Covering the wrongs of others


Question: Allah SWT is saying ‘hate those that I hate.’ The person, let’s say, who is not praying or not fasting, can you say, ‘oh , this person is a bad person, Allah hates it,’ so we have to as well?

It’s interesting that you say ‘people who don’t fast and they don’t pray.’ Okay? Fasting and praying, all the rituals that is in Islam, fasting, praying, going to the Hajj, da, da, da, it is between them and Allah. It’s not a good thing that they are doing, we don’t like that characteristic, we are not going to say ‘oh, you don’t pray? It’s okay, don’t pray. You don’t fast? It’s okay, I support you, you don’t fast. You too? Yes, me too, so we support you.’ No, it’s not like that. Right? That action you can hate, you must not love. But the person who is doing it, you cannot say ‘I hate you.’ That action it is wrong. Depending on who you are, if it’s your father, your mother, this or that, then you see, what is it that you can do? Your own son, for example, is not fasting. You must not like that. You love your son, you will always help them, yes, but he is not fasting. You must not love that action. You must never support that action.

So you try to speak, he doesn’t listen, what are you going to do? Force them? You cannot force. But you must never like that. Hah, change with your hands, you cannot change him. Change with your tongue, you speak, he doesn’t listen, you cannot change. Then at least, in your heart you say ‘I don’t like this action. I don’t support this, I don’t encourage it.’ Then you do other things. Do you understand? But the rituals itself, in Islam that is between that man, that person, and Allah. And because we are in Tarikat, yes, we pray, we fast, everything is important, but that is between you and Allah. That is pretty much your business. Because you are taking the Rights of Allah away when you are not doing all these rituals. Yes? But now, if you are going to take the rights of other people that is around you, in that Jamaat, in that Tarikat, then that’s the time where the Sheykh will interfere. Will the Sheykh interfere if he sees that you don’t pray? Of course he is going to. He is going to say, ‘you have to do this, you have to do this,’ but the Sheykh is not going to force also.

But if you are someone who is taking the rights of others, you are being zalim to other people, you are stealing and cheating and lying, the believer, the Sheykh is not going to say ‘oop, that is none of my business, that is between you and him.’ If it’s in front of us, whatever responsibility we are supposed to carry, whatever power that we have to do, some people they can speak, some people they cannot speak, the one who has more power, more authority, then they have to interfere and say, ‘this is wrong, what are you doing? Try to wake up.’ Go through different, different ways, not just directly. Directly is the last one, last resort. We advise, because Deen i-Nasihat. So you advise, you advise, you advise, you advise. When the advice is not coming, usually, when the advice is not being put into practice, when it’s not being received, what happens? It’s a smack, there’s a Divine smack. That, everybody knows, no? But if you take the advice, you are trying, that’s a different story.

But yeah, so you cannot love that, but there is some separation that is going to be in your heart. Even if it’s someone from people that you love. But in Tarikat also, we learn to mind our own business, no? Not to be busy with what other people they are, but to be busy with yourself. Now, not to be too busy with other people. That is between them and Allah. Now, they are doing something wrong, smoking, drinking, this, that, ohh, this is nothing, right, in these days? You don’t have to listen to what I’m trying to say, I don’t have to say this to you. But they are doing something. Now, you are in this Jamaat, for instance. It is not permissible for us now to open up something that is an aib, a wrong thing that you even witness someone is doing. You know someone is doing something wrong. You should not open. Even is someone is not praying, you should not open. You should not say ‘hey, you know that one is not praying, he is not praying.’ You should not open. First, as a person of Tarikat, as a believer, you say ‘that, I am seeing that wrong thing, and it is showing that I have that inside of me.’ Instead of looking at that person, you say ‘Allah is shoing this to teach me a lesson and to warn me, don’t do this.’ That’s the first step that you should take.

You know someone is doing something wrong, you turn your head. You don’t open it, you don’t investigate, you don’t go inside, you don’t, did you see? It’s not permissible to enter into a house without any permission, to even enter into a room without asking for permission. And even in the matters of Shariat, there are so many preconditions there that you have to fulfill before you can even say ‘this one is a liar, a cheater, this one is committing this or committing that.’

So, cover. Don’t like it, but you cover it. Don’t open it. We don’t want anyone to open our wrong things. We want, one of our prayers that we do is, ‘Allah, ya Ghaffar az-zunub, ya Sattar ul-ayub.’ O the Coverer of all the dirty, disgusting, shameful things. Allah is the Coverer of shame, that He doesn’t open our shame here or hereafter. You see someone is doing that, it is not for you to open the shame of that person. Take lesson from in, number one, then if it is necessary, like in a situation like this, if it’s necessary for the Sheykh to know, to do something, then that may happen. If not, it’s none of your business. Tamam? Okay. Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
16 Rabiul Awwal 1443
22 October 2021

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