Is there a way to prevent Ghaflat and to remain conscious always?


Question: How do we tend to forget the teachings of the Evliyaullah so quickly? We immediately get a reminder after we make a mistake or error. Is there a way that this Ghaflat can be prevented and we remain conscious always?

Step by step. Always, don’t go to that station there, first you must know, why, what is causing me to forget? What is causing me to forget? I’m listening, and what is causing me to forget. Then you will understand, ‘what is causing me to forget is, okay, food, friends, TV, looking at wrong things.’ So once you understand what are the things that cause you to forget, now you have to have some power over it. You have to say ‘now, for this, I have to say no a little bit. For this one, I have to put my face in a different side. For this one, I cannot be around those people, because they are making me to forget.’ Don’t say ‘how can I 100% be following?’ No one can be 100% following. The more important thing is you must know what are the obstacles, what are the veils, what are the barriers, what are the barricades blocking you?

First you understand, what is it, what are the sicknesses. Don’t just say ‘how can I be healthy? I always get sick, how can I be healthy?’ First, you have to say ‘what are the sicknesses?’ What are the things that you are doing that makes you sick? What are you eating, who are you hanging out with? Stay away from all of that, you will have more strength and more power. First, understand that. This way, it is not to be an Evliya. This way is to understand yourself. If you are saying ‘I want to be like that,’ no. Who are we? What are we? But if you say ‘I want to clean myself, then you are going to look at all the dirtiness, and you are going to listen when someone says that it’s dirty. You’re not going to fight back. Your Sheykh is saying ‘that is dirty, that is dirty, that is wrong, that is poisonous,’ then you are going to start taking it out. Then slowly, you feel yourself a little bit stronger. Not because you are doing anything, but just because you are taking all the dirtiness out. The house feels better, not because you put more furniture, more paint, but because you take the trash out. You can be cleaning the whole house too, but if the trash is still there, astaghfirullah, the toilet is still there, you are not doing anything, it is still going to be dirty. Don’t do anything, just take out the trash, how nice it is.

So start doing that first, insyaAllah. The slowly, step by step, be with those ones who will always remind you to take out the trash. Be with those ones who are particular about being clean, how to say properly, how to speak properly, how to do things properly. It doesn’t mean just pretend to be nice. It’s not that. Proper is not just nice. Everything has to have its own protocol. So many evil people they are nice. Beware of wolves in sheeps’ clothings. So many in this world. Sheykh Effendi is saying, now we are going to do the opposite. Because wolves are putting on sheeps’ clothings, now the sheep are going to put on wolves’ clothings. They are going to look and appear rough and tough so that all those ones that are fake are not going to be around. Those ones who understand what is inside, then they are going to stick and hold on too. As much as we can. I’m not forcing anyone to be here, I’m not forcing anyone to leave. You listen, it is for you. You don’t listen, what can I do? When it is time, it is time. When it is not time, it is not time. Selam Aleykum.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
9 Rabiul Awwal 1443
15 October 2021

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