Mawlid 1443: Defenders of the Sunnat


The Ottomans, they are making Islam to have taste, not dry, to have taste. And when it comes to sunnat, which is his sunnat, however much, however little, however beautiful you want to make it, make it. There is no limit to that. But everything that you are seeing, if people have some intelligence, from the lights to the candles to the flag to everything, there is a dalil, there is a reason, even within the Quran and the sunnat. But leave all those arguing to the people of jahannam. People of Jannat don’t argue. You taste honey. That one didn’t taste honey. He’s talking so much about honey, you sit and you smile. What are you going to do? You are going to argue with him? He is saying ‘honey tastes like this, like this,’ you have tasted it, what are you going to tell him? ‘No, it tastes like this, like this’? You can explain, he never tasted. Now, as people of Tarikat, now we have to try to make them to taste, one way or another, this way or this, to taste. This is our responsibility. Easy way or hard way, trickery or straightforward. What are we tricking? Their sheytans and their ego, let them to taste a little bit. Our job is to give the message, then after that, they are Allah’s creatures too.

So Allah has blessed us with here, with this Jamaat, with our Sheykh especially, of course, with him everything comes. We are blessed, but don’t take this for granted. Don’t think it’s always going to be like this. Don’t think that this is always going to be like this, because there’s always, whenever there is good, you take one step, seventy sheytans is there to break it. Inside and outside. So watch out for those sheytanic things. It’s not going to appear to you as a sheytan, it’s going to appear to you as a friend. It’s not that easy. People are celebrating Mawlid in restaurants and cafes, eating and drinking. We are blessed with this. So on the one hand, yes, we are saying estaghfirullah, we are asking forgiveness from the Holy Prophet (AS) also, because we are not carrying the emanet properly, but on the other hand, we say, ‘we are also happy that you are here, that 1443 years later, we are still remembering you, Ya Rasulullah.’

Prophet (AS) is asking a question, ‘who has the biggest and the most amazing iman?’ He is asking. The Sahabis are saying ‘the Angels.’ He says ‘yes, they are witnessing so many things,’ but he says ‘no, they are not those ones who have the biggest iman.’ Then they say ‘the Prophets.’ He says ‘ah, the Prophets are seeing this and this, but they are not those ones who have the most amazing iman.’ They were surprised. They gave some other answers, then he says ‘no, not those.’ They asked ‘ya Rasulullah, who are those ones who have the most amazing iman?’ He says ‘those ones who are going to come in the Ahir Zaman, that they’ve never seen me, yet they have faith in me and they love me, and they are carrying the sunnats properly.’ Now, the sunnats doesn’t mean dressing, sunnats doesn’t mean just giving salawats too. The sunnat is the lifestyle, the difficulties, the attitude, the obedience, the sacrifice, the pain.

When it comes to Mawlid, everybody wants to do it. But when it comes to holding on tightly to the sunnat, which is like a fire in these days, most people they leave it. They say ‘no, no, no, it’s not needed. In these days, things have to change. Allah is Merciful, He’s not making us, forcing us to do it. Don’t be.’ We are called Ahli Sunnat, which means we are defending the sunnat, which means the sunnat is always under attack. They cannot remove Allah, and they cannot remove the Muslims from worshiping Allah. Even the mushriks were believing in Allah, one way or another. But 1400 years ago until now, what they are attacking is ‘Muhammadur Rasulullah.’ ‘Once,’ they say ‘we can remove that, then we can control these people to their Allah. We can control that, what they are worshiping also.’ But with Muhammadur Rasulullah, unbroken chain of masters, holding on to their sunnats and their teachings, sheytan cannot break it. It’s impossible. You must consider yourself to be that candidate, that if the whole world turns against to Allah, to be the only one who is going to say ‘I live and I die for You.’ You must. You must think of your lives bigger than your worries. America is making all your concerns and your worries to become dunya and small. Your worries should be the worries of the Prophet, not your own worries.

Whenever you think that you have problems or your own worries, whether it’s personal or your family or this or that, say ‘stop. Stop. It is true, but I am Ahli Sunnat. I must worry what the Prophet is worrying about,’ to just think. Don’t say ‘oh, it’s none of our business.’ It is your business. Don’t say ‘I cannot change anything,’ yes, you can. What can you do? You cannot raise your hands? So you don’t believe in the power of dua? If you cannot even raise your hands, then that time, when you have power to change, you will not change. Definitely you will not. You will always try to find excuse to say ‘I can, I can, I can.’ If you are sincere, from that one dua, you can change a little bit here, a little bit there, before you know it, lives are transformed. This is what we want.

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, may it be acceptable to them. We are entering into the Mawlid, in a few hours, we are entering into the real time, it is the time of Tahajjud that the Holy Prophet (AS) that he was born. Very beautiful. Beautiful account, beautiful stories, how the birth of the Holy Prophet (AS), who was attending to his Holy Mother, our Mother Hz Amine, the Batools that were there, how the whole world was celebrating, and how those ones who were given the earlier books, that they were noticing in the skies certain things were happening, from different religions, different understandings, they knew the Last Prophet is here. In the old days, do you know the small procession that we have? How do you like it? It’s something, right? Simple. Ah, of course, now, if this is shown, so many Muslims are going to say ‘bida’at, kufur, haram,’ they are going to say ‘what, candle? It’s like christians.’ I say, so before, what, Muslims were using electricity for 1400 years? What were they doing?

The Ottomans understood that, that’s why they call these Holy Celebrations Kandil. And during the time of the Ottomans, ohh, what they were doing, you think this is something, they were going crazy on the night like this. They were lighting the candles starting from the birthplace of the Holy Prophet (AS), his house. Which they turned into a toilet now. They light, and then they move out, and then they start singing Salawats in the Tahajjud time, walking, ending up to the Ka’aba. And at the Ka’aba, they start making zikr. Forty Tarikats are there, circles. One starts, one ends, one begins, one ends, until Fajr time enters. This is necessary, for the whole world to get this Rahmat, do you understand? It’s not just, everybody is thinking personal. ‘Ah, I’m making dua, oh, I go to Jannat,’ no, no, stop. The Sahabi e-Kiram did not just think about themselves. In fact, they put themselves last. They thought about the Prophet (AS), what his mission is, until the Ahir Zaman. And such an event, understand, imagine if just this town of Sidney Center, everyone stops and they have a Mawlid like this. Maybe town of Sidney Center, there are several thousand people. Right? It’s unthinkable, isn’t it, this whole land are filled with people, imagine, and the procession, and people making zikr. Now, imagine if the whole of New York State is celebrating it. You cannot imagine it. Imagine if the whole of America is celebrating it.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, for over one thousand years, the whole Empire was celebrating it. From China, from Indonesia, all the way to India, to the Middle East, to Istanbul, reaching all the way to the west, Africa. Whole Empire standing still on a night like this, giving Salawats to the Holy Prophet (AS). This is necessary for the whole Ummat to have that protection. We stopped doing it, we became so proud, Allah is breaking our backs.

So these traditions, insyaAllah, will come back. Like I said, we are going to be witnesses to each other. If Allah asks on the Day of Judgment ‘what were you doing in this Ahir Zaman, when the whole world is going crazy, they lost, completely, their identity, they don’t even know they are white, they are black, they are males or females, humans or animals?’ We say ‘Ya Rabbi, we were on top of a mountain, just a few of us, and we are trying to remember our Holy Ancestors, and we are trying to taste the sweetness that the Prophet (AS) brought, and celebrating it. But we were not drunk. We understand what is worrying the Prophet and we are asking that we become the candidates to save this world.’ Make that intention as big as you can. Say. Don’t be small, don’t be stingy. We became very scared. Say ‘if it’s only me, with Allah’s Power, I can change this world to the other direction, to Haqq.’ Make that intention, you are going to be rewarded according to your intention.

Wake up with big intentions, don’t just wake up to say ‘I have to brush my teeth, I have to go to work.’ Wake up with big intentions. Go to sleep with big intentions. We are Muslims. We are believers. We are Ahli Sunnat. We are Defenders of the Faith. We are Hakkanis. The least we can do is to have big intentions. Allah will send the support. Don’t worry. InsyaAllah. So welcome to everyone. 1443. Who knows what’s going to happen in 1444? Who knows who’s going to be here? Every time, we say, let the sincere ones stay, and kick away all the insincere ones. May we stay, insyaAllah. May we be sincere. But like I said, don’t take it for granted. Check yourself. Check yourself, listen, because when something comes to you in this way, it doesn’t come to you suddenly. Warning, signs, year after year after year. But if you insist on being blind, that time 40 Prophets coming in to give you advice, you will not listen. Do you understand? May Allah save us from that, insyaAllah. Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
12 Rabiul Awwal 1443
17 October 2021

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