What makes people to miss welcoming the month of the Holy Prophet on a Divine Threshold?


Question: You mentioned that this place, Dergah, means a Divine Threshold and people are here, and we see from one Rabiul Awal to the next, some people pass away, some people leave and others join. What makes people to miss this opportunity of welcoming the month of the Holy Prophet in a location which is a Divine Threshold? Is it something that the ego wants, in this age of instant gratification, to forfeit that aim of being in the presence of the Holy Prophet during his month in this beautiful, Divine place? What makes them to trade that?

They don’t believe in this place anymore. It’s not a trade. Trade? Not really. They just don’t believe anymore. Like the Ibn Salamahs, they don’t believe in that anymore. Dunya, they believe in that dunya and they say ‘no, I’m going to be back,’ saying to the Prophet, ‘I’ll be back.’ He used to be there everyday, now he comes once a week, and then once every forty days, and then from bayram to bayram he would come. Right? Some, openly, they are saying ‘ah, this place is just this.’ It’s okay, they can. You’re not the first to say that, you’re not going to be the last. You’re not the first to deny this way, or to deny our Sheykh, you’re not going to be the last, definitely. And as Sheykh Effendi said, whether I’m here alone or there’s a thousand people around me, I’m going to continue that way. I’m saying the same thing too. Whether I’m alone, or there are a thousand people around me, I’m going to continue.

This is my life, I have given a promise. It doesn’t matter, I have given a promise, it doesn’t matter if they reward my promise with roses or with thorns. This is a matter of honor. I’ve given my word. Those who have left, they say ‘doesn’t matter.’ Have they lost their honor? They just don’t think it’s important anymore. Then that’s okay. And they think ‘oh, we can always celebrate Maulid anywhere. Who says we have to be there?’ But before, they were tripping over themselves to say ‘this is great, da, da, da.’ That’s natural. So when the ego takes over, ego takes over, do you understand? Then it can overturn everything. Then the ego find a reason to say ‘why not here, why somewhere else?’ Why do you think they are still able to do that? Because the punishment of Allah is still not reaching. Because, as Sheykh Effendi said, we give you extra leash. Your leash is still in our hands, but we let you to run around. Run as much as you want, run east and west, north and south. Run. But one day, we will pull it. And when we pull it, we will pull it very hard. You don’t believe in the leash, you don’t believe in us. It’s okay. You want to deny Sheykh Effendi and Sheykh Mevlana and the whole way, it’s okay. Do it. That doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t. Those ones, they know what I’m saying. They are already feeling it.

So something happens when you start believing. When you start believing, you start disbelieving. Do you understand? When we come here, we start believing in Sheykh Effendi, we start disbelieving, understanding what it is, our lives before, what we held to be true. Everything, no? We are looking at it with new eyes. This is what’s happening. Once they start believing in what it outside, and looking, then they start disbelieving in this. They’ve turned their faces. The whole point is to turn our face to Allah, to Mawla. This is a place that is forcing you to turn your face to Mawla. Everyone who has left, they turned their faces to dunya, not to Mawla. Name me one person who says ‘no, no, I left to enter into seclusion. I left because you’re not praying too much, I’m going to pray 24 hours. I’m not going to run after the world, I’m not going to do this or do this.’ No, everyone running after the dunya. And the ego is going to be very powerful that time, because they feel so free. ‘Huh, nothing is happening to me? Then that’s proof that this one is false. If it is true, he’s going to punish me right away, right?’ It’s okay. We are not like you. So they continue, still continue. There is still time left.

So this is what concerns us now. Where is our heart going to be with that, with that, with that? Where is our heart going to be? Our heart is going to be soft towards that, to what they stand for? Or are we going to say there is a point, demarcation line, a line that you draw? Our hearts are going to be soft towards that, or not? This is a big test for us. Understand? People who don’t know us too much, like this or like that, it’s different. People who know us and they are smiling in front of us, and behind us they start to say things, that’s different. Am I going to tell people to stop doing that? No. Please go ahead. Please start backbiting about us. Because you will carry all our sins, and we are going to put it onto your backs. Do that, it’s good. The more you do that, the easier and lighter it is for us. You are cleaning us up. And those who are smiling in front of us, years, but one word they hear that is coming from sheytan, and they start believing, those ones we also question. And if your heart is going to change just like that, from one word, we throw you out. They will ask, we say ‘no, they don’t belong to us.’ Because one word, you’re so easy that you are going to believe, and you are not even sitting here and asking, huh, no need. Because what we are going to carry, what we are going to do, so many people depend on the strength. We don’t want weak ones. That time, so many people will fall into the hellfire because of you.

So this is a time to know everyone’s worth, do you understand? Everyone is going to be tested. Your disease is being shown, you don’t like it, it’s very ugly, but you are trying to change it. One step, two steps, one year, two years, you are still doing it, because you still believe, one day you’ll wake up, that’s just going to be gone. What is going to be gone? That wrong characteristic, or that feeling of weakness, more power will be given, because you are still fighting. You don’t like it, it’s there, sometimes it’s going to be gone easy way, sometimes in a hard way. But you will have a little bit of more control over it. It’s not just going to hit you and you are just going to- you will have more control over it. It’s not going to come to you suddenly. It’s coming, you have control over it. You don’t like it, you are pretending. You don’t like it. It will control you. That time, you think you can fool the whole world. Let them. It’s okay. They can’t really fool us that much. Not at all. Tamam?

So it’s good. I am happy, so many left, so many coming too. It’s good. So many coming, some they passed, so many they are born. Concentrating on this. Like I said, if you are so shaky, and a little bit of wind is going to take you, please go with the wind. What they say? Gone with the wind. It’s good. Because bigger winds are coming, then we will see who is going to be left. Don’t think it’s a joke. How many people you’ve seen left Sheykh Effendi? Ohh, scores. They are coming in, they pretend they love him so much, they kiss his hand, his feet, where are they now? So many, they turned around, they start cursing at him, no? Remember?

So it’s okay. This is for us to learn. This is the reality of life too. Somebody, he’s praying for me, he’s saying ‘may you have more strength to carry this.’ I said, insyaAllah. It is their strength, it is not ours. And I still remember Sheykh Effendi talking about Sheykh Mevlana, saying sometimes, before he goes to sleep, he is like resting, meaning late, doing everything, carrying the whole world’s burdens, before he goes to sleep he looks like he’s hundreds of years old, he sleeps for a couple of hours, then he wakes up for tahajjud and looks refreshed like a young man again. So we want to be like that, no matter how the world is hitting us, but we are just asking for their support, a little bit of rest, we must wake up more powerful, more young, to carry this responsibility that we have. Yes? Don’t go to sleep old and wake up older. Please. Wake up young. So that is the point. Every day, to be younger, to have more power no matter what it is the night before. It doesn’t matter. It will pass. Maybe one day, maybe few days, it will pass. It still carries on. The ego is going to make you to think this is forever, it is not. It is not. Selam Aleykum.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
2 Rabiul Awwal 1443
7 October 2021

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