What can I do to better myself and have a better work ethic?


Question: I recently lost my job because I did not have the proper work ethic. I remember from one sohbet of yours where you mentioned that hard working is a skill. All these years I’ve come to realize that I do not have it.

You mean you are lazy. It took you years to realize you are lazy. Your mother is saying you are lazy, you don’t listen, father saying you are lazy you don’t listen, your brother saying, your cousins, everyone saying you are lazy, you don’t listen, they fire you and suddenly you wake up. MashaAllah. What a big marifat it is. Make me sound like, ‘oh, hard working is a skill.’ It’s not a skill. You have to be hardworking. Life is hard. You have to pick up that way. ‘Hardworking is a skill,’ meaning ‘you know, I don’t have that skill.’ You are lazy. Don’t say you don’t have that skill. Allah Allah. Suddenly being hardworking is a big skill. See this snowflake generation? Yeah. Tauba Astaghfirullah. ‘Please don’t shout at me, you’re triggering me.’ They are so lazy and like to sleep so much, yet they say they are woke. What the hell is that? What the hell even is that? So anyway, say. Complete the question.

Question: What can I do to better myself and have a better work ethic, not just for dunya, but also for Ahiret?

Come here. I will give you the skill to be hardworking and to wake up. Easy way or hard way. Idiot. I know who that is, that’s why I can say this. Tauba Astaghfirullah. Yeah, come here. That’s why people are running away from Dergah also, because they are very lazy. Or they think coming to Dergah is ‘oh, so nice, I can just make zikr all day long.’ Maybe there’s a Dergah on the other side of the mountain over there that does that. This Dergah, maybe you don’t even have time to make zikr. Correct or no? Because you do other things. Yes, we do other things. So what he wants? Falaka, that’s what he wants. That’s what I am going to give. Come, come, I’ll give you falaka, then you are going to wake up. You lost your job, Allah giving you a job, you know how many people are jobless these days? It’s so easy for you, because you’re not married, you don’t have mouths to feed. So easy, saying ‘um, I lost my job because I don’t have the skill of hard work. I need to pick it up, what do you suggest? Pray for me.’


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
2 Rabiul Awwal 1443
7 October 2021

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