Lovers of The Holy Prophet (AS)

Auzubillahiminasheytanirajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim

Destur medet ya Sahibulsaif. Selam Aleykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Welcome to you, welcome to our Holy Prophet (AS). We believe, we are believers, insyaAllah, Alhamdulillah. He is Hazir and Nazir. We must give Salams to him. And all his Lovers are with him. May we be included in that circle insyaAllah. He is our hope of safety on the Day when there is no safety, when even the Prophets, from Adam (as) to Isa (as) will be running for his Shafaat. We hope to run for his Shafaat in this world.

Welcome to you, and welcome to our Mashaikhs, insyaAllah, to our shuyuks. I am nobody, coming from on top of a mountain, but they push us to come here and to say a couple of words. Anything good that is coming from me, it is coming from my Sheykh. Anything bad is coming from me. I am not a scholar, I am not going to claim to be one. My Sheykh picked me, cleaned me up a little bit, and I was busy trying to serve him, and Allah’s plan was to veil him, so I continued his mission, and everyone of us we have the mission to continue, insyaAllah ar-Rahman. As the Imam Sayid was reciting beautifully MashaAllah, Allah SWT has created us in Ahsani Taqweem, the Most Perfect Form, and He has sent us to this Asfala Safileen, this lowest of the low. The task that was given to Rahmatalil Alameen, in that Cave, when he held the first Zikr, the first Khatma Khwajagaan, with the Pir of our Way, Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (RA), Allah SWT showed the Holy Prophet (AS) his Ummat. Understand, he was fleeing, astaghfirullah, he was not fleeing. Holy Prophet doesn’t run away. He was ordered to go by Allah SWT. And when he was in that Cave with only one, a couple of people to protect him, and Allah is showing now the beauty of his Ummat until Ahir Zaman, and he looked, and he saw his Ummat in asfala safileen, not in asfala safileen, he was there, but Allah is showing him his Ummat in Ahsani Taqweem, the Most Beautiful Form, and he started crying with happiness. Then Allah showed him how, especially in the Ahir Zaman, the Ummat is going to turn, and he started crying with sadness, and Allah SWT is saying ‘O My Beloved One, your duty is to bring your Ummat to Me the way I created them, in Beauty.’ And the Holy Prophet (AS) then asked for assistance, and Allah SWT gave him the permission to call on all the Mashaikhs, especially of this Order, to be present and to say ‘these are the ones who will inherit the secret, not of wilayet, but of nubuwat in it’s task, not in it’s station. In it’s work. And these are the ones who are going to help you until Ahir Zaman, insyaAllah ar-Rahman.’

We are all included in that. And the Holy Prophet (AS) was given the Order to call upon the Ruh of the Abdul Khaliq Ghujdawani, and He says ‘now call on all the souls of this Order, until Ahir Zaman,’ to be present in that Cave. We were all present in that Cave, all of us. That’s why we are gathered here. You believe or you don’t believe, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change the reality. That’s why we are here. That’s why when I look at so many of you, you look familiar. Where is the Catskills Mountain in New York, and where is Luton, or where is Kashmir? Maybe from that mountain to the Catskill Mountain there is a link. Must be. Holy People they are in the mountains. We just came back from Bursa, the first Imperial City of the Ottoman Empire, and we visited the Maqam and the Dergah of Uftade Hz, who was the Sheykh of Aziz Mahmud Hz, who was the Sheykh of of six Padishahs. He was the Sheykh of six Sultans, and his Dergah i-Sharif was on top of a mountain. And it was there that Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, who left everything, his position, his Maqam, his wealth, his influence, and he was serving his Sheykh, and his family was not happy. The family is saying ‘why are you taking off your Jubbah of scholarship and following a Sheykh? Why this Sheykh? What is he going to teach you?’ And at that time, he was cleaning the floor.

I went there, to a special place, the place where he was cleaning. And then he heard, at that time, an announcer saying ‘oh, our Judge, our Qadi, Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, he lost his mind, he decided to follow one strange Sheykh on top of a mountain, and everyone to know, he is no longer with us.’ And the pain was reaching him so much, and his ego was kicking in, and he said ‘because of that, I am going fight against my ego, I’m not going to clean this floor with my hands, I am going to clean this floor with my beard.’ And he bent down to clean he floor with his beard, and his Sheykh appeared and pulled him up. His Sheykh was saying ‘O my son, rise. This is a Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (AS). Don’t use it. You have passed the test.’ Made him his Khalifah, and made the Padishah and the Valide Sultan to serve him. And one day, I believe it was Sultan Ahmad, Sultan Ahmad was pouring the ibrik to make the abdas, to make the wudu for his Sheykh, that his mother, the Valide Sultan, was holding the towel for his Sheykh to clean, and Aziz Mahmud Hudayi Hz smiled and he says ‘Valide Sultan wants me to open a miracle.’ And the Valide Sultan, the Queen Mother was startled, and she says ‘O my Sheykh, you know everything.’ He says ‘I know nothing, but you want to see a miracle.’ He says ‘what greater miracle it is to see, than to have the Padishah to pour water for his Sheykh, and the Valide Sultan to hold the towel for me?’ They are saying in Ottoman Turkish, that is part of our tradition also, our legacy, ‘the one who serves, he is the Effendi.’ The one who serves, he is the master. We love the Holy Prophet (AS), insyaAllah ar-Rahman may our love be accepted. We think we are trying to do something for Islam, but who is serving who? Who is helping who? Allah SWT is saying ‘O My servants, come. Be My obedient servants.’ But in reality, it is Allah who is helping us, giving everything to us.

I am mentioning all this because I am trying to be a servant to my Lord, and to my Sheykh, and to my Prophet. I came in and I want to sit right at the back, but He has given us a different duty. You are treating us with so much respect, that respect is for my Sheykh, for the Prophet (AS), for all the Evliya. It’s not for us. I am just a simple person, living on top of a mountain, but with this technology, I thought I can be left alone, but this technology is showing me to the world. Astaghfirullah. And it’s making my job a little bit more complicated, but Alhamdulillah, we are happy to be here. May Allah SWT make us to become sincere servants. He is looking for the Golden Heart, Qalbun Salim, and everything must begin from the heart, and everything ends with the heart. That piece of meat that the Holy Prophet (AS) is saying ‘if it is healthy, the whole body is healthy. If it is rotten, the whole body is rotten.’ And the Holy Prophet (AS), everything that Allah SWT created, there is a heart. And the Quran i-Karim, the Heart of the Quran i-Karim is Suratul Yasin, where Prophet (AS) is addressed by his Most Beloved, Allah SWT. And we hope to be in that Surah, where Allah is saying ‘Salamun qaulam mir rabbir rahim.’ We hope to be that, we hope to be in that Surah, we hope that on the Day of Judgement, Allah will address us, ‘Salamun qaulam mir rabbir rahim.’

May Allah forgive me, insyaAllah, may Allah bless you, may Allah keep your community strong. May we have the means to help each other. May our hearts be open to understand each other. May Allah not let the pull of this dunya to overwhelm us. May we turn to those ones who are turning to Mawla. May Allah keep you in safety, insyaAllah, for the sake of the Holy Ones. Alhamdulillah, we are here to remember Allah SWT. What an honour it is to remember Allah. Understand, there are millions and billions of people that Allah SWT is not allowing them to remember Him. Billions, they have never made one sejdah to Allah SWT, that He has given them everything. How blessed are we with Islam? How much more thankful we need to be? And how many, unfortunately, in these days, after the fall of the Khilafat, where the Holy Prophet (AS) is saying ‘three days, if there is no Khalifah, there is no Islam,’ the importance of Khilafat, that Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (RA) he did not even have time to grieve for the Prophet, his best friend, because there are matters at hand that are more important than your own personal feelings. You understand how heavy it is to carry that? He cannot even cry. He had to calm down Hz Umar (RA), saying ‘Ya Umar, calm down.’ And Hz Umar was going around, taking his sword in his hand, saying ‘anyone who says the Prophet is dead, I’m going to cut his head off. Because the Prophet is not dead.’ But there were munafiqs around them, there were troublemakers, and they want to say ‘now he’s dead.’ As what happened after that, majority of the people in the Hijaz, they became muktad, and they were coming to attack Medina e-Sharif, to finish everyone off.

Then Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq then delivered his most famous speech, and he says ‘whoever worships Muhammad (AS), to know that Muhammad is dead. But whoever worships Allah, to know that Allah is Hayyu and Qayyum.’ Look at the words properly. He says ‘whoever worships Muhammad (AS).’ Who worships the Prophet? No one. Never in 1400 years you ever see anyone worshiping that Prophet (AS) in the way that so many other Prophets, 124,000 of them, that when they passed from this world, some of their followers, because of immense love, or confusion from sheytan, they start worshiping their own Prophets. But in 1400 years, this is an answer to those ones who are saying ‘don’t love him too much, it is biddat and it is shirik,’ we say, Allah loves him. If we all love him, and all the Prophets they love him, all the Angels they love him, you will not equal to the love of Allah. What are you talking about? That’s all that we can give. There is only one thing that Allah is doing that we can do, and that is giving Salat and Salam. Everything else, we cannot.

We are thinking that we are the Ashik of the Prophet (AS)? Allah is the First Ashik of the Prophet (AS). May Allah keep us sincere, insyaAllah. Because Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq is saying ‘whoever worships Muhammad (AS), to know that he is dead. The one who worships Allah, to know that He is Hayyu and Qayyum.’ Nobody is worshiping the Prophet (AS). Then understand, his existence is not like ours. He is Sahibul Qaba Qausain. And when he was in Miraj, preparing to meet his Lord, what was he occupied about? The Ummat. Us. May Allah make us sincere, insyaAllah. We are here because of him, we are here to spread his light, Aleyhi Salatul wa Salam, in this world, in this part of the world, where maybe for thousands of years, they have never heard of him. To carry his sunnat is not just a matter of dressing. It is good, if you are dressing like that, it is good. It is hard to carry, a little bit, but the blessing is there. But there are so many other ways that you can carry his sunnat. The whole idea is to make people’s hearts to become warm and to love the Prophet (AS).

May Allah forgive me, may Allah bless you, may Allah accept our circle of zikr, insyaAllah, for the sake of Fakhri Kainat (AS), the Sahabi e-Kiram, his Ahli Bayt, all the Saints and all the Prophets, insyaAllah. Al Fatiha.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Luton Central Mosque
14 Rabiul Ahir 1443
18 November 2021

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