Why was Mansur al-Halaj (QS) saying ‘Ana al-Hakk’?


Question: Why was Mansur al-Halaj (QS) saying ‘Ana al-Hakk,’ and even the ashes from his body are saying this? It is very confusing to me, and maybe it needs a high level of faith to understand. I cannot completely express myself and my inner question, please forgive my fault, and I eagerly await your answer.

I’m trying to remember a sohbet that Sheykh Effendi gave about Mansur al-Halaj. I’m not trying to remember the books I’ve read, or whatever people are saying, or what professor is saying or this or that. I’m trying to remember, everything has to be filtered according to my Sheykh. You are following a Sheykh, you a following the Prophet, you are following Islam, everything has to be filtered through that. Don’t take your own ideas.

So he said the Truth, because he was at the level where he wasn’t Mansur anymore. He, by himself, he has finished. He is not making that claim for himself. People are misunderstanding, because they want to misunderstand. It’s a long story how he reached to that point, but he was warned, ‘take it back.’ Imam Shibli, others who were also high-level Saints that they were there and understanding that Marifat, saying ‘this is confusing to people, take it back.’ He says ‘I cannot. I cannot,’ why? Because he has to fulfill his Sheykh’s wishes, and saying ‘then we have to change our shalwar from shalwar of Tarikat, understanding what you are from Tarikat level, to shalwar of Shariat, where we have to judge you according to what is right and wrong according to Shariat.’ So he had to walk to his place of execution, they were throwing rocks at him, throwing all kinds of things at him, he did not move. He did not blame the people. He wasn’t filled with hatred. People didn’t understand. He was walking to his destiny. Now, understand how some people are claiming Hz Huseyin hated, or Hz Fatima hated. The grandchildren, the children of the Prophet (AS). And this Mansur al-Halaj, when he was walking, they were throwing, it was hurting him, he didn’t move, he didn’t say anything. He forgave them, because they don’t understand. But one Saint took a rose and threw it at him, and it hit him, and he started crying. He cried, because he said ‘that one understands me, and I understand him.’

They hung him to silence him from saying ‘I am the Truth.’ He kept on saying it. They cut up his body, each part was cut up, they were hearing it, he is saying ‘I am the Truth.’ They burned him, and the ashes were all saying ‘I am the Truth.’ You cannot destroy Truth. The more you try to cover it, the more it’s going to multiply. These are the Miracles that happened to that one, to show that whatever that he is speaking and whatever that he is saying, it is not batil, it is Haqq. He is correct, and it is a sign to show that now, his words is not just words. It’s not the tongue making noise, it is the reality that is in every single cell of his body. Because every single cell in our body is remembering Allah and is making zikrullah. Your heart, if you listen to it properly, it says ‘Hu, Hu, Hu, Hu, Hu, Hu,’ 24 hours, never stopping. Hu.

So Allah is showing Miracles through His Beloved ones, to show how special they are and how beloved they are, and that their Maqam is something that normal people cannot understand. So don’t judge them. He wanted his Sheykh’s Truth to become alive. He had to go through it. Yes? He tried to interfere, because he loved his Sheykh so much. He interfered, his Sheykh was not too happy. He is saying that ‘one day, you will tell the Truth, and people are not going to believe you.’ He says ‘then I must make that to be real.’ This is, we are filled with dirtiness. The one who is not sincere, he will lie all the time. The one who is not sincere, he will lie without even knowing that he is lying. He’s too blind. The one whose heart is open, he will only see the Truth, he will speak the Truth, and he’s not fearing anything.

We are all in kindergarten level, trying to be honest, trying to be sincere, taking baby steps. It’s okay. We are not here claiming anything, claiming to be anything, wanting to be. Run away from those ones. We are happy to be the dust under our Sheykhs feet. That’s all. InsyaAllah. This much is enough. Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah, New York
30 Rabiul Awwal 1443
4 November 2021

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