Do not cross the limit


When the ego is attacking you, that is that time when it’s very interesting, what happens. You listen to sohbet, you are able to listen now because the ego is not really attacking you. You hear, you listen, you understand what it is. But what happens if after this you go to the kitchen or you go over there, anywhere, and somebody comes and pokes you here, or does this or this to you? Then what are you going to do? Do you understand? That is the time.

Now, you have to know what to do. We are not teaching you to roll over and play dead also. It’s not. Anyone that is going to, especially in the Dergah, they are doing something wrong, when they are poking you, this or that, you have the right to say something. There are some people, they are naturally like that. They are like sheytan, they have sheytanic characteristics. Do you understand? So it doesn’t mean that you just ‘hmm, hmm, yes, yes, yes,’ like that, no. When it’s necessary, you are going to smack them, those who have the authority. If it’s necessary, you are going to swallow, if it’s necessary, you are going to put your head. Do you understand? If they keep pushing, then there’s a time when you have to draw a line and say ‘don’t cross this.’ They cross it, anyone who crosses, what happens if over here you go to, for example, a parking lot anywhere, let’s say Walmart right? You park somewhere, there are cameras everywhere, you park and then you knock against someone’s car. You are the one who’s doing that. Can you say ‘eh, I’m sorry’? Can you say that? You have to pay, right? Can you say ‘oh, I’m having a bad day’ or ‘this is happening, this is happening’? No. Are they interested in excuses? No. What makes you think, in the Dergah, we are? What makes you think? But we are patient, we swallow and we swallow. Once it passes a certain limit, then we say ‘okay, are they going to listen? You are not going to listen? Go somewhere else where you don’t have to listen.’ That’s all. None of you, none of us, we must think that we are so valuable. We are not. Even if you think you are so valuable, even if you are, you go, Allah will send someone better. That has always been the law. That’s all. Tamam? InsyaAllah.

But yes, we swallow, we are patient, we talk, try to be tolerant, but no one has the right to now disturb anyone else to do something. But those ones, ohh, talk so much. You turn your head, they are going to give sohbet. Repeating my words, of course, but does it have anything? No. Fatiha.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
2 Rabiul Awwal 1443
7 October 2021

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