know that one, the Holy Prophet (AS)? We must run after those that they know… If the love of the Prophet is not there, sheytan is going to find ways to fool people.

As they came to the Prophet (AS) and they said, “we believe in Allah, we also believe in the Judgement Day. So why we have to follow your orders? We’re good ones.” And order coming saying, “Ya Muhammad (AS), say to them if they’re sincere with their love to Allah, they must love and obey you for Allah to love them.” And now we’re seeing, learning insha’Allah, how important the Prophet (AS) is in our lives. The Sahaba-e-Kiram, they followed him, blind and holding. They closed their eyes and they followed. We’re not doing that today. Today, we’re questioning everything. Everyone questioning…Never submitting themselves to someone to learn how to live. Not submitting means they have already submit themselves to their own ego. It is a sign that if a man is not submitting himself to another one, it is a sign that that one is following his ego. His ego has the authority on that one. Can you be able to say to your ego, “No, you’re not going to do what you want, you’re going to do what that one wants from you. Your Sheykh.” And the words of Sahibulsaif they speak the Truth.

So love for the Holy Prophet (AS), it cannot just be a claim. A claim without a reality is hypocrisy. A love that does not lead to following Holy Prophet (AS) is disaster in Ahiret. Holy Prophet (AS) said: “I will be at the Hawd (Cistern/Pool), waiting for those of you who will come to me. Some men will be prevented from reaching me, so I will say: ‘Ya Rabbi, my ummah, my ummah!’ but it will be said to me: ‘You do not know what they did after you were gone; they kept turning on their heels.’” (Ahmad).

So a believer needs to put that true Love of the Holy Prophet (AS) inside his heart, the kind of love that Seyh Efendi is describing. What is the stamp of that love? “They must obey you.” The west hates that word. Obedience. West hates the word submission. West says that love is freedom, love is wildness, love is doing whatever you want. But Islam teaches that Love has a Shariat. Love has a Tarikat. Love has a Hakikat. And love has a Marifet. And the Shariat of Love is to say, I close my eyes and I follow you. It is to follow the way of the Sahaba-e-Kiram who said Sami’na wa ata’na, Amanna wa Saddakna. It is to come in front of a Living Guide, and put your life in between his hands, and to understand that you are following the Prophet through following that Guide. That is the Way of Love- even if the disbelievers hate to hear it.

Sahib el-Sayf is saying: “if you are not consulting, if you are not reaching, if you are not able to connect, then what you need Sheykhs for? The Prophet, now he’s not telling you what to do. Prophet was telling to Sahaba-e-Kiram what to do. They were sitting and he was saying to them, “do this, don’t do that.” And when they were going out of the order, whatever it was necessary, he was doing. And signs showing, Prophet (AS) passed from this world, passed his secret to who? Every Sahabi, they took secret from the Prophet, they didn’t get up to say, “I do as I like.” Allah’s Prophet passed the secret, Sirr-i-Azam, to Abu Bakr Siddik, that’s why everyone run after Abu Bakr Siddik. Abu Bakr Siddik passing from this world, he’s passing it, the Khilafat to Umar (RA). Umar (RA), what’s he saying? When he is giving sohbet to Sahaba-e-Kiram, saying to- saying to who? To Sahabis. They have sat in the presence of the Prophet (AS). Hz. Umar, before he speaks, he used to take out his sword sometimes. Taking out and saying, “if you don’t listen and obey through this tongue, I will put you back to the road with this.” He was saying to the Sahaba-e-Kiram. Today’s people, they don’t want to follow nobody because they became slave to their ego. Wrong, no way out. Every way is closed. Every way is dead end. You have to find the Master, that one who knows the road to take you out from there. There is no way out.”

This is the Way that true believers tried to live for 1400 years. The Sahaba-e-Kiram, the ones who sat with Holy Prophet (AS), all of them together came and they gave Beyat on the hand of Hz. Abu Bakr Siddik (RA), because they knew that the Pleasure of the Holy Prophet (AS) came with following his Inheritor. When Hz. Abu Bakr passed, they gave Beyat on the hand of Hz. Umar. Then to Hz. Osman. Then to Hz. Ali. It did not end after those Four Khulafa’. It continued. It continued until 100 years ago. It continued for over 1300 years.

Love of the Prophet? IshqiRasul? How can we claim to have Love of the Prophet (AS) when we left his Inheritor? How can we claim to Love the Holy Prophet (AS) when the Throne of his Khalifa, when the Throne of the Sultan, sits empty? How can we claim to love the Holy Prophet (AS) when the Ummat cried out, we want freedom! We want liberty! We want secularism! We want to follow our own laws! Take the Khalifa off the chair! How can we claim to love the Prophet when our Khalifa, Sultan Abdul Aziz Han, was murdered and no answer was given for his blood. How can we claim to love the Prophet when unbelievers were allowed to enter the Presence of Ulu Hakan Sultan Abdul Hamid Han and tell him he was deposed as the Sultan of the Muslims? How can we claim to love the Prophet when Sultan Vahdeddin was sent to the lands of kufr to live a life of poverty? How can we claim to love the Holy Prophet (AS) when those who have a right to the Khilafat, they are made exiles?

Yes, Love of the Holy Prophet (AS) it comes with conditions. And one of those conditions is to have a Khalifa, to have a Padishah, to whom the obedience and submission that was due to the Prophet is given. Allah is saying, if you claim to love Me, then obey that Prophet- I will love you. And what is that Holy Prophet (AS) saying? “Whoever obeyed me he would have obeyed Allah, and whoever disobeyed me he would have disobeyed Allah. And whoever obeyed the Emir he would have obeyed me, and whoever disobeyed the Emir he would have disobeyed me” (Bukhari). Muslims lost basic Mantiq, basic logic. The meaning of this Hadith is simple. Whoever loves Allah must obey the Prophet. Whoever loves the Prophet must obey the Amir. Whoever disobeys the Amir does not obey and love the Prophet, no matter what they do. If they pray 24 hours, it does not mean anything. Whoever disobeys and does not love that Prophet, that person does not love Allah, and Allah does not love that person. Yes, that is why, without a Khalifa, there is no Islam.

Without our Sheykh, we would not even be able to think. We would not even be able to realize that we are surrounded by hell. Because this is the time of dejjal- the liar. He shows a paradise which is hell, and shows a hell which is paradise. People think that this is paradise now- but they are drowning in the seas of fire. We are asking to be removed from the fire that is around us. We are very very weak, yes- but we are asking for our hearts to be strong on Hakk. Our Sheykh is telling us how to turn back to our Lord, saying: “Over a hundred years ago we have risen against the ruler that Allah sent to us, the Khalifah, we have risen against him. All nations, Muslim nations rose against him saying ‘We don’t want this kind of ruling. We don’t want these kinds of laws. What are these laws? Remove it. We put our own laws’. Right, so now you are okay. In all Muslim nations, things that never happened in their dreams, now it’s happening there worse than the western countries. Watch. I don’t have to tell you. You know how it is. You know better than me. So, what’s in it for us? We are part of it. We have to sit and pray, ‘Yes Ya Rabbi, we are in it. We are part of it. We are asking for forgiveness.’ Ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT). Say, `Yes, if You give me the power, I will stand up and I will change all these wrong things. And I am starting to change the wrong things with myself. And I am promising to You that I am going to live according to Your laws, not according to my ego.’ Then you will be alright. Even if you change nothing, even if the whole world turns upside down, you will be okay.”

In this Holy Day of Jummah, we are making that dua. We are asking forgiveness for whatever part we had in raising our head against to our Khalifa. We are asking for our hearts to be on Hakk. We are asking for power to change ourselves. And although we have no power, we are asking Allah to send the Khilafat back. Amin.

It is Rabiul Awwal. If anyone wants to see what the Love of Rasulallah (AS) is, let them look at the Osmanlis. Let them look at Osman Gazi, living the Sunnah of the Rasul with his small group, and with his respect to that Prophet and to the Words of Allah. The Sultanat of the world grew from his heart. Let them look to Fatih Sultan’s gift to the Holy Prophet, Islambol. Let them look to Yavuz Sultan Selim’s walking behind the Prophet in the deserts of Egypt, to take the Khilafat to protect it. Let them look to the letters of Sultan Abdul Aziz Han that reached to the Rawza. Let them look at one day of Sultan Abdul Hamid, that from dawn to dusk was spent in the Sunnah of Rasulallah (AS). They tried to erase it, but it is not erased. It is alive in the hearts of those that are burning with the love of those who love Rasulallah. Sultan Abdul Hamid the First, the Grandfather of our Sheykh, he wrote a poem to the Holy Prophet (AS), in honor of his Hujra Sharif, Qasidatul Hujriyya. And for hundreds of years it decorated the Turbe of Holy Prophet (AS). They destroyed so many parts, but some of it is still seen. In this Holy Month of Mawlid, we are reading the Holy Words of that Holy Sultan for that Holy Prophet (AS).

Ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulallah, take my hand

I have none besides you, nor will I stop to rely on any but you.

For you are the Light of Guidance in everything that exists and you are the secret of generosity and the best reliance.

And you are in Truth the Helper of all Creation, and you are the Guide of Mortals to Allah, O Owner of Help.

O You who stand on the Station of Praise, Singled out, by the Single One. The one who is not begotten and does not beget.

O you from whose fingers rivers burst forth, so that you quenched the thirst of the great army!

Verily if I am faced with harm and fearful injustice, I say, Ya Sayyid as-Saadat, Ya Sanadi! (O Master of Masters, O My Reliance!)

Be my Intercessor with the Most Merciful about my mistakes, and bestow on me in a way I cannot even imagine.

Look upon me with the Eye of Pleasure always and forever, and please veil with your favor whatever shortcomings I have committed in my life.

Please bestow on me your great forgiveness,

For O my Master, I never separated from you.

I am asking Tawassul from the Chosen One, the Most Noble One, who went to the heavens, the Secret of al-Wahid, al-Ahad

The Lord of this Beauty is Allah the Exalted, Who created him,

I have found none in creation as Beautiful as (my Beloved).

The Best of Creation, the Pinnacle of Prophets

The Most Valuable Treasure among the people, the one who guides them to the Right Way.

In him I have taken refuge- perhaps Allah will forgive me.

This is my hope, this is my belief.

Endlessly praising him shall be the work of my days,

My support in the Sight of the Lord of the Throne is his love.

Upon him the purest Salat without any end,

Together with Salam that cannot stop nor be counted.

And upon his family and his Sahabi, those majestic ones,

The ocean of forgiveness, and goodness, and Medet.

May Allah bless the Ottoman heart that wrote this poem. May Allah put it in the hearts of those who have this kind of love. Amin.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
2 Rabiul Awwal 1443
8 October 2021

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