Could you suggest a solution to keep our heart peaceful and at ease in these painful times?


Question: Sometime back in one of your sohbets, you mentioned that after the veiling of Hz Mawlana Sheykh Nazim Hakkani, things have changed globally in every aspect, whether it’s a political or regime change, or social or institutional, or environmental. This is a bit painful, to see such things. However, you mentioned in these crises, the only solution is to hold on to your Sheykh. Clearly, that is the only solution for our safety. Could you also suggest a solution to keep our heart peaceful and at ease? These changes are very heartbreaking and painful. We have seen the era of good times, then the transition era, but suddenly this era of crises is putting more confusion than clarity.

How to find your heart at ease? This is Ahir Zaman. This is second jahiliyyah. In the first jahiliyyah, during the time of the Prophet (AS), what would cause distress to the hearts of the Sahabi e-Kiram? What would cause ease to their hearts? So many things can cause distress, seeing, understanding a little bit and looking at the situation now. If you are distressed by how this world is turning, it’s good. Don’t be at ease, don’t be comfortable in this world. Don’t say ‘ah, it’s normal. It’s okay.’ You laugh with it. No, don’t. Don’t assume everything bad that is here is okay. It is not. Turn your face away, your heart should not be normal about it. It should still be wrong and strange and bad. Turn your face. Even if you cannot do anything about it, you know by your heart, inside.

So in the time of the Sahabi e-Kiram, what do you think makes their heart to be at ease? What makes their heart to be at ease? The heart understands it is coming from somewhere. Everyone assumes your heart is yourself, belongs to you. It doesn’t. Let’s say, what is most important in our heart is love. Love doesn’t come from you. There is a Creator of that Love. And if you understand a little bit more, you understand that once upon a time, all that love is together, together with the source. Then when it’s time for separation, they carry a little bit of that love everywhere, wherever they are. But the heart understands, that’s why the feeling of love, it is not the feeling of completion. It is the feeling that ‘I have to connect to my beloved to be complete.’ It is not ‘oh, I fall in love, okay, I’m complete, I don’t need anything else.’ Yes? You ever hear someone fall in love, ‘okay, I don’t need my beloved, I don’t need this, I don’t need that, I’m complete now.’ That’s self-worship. Then you understand, the heart then is going to pull to the beloved, because you say ‘I am part of him.’ That will bring you peace. ‘Anything can happen in this world, this whole world can turn into a fire, but when my heart is with my beloved, then there is going to be ease.’

Sahabi e-Kiram, whatever was happening to them, their hearts are at ease because their hearts are with the Holy Prophet (AS). And they were not just with the Prophet to say ‘I love you.’ So their love was not selfish, to say ‘I love him, so I feel really good.’ They start to love him, and they say ‘now, I’m starting to feel what he is feeling, and he is the Mercy to the Universes, and he has love and pity to everything. Now I must have that. I’m feeling that. The burden he’s carrying, I’m feeling a bit of that too. As much as I love that one, I can carry that burden more, because I know that to carry it is to ease him.’ So now, yes, we are saying ‘hold on to the Sheykh,’ but holding on means what? There is a whole ocean of meaning to ‘holding on.’ When Allah is saying ‘be with the Saliheen,’ there is a whole ocean of meaning to ‘be with the Saliheen.’

As Sheykh Effendi says it very clearly, be with them, be with them, serve them, love them, learn from them. Whose examples do we have? Sahabi e-Kiram. They are saying ‘I love the Prophet (AS).’ You think that love is the same kind of a love that this whole world is now saying ‘we love Rasulullah (AS)’? This is his month. Everyone is saying ‘we love you.’ His heart is still crying, because the orphans are still being tyrannized, the widows are still being taken advantage of, there is still zulm in this world, there is still injustice, more than it was before. He came to bring more of that peace of Allah, and the Muslims now are knowing all this, it’s worse than what it was before, and there is no real desire to change anything. But we sit and we say ‘we love you, Ya Rasulullah.’

Then something is wrong. So you want peace of heart, peace of mind. You want peace to enter into your heart, then enter into the heart of your beloved. That’s where you belong. Then once you enter into the heart of your beloved, you will have that peace to know that you are with the one that you love, but you don’t stop there, because your heart will now start beating with the same beat as your beloved, and then where he sees, you are going to see. Where he feels you are going to feel. Where he touches you are going to touch. And all of that that he is doing is not for himself. He’s doing it again for the Ummat. He is not just doing it to please his Lord. Because so many times, his Lord is saying ‘didn’t We tell you, it’s not going to make too much of a difference whether you speak to them or you don’t, whether you warn them or you don’t? Already the Truth is there. Didn’t We tell you not to worry about it so much? Didn’t We tell you?’ And Allah is saying to us, ‘that one has such tremendous pity for you.’

When he was born, he is declaring Allah’s Oneness. He spoke, yes. And this is another thing I’m seeing also in so many Mawlids, let’s put aside all that other things, when they have Mawlids, they no longer speak about the Prophet (AS) as if he is the Greatest Prophet, an extraordinary Prophet, not only just an extraordinary man, a Prophet is an extraordinary man, but an extraordinary Prophet. We don’t hear so much of the miracles of his birth, of the miracles of himself, that in his cradle, he was giggling, and when his nursemaid looked, and he was looking and the moon, and he was doing this (pointing) and the moon was going up and down, and he was laughing. He was playing with the moon, and the moon was playing, making him to laugh. So many things. Because we are so concerned now, we don’t want to look like we are superstitious people, we are so concerned to prove our faith, not to Allah and His Prophet, but to this world, that we lose that beautiful, extraordinary connection to that most beautiful, extraordinary Prophet.

Yes, so when he was born, there’s only a handful of people in this world, when they were born they were able to speak. One of them, of course, was who? Ruhullah, Hz Isa. And the Holy Prophet (AS), he went into sejdah right after he was born, saying ‘Ashaduan la illaha ilAllah,’ and he’s saying ‘inni Rasulullah. I am Rasul of Allah.’ As a baby, a newborn. What were his words after? ‘O my nation, Ummati, Ummati.’ How do you increase your love to the Prophet (AS)? Many ways to increase your love, but I’m seeing, so many times people are just stuck with singing. And it gives a certain emotion when you are singing, it has a certain high, but understanding certain things, certain facts, I don’t care about the wahabis, they are going to go crazy looking at this and saying ‘look, in one minute, he is saying ten wrong things.’ I don’t care. But when you remind people of this, it doesn’t need too much songs or dance or anything. Instead of being so far away from him, he becomes very close to us, no? It’s something simple, it’s in front of our eyes, we can almost see. This is what it means.

On the day of Mawlid, we brought the kids, and I tell them a couple of things. These things, everybody knows already. But I said very simple things to the kids, I want to speak in their language, what can they take, what can they understand, what can they remember, what can they take? I’m not interested in how much I know, I’m not interested in who’s watching, I’m interested in them. Simple things. And when you start doing that, it does come from your heart, because I wasn’t, okay, I tell them something, this is what happened, okay, and then later the adults say ‘oh, that was such a beautiful sohbet.’ I say, what? ‘Oh, that was so nice, it was so beautiful and this and that.’ And of course I realized, because one of them said something very beautiful, and a person said ‘if only when we were young somebody told us like this.’ And I said ‘that’s true,’ because nobody really told me also. But why not? Is it so difficult? Why not?

So if the Mawlid is to increase the love that you have for the Prophet (AS), and the love that builds for everybody, for every station, while we are busy preaching to the adults, our kids are already taken hostage by this whole world. Yes or no? Especially when you come to this country, every uncle, every aunty that they make a masjid, or they have a committee, it’s only for them. The little kids, they send them to the basement. Then they send them to Sunday school to learn Quran, and then they are shocked later on how their kids have double lives. And then the masjids that they built is emptying out.

I do, I worry how to make our kids, yes, it’s nice, they wear clothes, they eat food and they see lights and they get presents and everything, but what more, what can we say about, how can we put that love there, that concern, that thought, that understanding of the Prophet or a Sultan or a Saint? It’s not that difficult, but we have to try to understand them. If we do that, then insyaAllah ar-Rahman Allah will have pity on us, and Mercy on us, because we are looking out for the weakest. Tamam, this much is enough. Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha. Amin.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
16 Rabiul Awwal 1443
21 October 2021

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