Turn Away From Yourself


The eyes, with faith and the natural faith, natural intelligence that Allah has put, whatever the eyes see, physically or whatever, it will see also its Creator, Who is behind it. Not to say it’s going to see Allah, but it sees, ‘ah, this is coming from the Creator. This is the Mercy of the Creator. This is the Qahar of the Creator. This is…’ everything is, like what we say before, everything there is a signature of Allah. How close you are, you are not only going to see the signature, but you are going to see, let’s say, the power that is behind it. Yes? Everything Allah creates, there is power. In the eyes of the Faith, now, that’s why Allah is saying, don’t you see? Why are you not seeing? This is for people of understanding. There are signs everywhere, in the ships on the seas, the light and the darkness, the sun, everything, Allah is saying ‘these are signs for you to know that this is from your Lord Most High, Most Great.’

So you are looking with that, you don’t need to read a book. With the eyes of faith, as the ayat is saying also, everywhere you turn there is the Face of Allah. Yes. It doesn’t mean Face, face. A face is describing some sort of personality, some sort of identity. It’s not everything, but it is that. You understand? Now, the ego is seeing itself, when it sees, it doesn’t like nature also too much. It wants to control that, it wants to destroy that. It wants to fight against it. Because in reality, the ego cannot fight against nature. Yes? Go on a ship on the ocean, alone. No matter how powerful, strong you think you are, this is your reality. You are helpless. Storm coming, forget about it. Yes? Any force of nature, then ‘ah,’ it’s saying, ‘there is some force that is greater than me,’ puts you back into your station. ‘I am a creature.’ Ego is thinking it is so much, so high, so great, but it is nothing. Don’t ever think your ego is greater than your spirit. Your spirit is the greatest thing that Allah has created, but the spirit will never say it is great. The spirit always says ‘Allahu Akbar.’ But the ego always says ‘anahu akbar,’ although it has nothing.

Now, for you to turn your face to Allah, it’s not just turning your face to Allah. First you have to turn your face away from your ego, away from yourself. That is the difficult part. Turn away from yourself, turn away from your own thinking, ideas, turn away. Slowly. That’s why everyone has to be trained in this. Tarikat is there to give you that training. Turn away, don’t look to yourself, look to the one who is teaching, because that one is taking from that one, taking from the Prophets, taking from Allah SWT. You are looking, in reality, they are just a direction, like the Ka’aba is just a direction. Idiot people thinking we are worshiping to the stone. Yes? As idiot people thinking, because of people’s love to the Sheykhs, the proper way, the real, proper ones, of course, they say this is kufur. But that one is just a direction. Direction meaning it’s directing you, he says ‘it’s not me, it’s here, here, here, here, to Allah. It’s not me.’ It’s like the Ka’aba. No Muslim is thinking we are praying there, that we are praying to the stone. And don’t think Allah is also living in the Ka’aba. Astaghfirullah, hasha. Yes?

So now, to enter, there are steps, steps are endless also, because once you face to Allah, bring it down a little bit, once you start to turn your face to Mawla, to Ahiret, to the Prophet (AS), let’s say to your Sheykh, that time, it’s not just facing him. You have to turn away from yourself. If you turn away from yourself, your face starts to disappear. You have to take on his face. You have to take on his color. Yes? And Allah is saying, yes? Sibghatullah, the best of the colors, the color of Allah. So now, you have to start changing, because it’s not just turning and facing, you have to disappear. Someway, somehow, like this, like that. I don’t mean your face is going to change, your face will change physically also, little bit here and there, for those who can see. It does not mean you are going to become copies of that, no. But you will know where you fit. You have an identity, you are not going to feel lost. You are going to say ‘I belong in this Haqq. This is my part, here.’ So when you face there, it’s not just facing, but once you start doing that, Allah is saying ‘once that servant draws near to Me, I will be his eyes that he sees, his tongue that he speaks,’ yes? That means the servant, now, has to lose all of that egoistic personalities, and to take on the color and the personalities that is coming from the heavens.

Start simple, start with the heavenly ones, start with the colors of the Prophets, because you start from there, they will lead you to Allah. That is their job, to lead you to Allah, not to themselves. Never. So turning your face to Allah, yes, then turn your face to your Sheykh. This is one of the reasons why we have pictures. At least to physically, first, to start from that. That’s why you are sitting down, you look to your Sheykh. Do you understand? What about this subject? This subject has been talked about for over a thousand years. Holy Prophet (AS) is saying just to look at the Ka’aba, stone, the Ka’aba, it is worship. You get sawab from it. No? That’s why Muslims like to put the pictures of the Ka’aba like this, like that, because it reminds. We are not worshiping it, but it reminds us. Then Allah is saying, there are certain men, when you look at them, they will remind you of Allah. Of course they are not Allah, but they will remind you of Allah. And the Saints are now saying ‘now, who is more valuable in the sight of Allah? A stone, or Hz Insan?’ And Tarikat, forty Tarikats, forty-one Tarikats, also taking from Hz Ali. I say forty-one also because Naksibendi order also, through Imam Jafar al-Sadiq is also from two wings, from there. Other Tarikats, they may take just from Hz Ali, but this is taking from Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq and Hz Ali. There is also there. Then what the Prophet (AS) is saying? Just to look at him is considered worship.

Why is it considered worship? Of course, I’m not talking about people who take this to extreme, or you abuse it or this or this or this, we’re not talking about that. Like if I show you a sword, like a Damascus steel blade sword, right? Let’s say, Japanese katana, you take the sword, we talk about the sword, about the beauty of the sword, talk about how sharp it is, the precision and everything, we talk about that, because we are concentrating on that. Yes? But can the sword be abused? Of course. Can wrong people take the sword? Of course they can. Of course it can. But that is not the real, proper use of the sword. Now, for people saying, now you’re talking about respect to the Sheykh and to the Prophet now, it’s going to lead you to kufur, you say ‘anything can lead you to kufur. You don’t have to start loving the Prophet to lead you to kufur.’ Why nobody talks about loving yourself can lead you to kufur? Why nobody is talking about loving your father, that leads you to kufur? Why nobody talks about loving your mother or your children, or your husband or your wife, that leads you to kufur? Or this dunya? Why because we love that Prophet (AS) you say it leads us to kufur? You know what? In 1400 years, no one from the Sahabis up till now, that they love the Prophet so much that it caused them to say that he is Allah, to kufur, that saying that he is a partner. Hasha. Never.

So hold your horses. Simmer down. So now, to look, I’m not talking about people who abuse this, I’m not talking about so-called Sheykhs who abuse this, I’m not talking about foolish people who go out of their way. I’m talking for what it is intended for. Okay? So for that, there is a great secret and an advantage to that. When you have that, when you are looking, when you are attaching yourself to it, when you are listening, when your face, your personality, you are facing towards that, your character facing towards that, and you want to be like that, because the Sheykh is teaching about the values and the characteristics of the Holy Prophet (AS), it is him that we are running after. If you say it is wrong to run after, then you have 124,000 Sahabis that they are wrong.

So turning your face to Allah SWT, you have to turn your face to the Holy Prophet (AS), first. Before reaching that, you have to turn your face to the one who is going to teach you about that Prophet. And in this Tarikat, it says, before you can properly turn to those ones who are going to teach you about your Prophet, you have to turn your face away from your ego. People are coming here, they listen to our sohbets, listen to our Khutbahs about love, they think they can come here, behave anyway they want, say anyway they want, do anything they want, think anything they want, and we will love them. People are coming here, thinking, oh, we are talking about love and this and this, so they are coming, they do certain things that are wrong, and we say ‘this is wrong, this is not good,’ they say ‘eh, you are a hypocrite, because you say love. You accept everything. And now you are telling me I am wrong? You are saying you don’t like this and this and this?’ It’s not showing intelligence.

Leave your ego outside. Leave your insincerity outside. Leave your stubbornness outside. You cannot now say ‘oh, I love this, you are talking about love, love, love, and then I’m going to come here, expecting, with my stubbornness, everyone is going to love me.’ No. Allah does not love the one who is stubborn. How can you love? And if your beloved one is stubborn, you cannot have that same kind of love to that one. At least for that characteristic, you say ‘this is wrong.’ You love people around you, yes, but their characteristic that are wrong, you cannot love. You cannot say ‘because that one is my beloved, any wrong characteristic is okay.’ It is not. It is not.

So this has to be understood. And some people, they have to think, understand a little bit more before they can come, because it may be too much for them. It’s too much for people who are here sometimes. It’s too much for those ones who become more stubborn and more arrogant, even if they stay here everyday for ten years, twenty years. Not only those who just come. Wa minallahu taufiq, may Allah forgive insyaAllah, and bless you, Al Fatiha.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
16 Rabiul Awwal 1443
22 October 2021

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